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Re: Battlefield 1
« Reply #10 on: November 28, 2016, 11:52:31 AM HST »
I have a 1060 6gb, shy. 60fps of 1080p full quality B) What's your new GPU?

 Gigabyte Radeon Rx 460 Windforce OC 2GB that I was able to picky up for $80 to replace my 4 year old Radeon 6800. Didn't feel like spending hundreds of dollars on a gpu atm since I need to pay rent.

Able to be BF but probably not as you play it ;)

Able to play BF1 but not swbf but that's probably because of my cpu which sucks because my 6vore cpu should be able to play it fixed it with a simple command  :P
Spoiler for unknown:
-novid -noborder -windowed
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Re: Battlefield 1
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What?? Maaan that isn't right

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