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hardware specs of our game servers currently all of our servers are hosted across multiple Linux-based virtual private servers on the US west coast. our primary VPS is optimized specially for gaming and has dedicated resources exclusively for our use, no sharing! 8)

decommissioned equipment:

we fully manage two server-class Linux machines that are dedicated 100% to aloha.pk game servers.

our primary box is a leased dedicated server located at a data center in Kansas City, Missouri. it's connected to the internet on a 1Gbps port via Hurricane Electric, Cogent Communications, and KCiX (the Kansas City Internet Exchange). hardware specs:

  • Dual Intel Xeon 5080 (4 cores @ 3.73GHz)
  • 32GB RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • 500GB SATA
our secondary "backup" hardware is owned by us. it's currently located in California. specs:
  • Dual Intel Xeon L5420 (8 cores @ 2.5GHz)
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 x 147GB 15,000RPM SAS

June 20, 2012, 09:27:38 PM HST
Re: ban(? Okay, i will try to record or at least take screenshot when i play to avoid things like this, Thanks.
October 17, 2020, 10:18:33 AM HST
Re: Monthly Contest - October - Spade Kills! We have a winner!
#Name      Kills          Deaths(By spade)       
1VierEck      283           30         
2microwave       258           40         
3Aleuno      115          14         
4:P         99        7         
5Pepe(fin)        44            15         
6DemonDestroyer         43            3         
7akc         43            17       
8mile         34           15       
9syntax          32           17         
10(TMB) AA       30            66         

VierEck already won a prize in August, so congrats microwave! A member of staff will contact you soon about sending your prize.

November 01, 2020, 09:30:15 AM HST
Re: name SKR-XDeye name :D aloha top 10 banned by hack why do i want to keep 25/3/20 heyoo xdeyer I'm the moderator that banned you.

it seems you have copied the appeal template but have forgotten to actually fill it in please fill it in and try again :).

March 26, 2021, 03:59:02 PM HST
Re: Ban appeals. Username:kaya Hello, I m the admin who banned you few months before, four months to be exact.

You did admit that you were cheating, that s nice. But actually, I have banned you for esp and no recoil too, but hey, that is an old, old ban, so you probably forget it! Here is the evidence:https://youtu.be/ve1iL00W5a4

The aloha community believe in second chance. But, that is not the first time that you get caught while cheating and that s not your first ban appeal : http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=10979.0
In that previous appeal you said that you was sorry and that you won't do that again. And one year later, here we are. So, I m asking you, why should I trust you this time? How can I be sure that you won't cheat anymore? Difficult question hmm?

Let s get back in that actual appeal. You said that you was cheating cause:

1. The moderation isn t good on the server
2. There were 3 trusted hackers (!)

So I will answer you that you are totally wrong about those two things.

1) The staff do his best to protect the servers of cheaters, griefers, troll etc etc... We do it on a voluntary basis cause we like that game and we don t want to see bad person ruining the experience of other players. We can't be active 24/7, but I can assure you that the moderation is excellent and that we are doing our best to make players happy.
And by the way, I check the logs and you didn t even made a /admin. Calling the staff when you need help is pretty useful.

2) During that game, nobody was hacking, except you. About the "trusted hackers", we don t give that statut to anybody. The trusted players shown us that we can believe in them. They are trusted cause they are good and we want to protect them from votekicks.
I'm not saying that you will never see a trusted player cheat. Shit like that can happens. Just saying that I m on the staff since nearly 9 months, and I only see one trusted player cheat. And yes, that player is not trusted anymore.

An other little thing that you need to understand: If you see a cheater, call the staff and wait for them. The excuse of "other players were cheating so I m cheating too" is not fine. Just because other players cheat doesn't mean you have to do the same.

Before ending my response, I want to know two little things

1.How should I know that you won't cheat anymore?
2.Why did you take four months for making this ban appeal? And don t tell me that you haven t the time to do it. You been evading many times during these last four months.

Also please keep in mind that if you do evade your ban again, we will no longer tolerate it. That means perma ban with no chance for appealing as your appeals will all be DENIED.

I will wait for your answer. Thanks.

July 08, 2021, 05:38:22 AM HST
Re: Ban Appeal
I demand that another admin intervene and check the chat logs because part of my appeal was to complain about your professionalism in handling the ban in the first place. There is an inherent conflict of interest if you are the one handling the appeal.

each ban corresponds to the banning staff member, and the logs just proves laura's ban

<[RUSH] Debian> What?
<[RUSH] Debian> Why did you do that?
<[RUSH] Debian> I'm taking down enemy defensive positions. I always do this.
<[RUSH] Debian> Fuck this
[RUSH] Debian  disconnected
[RUSH] Debian  entered the game!
[RUSH] Debian running OpenSpades v0.1.3 on Linux
<[RUSH] Debian> Who the fuck is the admin?
* a disabled building for [RUSH] Debian
<[RUSH] Debian> Fuck you a
<[RUSH] Debian> Ban me bitch
<[RUSH] Debian> a is a tiny dicked pedo
<[RUSH] Debian> Ban me you fucking pussy

then you get banned

do you really consider this is asking?

July 10, 2021, 09:16:24 AM HST
Re: Ban Appeal
EDIT: And if it is the policy of Aloha to blindly issue moderation action to players without communicating with them first, Aloha does not deserve the player base it has either.

No, we don't and we reserve the right to only talk to you about the in's and outs by making an appeal. We give no warning before a ban for cheating as it interferes with how we do our job, any other action is warned before any action is taken. Unless the offense is bad enough to warrant an immediate action followed by a message explaining either in PM or Globally, at our discretion, explaining why. Further infractions of moderation actions taken, i.e. TB evasion, TK evasion etc, warrants a full ban for the medicated lengths depending on offense and/or severity.


July 10, 2021, 11:03:13 AM HST