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Event: FSOM
Server: Soccer/Football
Date:January 4, 2014
Time: 9pm GMT

Video: Fraps + handbrake

I will probably be using a new capture card (AVerMedia C985 ) before the next event.

Event: FSOM
Server: Fortwar
Date:June 7 2014
Time: 6pm GMT

I like the idea.  Great video!

I gotta stop talking so fast... I use push-to-talk, and I always wanna get my hand off the button so I can get back to the action as fast as possible.

Also, I like that I'm not the only one using widescreen.  Like 95% of the pictures thread are all 4:3.

Yep, a great idea. This is from Spectator team, using Openspades:

Aww, I wanted to you hear go full John Madden spectating en espanol.  That've been awesome.

Awesome video and event


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