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Re: League of Legends.
« Reply #10 on: July 08, 2015, 09:56:25 AM HST »
o gOD
* Scipio hides and calls for a aa ulti

Seriously tho lol sucks
Played it my friend played it and agreed dota 2 is way better
U wot m8.
Overall, dota 2 is for the tryhard competitive people, while LOL is kinda mostly for fun
Spoiler for Video, you laggy computer users:

Clearly what do you prefer? Great graphics, detail and a back store (League of Legends) or a more competitive but lesser quality graphics (Dota).

It should be more I just never knew I was suppose to login first.

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Re: League of Legends.
« Reply #11 on: July 08, 2015, 11:10:53 AM HST »
Preference OP, plz nerf

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Re: League of Legends.
« Reply #12 on: July 08, 2015, 02:48:42 PM HST »
lol you're all noobs
play mlg noscope 360 headshot cs:go like me
* MuffinTastic braces himself for the hate

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Re: League of Legends.
« Reply #13 on: July 08, 2015, 10:57:00 PM HST »
My friend and I consider competitive matchmaking for tryhard mode. Pubs for fun, personally tryharding is fun with heros like windranger ( I Run a nasty offlane with wind but even nastier with a slardar and another ranged hero) and dota 2 being less forgiving is the fun. Second unlike lol dota 2 has every hero open to you at the start for free and you get free items for your hero (visual only)

So tell me now whats better

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Re: League of Legends.
« Reply #14 on: March 17, 2016, 12:08:56 PM HST »

I made a club for League of Legends. I was able to grab the club name Aloha Player Killers and the tag ALOHA.

If anyone's interested, shoot me a message on IRC.
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Re: League of Legends.
« Reply #15 on: April 19, 2016, 05:44:58 PM HST »
LoL and Dota are good, but if you use iOS or some mobile thingy you can go download Vainglory.
Going to make a thread on it soon, if you don't know what it is it's a LoL Dota Combination mixture ish game I'd say it's fun. Playing with real people is so hard for me considering my team that I'm on always sucks, I don't wanna go for ADCarry when I can go slaying beasts getting some kraken on the lanes rking turrets until I destroy the vain solo. Heh.