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« Reply #30 on: May 14, 2016, 06:46:18 AM HST »
  I too would like to apologies not just to Ace, but to the Aloha community as well. My opinions may have hurt you.

  I let myself get loose to the point that I was unaware of what other people's feelings might be. I was mistaken not to try to understand and treat you as my own. I was immature to follow the flow of the flamewar instead of making it stop. Don't be too down to yourself because this is my fault why this unfortunate event occured. I pledge that I will try to understand you more and treat you as I treat my friends.

  I apologies to the community for causing this mishap. I am sorry that the community had to get invovled in a private issue of Ace and me. The community is small, and yet I was immature enough to break a bond with one of them. As my apology, I vow to help the community be stronger and thighten the bonds between us.

  I hope this apology would break the arguement between us, so we would get along again. This arguement doesn't mean we have to stop talking or forgive each other. Once this is resolved, (I hope it is) we should act as if there was no arguement at all, but we shouldn't act as if we did not learn anything from this.

My humblest regards, Flerikko.