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--- Quote from: learn_more ---* Switch between mods while ingame.
* Automatically load last mod when starting the game.
* Call airstrikes by clicking on the map.
* Call for medkit (key configurable).
* Chat and kill feed history.
* Ingame UI to configure Modloader (press insert to open).
* Fix for disconnect messages not being visible when fullscreen.
* Send (player related) commands by clicking on players names.
* Background on the chat messages.
* Current location (for example B3) below the minimap.
* Bounds of the map are shaded on the minimap (red).
* Replace news link.
* Installer.
--- End quote ---

Download link:
More info:

Been using this for well over a year now. I have like 10 mods in the "mod" folder, lol.

Very nice and useful for the players who downloaded many mods. I can use them all any time and I could pair a skin with another skin (player skin + x weapon skin) for certain themes like WW2, Modern, etc.

I really recommend this.  It's very intuitive and easy to use.

Instant benefits are a translucent box for chat so it's easier to see, and your location constantly updated on the mini-map.  Additionally, when you bring up the map, you can use the cursor to highlight locations and call an airstrike with a click.

For gun skins, inside the modloader folder you just put a folder with whatever name you want, then inside that folder have all the .kv6 and .png all in one place, like semi.kv6, shotgun.png, etc.

Then in the game, just press insert to bring up the menu and select that option.

Also, you can review chat you may have missed.

I just mainly use for the box behind the chatbox, the current location, the command box, and the kill and chat feed history even though I don't use mods. :P


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