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should we enable friendly fire/team damage on our BFBC2 servers?

yes, allow teammates to harm each other
3 (50%)
no, leave it the way it is now (friendly fire off)
3 (50%)

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Re: enable friendly fire?
« Reply #10 on: April 12, 2011, 06:40:54 PM HST »
Hmm, in my opinion - the aloha server is unique, based on the following settings combined:

A) there's 808 tickets to work through - it's rare, and perfect for the scale of the map. People really enjoy getting the practice time in! I know that there's a dunkin' donuts server in korea is trying to copy aloha's setup, but at the end of the day they are lacking the next point,
B) 32 player slots... which fill up and stay filled up due to...
C) there's no kick for high ping. The server attracts players from all over asia (and the world), mainly due to the combination of (A) and (B)

I'd rather have some actual statistics from the server to say for certain, but the vast majority of players I seem to run into on aloha have a rank in at least the late 20's, or seem to be lower ranks that started over for fun. They don't strike me as players who are put off by challenge, so I think it's more likely they're drawn to the uniqueness of the server setup. I know that's the case for me anyway!

The server is popular enough to add a setting for a few days during the week, add a MOTD to let people know, gauge the response, and then see if things change for the worst (or better!). If it doesn't work - no big deal, just switch it back by the weekend and you retain the big crowd. There are literally no other servers running this particular setup, at least when searching within Asia. If you keep people informed, they'll know what to expect.

Anyway, just my opinion  8)

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Re: enable friendly fire?
« Reply #11 on: April 12, 2011, 08:39:27 PM HST »
and thanks for sharing your opinion, it helps when pondering the idea.

the saying, "don't fix what ain't broke" keeps repeating in my head. it's a pretty big change and would require players to change their play habits. there are a lot of stubborn gamers out there so i am concerned about losing those who hate the change, but you could be right about it being for the better. i suppose there's nothing wrong with giving it a try when we can actively monitor it closely. that brings me to my next concern: friendly fire auto protection isn't perfect so the change would require more attention from admins and there aren't enough of us as it is right now.

another thing is our servers were created with default settings in mind (except number of tickets and deployment protection) because there's a shortage of 24/7 heavy metal servers like so.