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Screenshots Thread
This is a thread to post your epic screenshots you took while playing on an server.  (Or others)
Here's one of mine.

My name is TBAGxBigBird.
[TBAG] is a group not a clan, since I'm already in a clan, [CFX], and I do not believe in multi-clanning.

Sort of my latest time on aloha actually playing.

A White Guy:
That awkward moment when you /hackinfo yourself.


This was a little while ago and wasn't technically on aloha, but faku.

No aloha??

If no than

A White Guy:

--- Quote from: colorpinpoint on December 12, 2012, 01:17:39 PM HST ---No aloha??

If no than

--- End quote ---

Omg Color confirmed for aimbutt.
/hban Color Colorpinpoint aimbutt 12/12/12 -AWG


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