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Author Topic: what is this about?  (Read 3438 times)

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what is this about?
« on: December 30, 2017, 04:24:13 PM HST »
although it's thrilling to talk about trading cryptocurrencies and you're more than welcome to do that here, try to keep in mind that this forum isn't only about that. the primary intention of this forum is focus towards the underlying technology of Bitcoin -- blockchain -- and its real world uses. how can it improve you, me, aloha.pk, gaming, the internet, the physical world, and beyond? let's embrace this brilliant and still new technology, and unless you have good reason to doubt a particular blockchain, please keep the FUD to a minimum.

anyway, with that said...

what cryptocurrencies are mooning right now? what are you bullish on, what are you hodling? what's on the verge of crashing? why?

what blockchains are changing how you perceive, well, anything and everything? how are their plans aiming to improve (or already improving) humanity?

specifically what are you pondering about the endless possibilities of different blockchains that keeps you up at night and interrupts your daily routines as the potential overtakes you?

what blockchains are actually already usable, innovative, scalable, private, fast, etc. rather than speculative or just white papers of backless ideas?

...just some brief intro thoughts and questions to get this forum started.

for me, blockchain is most similar to the feeling i had in ~1995 when the modern internet was still young and i was starting to get seriously addicted to it. i've been hopeful that i'd get to relive an era like that in my lifetime and now that it's actually happening, every morning is as exciting as Christmas. very, very interesting times! :)
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Re: what is this about?
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 04:26:20 PM HST »
I highly recommend (jk)

< 2 hours of humans vs zombies.