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well, this is a bit late, but better late than never...  right? :)

as some of you might know, the last 5-ish months, I've been secretly* working on a 0.75-compatible voxlap-based AoS client.  as it turns out, it kind of helps to have proper foresight for that kind of project, and planning out what I needed to do was almost the direct opposite of what I did when I started it.  oops.  yeah, the codebase kinda quickly became a huge tangley mess of C++-ified spaghetti C code, which as you might imagine, is not very good for productivity in general, let alone long-term maintenance.

so, I've basically stopped working on it because of that.  well, that, and the fact that it's voxlap, so it's not exactly cross-compatible (unless you use sonarpulse's hack of a project, but let's be real here...), or flexible enough for my personal needs...  but fear not, for I have started development on Yet Another OpenGL Voxel Engine™, and this time I've done (hopefully..) proper planning :)

* unless you know Rhodo, then it's probably not so secret to you.  lol

Spoiler for what proper planning means: if you put aside the programming side of things...

it means it WON'T look or feel like OpenSpades.  it'll be more like the AoS 1.0 alpha.  you know, this awesome thing? ↓↓↓

looks awesome, right?  yeah, I know. :)
once again, not like OpenSpades.
OpenGL doesn't have to mean lens flares, dust clouds, and water ripples.

an outdated video, but it still mostly represents what this client can do:

the point of this whole thread:  client devs in AoS community are not dead.  or, uh...  there's a new one?  idk.  stay tuned, I guess.

Edit: here's a download link [removed] for the client. default server is the best server, tug of war. be warned, babel will probably auto kick you (and any server with bdpatch installed).  I'm not entirely sure why, but I know for a fact that it's a client-side issue, and the spaghetti codebase makes that kinda hard to fix. sorry.

Voxel war 2?

looks good sofar muffin except that crappy minimap ;)

fuck ortho cubes hello default cubes

How do u run opengl plz im nub


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