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Piqueserver 0.1.3 Released


We are happy to announce the newest version of piqueserver, 0.1.3!
Haven't made a release post for 0.1.2 here so will combine release notes for both releases.
Both are bug-fix releases, so don't expect any grand new features.

Python 2

This is the last ever release for python2, which makes us very very happy.
If you need any assistance in moving your servers or scripts to python3, or for anything else really, you can always talk with us and we'll help.

Arena Gamemode

* Players are now restocked on round start, which enables you to spam the hell out of your weapons during the caged period without losing any ammo when the round truly starts
* Respawn time during the cage period will be set to 0, which allows you to switch weapons/teams without risking not being able to spawn when the round beginsDead Players Are Now Dead (when joining a server)

AoS 0.75 protocol has no way of informing the client a player is dead on server join, leading to some very confusing situations on arena.
As a workaround, we tell any newly connected clients that all players that should show up as dead just committed suicide ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Move Command

The /move command and /goto command have long done very similar things. Thanks to @esplemea
and @Perpolo, these have now been merged into one. All possible syntax placements are:

--- Code: ---/move A4                       # Move yourself to sector A4
/move 256 256 30               # Move yourself to specific coordinates
/move targetPlayer A4          # Move targetPlayer to sector A4
/move targetPlayer 256 256 30  # move targetPlayer to specific coordinates

--- End code ---
This is the first of a number of changes made by Students of the KTH Stockholm as part of their studies.

--copy-config Enhancements

In the past, --copy-config would fail if you already had a directory in that location.
Now it will create a backup and update the folder structure instead.

Web Documentation

As part of our effort to make script writing easier, we have set up automatically generated documentation for piqueserver. You can find this documentation on readthedocs.
We don't currently have a main page yet, so you will need to click on "module index" to get to the list of pages.
We'll be incrementally improving this over time.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed several exploitable game-breaking bugs
* Fixed irc relay on python 3
* Fixed bug where using /god in the console would cause an error
* Fixed bug where using /client without target would cause an error
* Fixed error handling when creating new config directory on python 2Enhancements

* Scripters can now more easily add new packets
* Show client info in status server.
* Strip ascii control codes from player names properly
* now outputs proper CSVs
* Show nicer errors when adding an invalid map to the config
* Try sending client version handshake as soon as possible instead of only after map load (which is useful for client feature detection)
Full release notes here.

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