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ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« Last post by Lostmotel on June 07, 2019, 10:46:22 PM HST »
do not know if you noticed, but in all the times I killed in holes, before I rode before digging (later I explain). and that of chemix, I had seen him in that hole before, not to mention that my audios, stretched out with footsteps, were giving him the position that I could only be sure of the third time because I could see him under the ground because the game itself which buga and enables me to see, and I already had a flea behind the ear in that corner. already on that other jay play, (near the base he is barking like a butt) I kill him with melee under the ground, I do not know if you saw, but there was a guy named kenro, I did not notice his presence and I only killed him after he left, because the base was very noisy, and his I could not hear right. another, the last guy I killed on the islet, I found him sort of in luck, because when I approached going to the right side of our spawn, I was able to hear the prolonged beep of their steps (because my .WAV are all modified FPS, I explain) and the coolest part is that I find him down there, but I do not know exactly where he is, and again, I got to see the bug looking through the lower blocks! then I open the hole and he sees me, I try to go back and I mistake the direction he is! see, I thought he was in the front but he was actually behind, not to mention that before I did the same thing I had done with chemix !, I circled the area to be sure of the sound.
(oak, the text is divinely awful!)

You didnt have a chance to see chexmex before there IN the hole. Neither could you have heard his steps as he didn’t move from the moment he got into that hole. You also didn’t check for him underground with the z-bug. As I explained before, you pulled your spade out even before you ever got close enough to him to see him from above. Now even if you could’ve heard him somewhere before, you would never be able to pinpoint his exact location before you even tried searching for him

ah, and in the part of 6:55, I do not know if you noticed; I come to the side and look around. That's why I was making sure what direction he was heading for the sound of the game, "but he was there!" - ok, you know the modified audios I had said before? so the sound of his step was still rolling! That's because the sound of the steps I modified in the audacity for a beep of almost 3 minutes, and with the distance, it kind of gives the impression that it changes (sla, is it on when a car with sound on your street passes? "Ah, but do not bother?" in the beginning it was fuck, because I sort of made an earrape and got a horrible buzz! "Ah, but why did you go there and look directly at where he was?" I do not know if you saw him, but he had gone there before, and exactly at that same point and I did not kill him!

Now I am not sure in the first place if extending the sound of footsteps to 3 minutes would even be allowed, but how would you filter out which sound would belong to anyone? If you had the footstep sounds play for 3 minutes, the sound of every player and every step they made along their way would just overlap and you probably wouldn’t be able to differentiate even were they were going. And again, even if you could, that doesn’t magically enable you to know under which blocks the player is exactly hiding before even looking.

1:06 - I killed the player without even making a sound, that made no sound when I was close, but did you notice my sight? so man, I saw it was the hole, and there I noticed a little bit of it, "haha, but then how did you go right in his direction?" Did you realize that before focusing on him I was taking a little look to the right? this turnaround was because by far I could hear the modified audio of the steps I was still playing before I got there, and I made sure I wanted it on my left and I soon figured it was in that one, because to the left the middle sound was centered between the two headset speakers

Now even if I believed you there, modifying the sound to that extend is not much different to using esp to determine a players location. Both are unfair advantages. Other players can’t hear the echo of a sound that stopped 3 minutes ago. Don’t you think you are not supposed to hear the sounds of players that you weren’t even close to when they moved?

3:08 honestly, I did not see anything too much in this play, I could have done without the changes I made in my game (later I explain)

While it is completely possible you just heard him and acted accordingly, this one just adds up as evidence if we consider that you also tracked down players you couldn’t find by normal means.

0:00 I do not understand why I did not dig the hole from the beginning if I already knew the exact location of it, instead of surrounding the place without telling me that I started to dig in the block next to the tunnel! and there was the same bug in the translucent block (which in my pc gets worse because of a defect that I explained in the PM) and the stranger that soon after this scene, my aim goes straight towards an ally, and if I were really of wallhack, I certainly would not confuse an enemy player of an allied player, would not it?

Well why didn’t you do that with chexmex too? It appears to me, you just wanted to give the impression that you were pretending to search for him despite already knowing his location all along just as we saw with angry buddhist later were you didn't even look at the ground enough to use the z-glitch.

4:06 I heard the sound of a shot and a tracer on my left. was one of the most obvious sounds, not to mention that since the beginning of the game, before the recording, the player jay had gone four times in that same corner there, and I remember that he even started killing me (if he has any game log or a recording from the beginning, show)

Right before you were able to see him you positioned your crosshair on him and even scoped in. Are you honestly telling me your “modifications” tell you the exact position a player is located in before you even see him?  And again, there was no gunfire comming from him when you decided to pay him a visit. Do you think it’s fair to hear a players gunfire minutes after they actually fired to determine their location?

9: 15- jay digging near the base- in that part, if you look well, your note that I was not looking towards him inside the hole, I noticed his presence when I was going towards the forest, but the audio of (I'll explain later), and he uses a well-managed strategy of trying to destroy stairs. , digging near the base and destroying underneath the ground. another thing that I wanted to emphasize in this part of the video; Did you see the player "Kenro" that was next to another hole? so in that part I was listening to the prolonged beep from his step with a lot of difficulty since there were a lot of people nearby, (so I prefer to go by the flanks, then I explain that too) and in that you can see that I try to dig in the same hole where was jay, because I thought the deois could be together by the height of the sound, and since I did not find it, I decided to leave, and I found it. (krl, that poorly written text kkkkkkk)

Again, I am not saying it is impossible to hear him there. Neither is it impossible to get lucky and spade the exactly blocks he is located at without prior search, especially with, as you explained, an understanding of the maps layout. But this is just one of the moments adding up on the pile of unlikely events. Regarding that other player: I do not expect you to dig up every player you can locate with esp. You not doing this in that moment is no evidence to the contrary if we consider that you in fact did the exact same thing to other players.

10: 13- this play shows that my ESP is not a good one - why I did not follow the other players in the crosshair when the player "Renk 51"? you can see the lezado Jay (ooo jay, you're all over, man! kkkkk) almost shining on my screen giving a agachadinha, and have the other guy, normal, I would not be microcephalus of standing alone in a corner shooting, I I was going to go from one side of the house to the other (as you can see in the video) and Renk, the guy who killed me, can see that I was waiting for someone in the right corner, but I was not sure, that at 10:15 when he is about to come I turn to the left "ah, but u turns equal" first, before he shot and appeared in the corner of my vision, and second: do you really think if I knew who had a face giving tray on the side I would not soon appear and unload my smg?

again, absence of evidence here is not evidence of absence. You have shown that you are quite sneaky about your hacks and I wouldn’t be surprised if you turned them off occasionally or disregard them from time to time.

3: 37- this part I'm not sure what I did, I was dragging the sight and the guy fit! Then I ask you: why did not I drag it from before? and I do not know, I was traveling there so much that I'm caught unawares and he kills me next (I should have lowered my goal too)

Yea that is called tracking a player down with esp. Now again, this could just be a very unlucky coincidence for you, but there are a little too many here aren’t there? Hearing players generally doesn't enable you to conveniently track them with your crosshair before they even appear.

4:15 (kill no jay DE NOVO) realize that the left map is guaranteed to kill, with some players going by the water (which slows you down, and makes a wonderful constant noise to my ears), only there I faturei 2 dozens of kill (bit predictable behavior of these guys, right?) 4: 58- the first time that our CHEMIX friend gives the guys out there, and so marked that corner -2: 54 (was almost there, and had the distinguished participation of the jay, the star of the film) 3:39 I can die for this guy -6: 13 ##### ##### jAY ONCE AGAIN GIVING a SHOW oF STRATEGY AND HANDLING -6: 55 part I was going to fish kills one and end up picking up the sound walk cycle of CHEMIX, set the grenade and ends up killing him kkkkkk n (wHAT I also did back there again) 7:58 (and realize that there was also the player " hulk "on the left, which I could easily kill inside the hole but I did not kill) This scene I hear the sound coming from the left, then I look at the face but I see that it is allied (ESP muit the bad, does not differentiate it from the bundles)

8:06 vault giving flag again EXACTLY in the same place

8:25 we can already see kenro in the same hole where I killed jay near the spawn

8:15 part that I get pissed off with an ally for his obvious behavior kinda trying to warn me why I find the holes

8:34 jay dying once more in the same corner where I killed him with the shovel (demonstrating how predictable the behavior of these creatures)

8:52 do not understand how a wall hack guy did not see this guy and ends up dying

1:31 knowing I'm from ESP, why did not I see Jayneck in this scene? I must have attention deficit

** 3:08 "ah, you turned and followed him on the line", I heard the imactos, the tracers and I saw his tracers coming in my direction from the bottom up (what is very evident in the video (well erased tracers in the openspades I turn around, I hear the sound of water and I shoot him

0:38 I do not understand the reason I did not go to kill the raging budishi

0:56 look that I take to the side to make sure which side comes the sound

2:56 vault again in the same hole ... (notice how the guys like to walk in the water)

2:48 raging passing again next to me next to me and let pass beat

* 6:55 a replay that makes my ESP very clear *
that's where I go with that corner in the match: 4: 11-5: 44-7: 56 (not counting the countless kills made by the left flank)

* moments when I confused allied with enemy: 7: 56-0: 18-2: 10 (and others who see the video again I find)

yes, I am a noob in this game, but I have a certain perception for having played it from 2012 until 2015/16, and it is seen that a good part of the players are true amebas playing, and others that are miraculously good. In this match I got a great result, if I'm not mistaken I was the first in frag of the match but this was for a series of factors:

1- The map (which is my favorite)
it is strange how I find the tunnels, but if it was not the most, it is one of the most favorable to find tunnels, and in urban maps with buildings and even in the hallway map this is very difficult to do

2- modified game .png
I do not know if you know, but if you put a translucent gray in formed render in Photoshop cs6 in your sights, you see considerably farther with the iron sight activated. The fog gets weaker

3-.wav audio modifications
practically all the sounds of my game are modified, taking the explosion and the music from the beginning of the match, everything went through my modification in audacity and Sony Vegas. The sound of the steps, I traded for a beep of almost a minute that combined with the function of walk cycle of the game prolongs and ends making the noise even after the player is stopped. All the gunfire sounds have been mutated, because most of the time we hear firing sounds on the other side of the map, which makes it harder to hear shovels, shovels, and jumps. The impact sound of the bullet and the tracers are also beeps at different frequencies to make it very clear which is which (and this yes delivers where the shot came from [at least to me]). the blades also have their modified, loud and loud sound to make it easy to locate in the distance - all of this combined with the high-pitched sound of the game and nothing behind (this is the hardest for me to learn)

this game has one of the minimaps that make the life of the player easier, I do not know if you know, but if you hit "m" several times, you end up updating the map that shows every hole and construction that the enemy did! not to mention that when they shoot, they deliver the location and even show the direction they are looking INDEPENDENT IF YOU ARE UNDER THE GROUND OR UPON A BUILDING.

for God's sake, did you see in the video how many times did I get the same player in the same place? JAYNECK and company died 2456 times in my hand, the vault stayed from the beginning to the end of the match in the same hole (and I killed him only once there) and the kenro stayed in that corner near the spawn for at least 3 minutes! It's kids, campering is ugly!

now it's at least a little clear that I do not use injector, cheat engine, etc? if there is any doubt, see if there is any Portuguese or Brazilian admission to the discord, I will clarify everything

I am not going through each of the other paragraphs you wrote, but as I see it they basically boil down to you applying a common understanding of the map and the players strategies as well as pointing out occasions on that you didn’t track players down, which in my opinion is far from sufficient to explain you pinpointing the location of certain players whose position you couldn't have know that exactly, even if you used a rather questionable sound setup.
ban appeals / Banned
« Last post by TinyTitan5433 on June 07, 2019, 04:16:54 PM HST »
1) Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your "ban" is not just a votekick?

2) What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.
-It is TinyTitan

3) What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on aloha.pk servers.
-I got banned on aloha.pk hallway *NEW MAPS*

4) Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your "little brother" got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
-So I was camping behind the spawn zone for the opposite team and was getting a lot of kills from people who just spawned. I was having a really good time, I just found this game and I used to play it when I was younger. Next thing I know it says I'm kicked and banned. I can't get back into the servers and its been over 30 minutes. You guys have the most active servers and the other ones are pretty lame so it kind of sucks that I was banned from you guys. I hope you realize sometimes your admins ban innocent players. Here my plea and you should really change how you ban people because I can see a lot of innocent people getting banned from the way you run your system. Thank you all for your understanding, besides this one hiccup you guys run a pretty solid server. I hope to hear back soon, Thank you!

5) Why should you be unbanned?
- I combined question 4 and 5 on accident, my apologies^^^

6) When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
- June 7th at about 5:45pm west coast time.
ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« Last post by Ze Piroca on June 07, 2019, 03:49:15 PM HST »
não leva a mal as piadinhas que eu fiz, n foi pra provocar ninguém
mas confesso que tô meio puto
e vocês tão certos em suspeitar, ao menos nesse servidor a staff existe e é funcional
ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« Last post by Ze Piroca on June 07, 2019, 03:47:43 PM HST »
(em português porque o google tradutor foi programado pelo joel santana)
(TEXTO GIGANTE, SE PREPARA) pra deixar bem esclarecido QUE NÃOO USO CHEAT!

eu não sei se você percebeu, mas em todas as vezes que eu matei em buracos, antes eu rodei antes de cavar (depois eu explico). e a do chemix, eu tinha visto ele desde antes ali naquele buraco, sem contar que os meus audios estendidos de passos tava entregando a posição dele que só consegui ter certeza na terceira vez porque eu consegui olhar ele debaixo do chão pois o próprio game meio que buga e possibilita que eu veja, e eu já estava com uma pulga atrás da orelha naquele canto. já naquela outra jogada do jay,(perto da base que ele tá canvando igual uma topeira) que eu mato ele com melee debaixo do chão, eu não se se você viu, mas tinha um cara chamado kenro, eu não percebi a presença dele e só matei ele depois que ele saiu, poisperto da base estava com muito barulho, e o dele eu não consegui ouvir direito. outra, o ultimo cara que eu matei na ilhota, eu encontrei ele meio que na sorte, pois quando eu me aproximei indo pro lado direito do nosso spawn, eu consegui escutar o beep prolongado dos passos deles (pq os meus .WAV são tudo modificado por mim. foda-se, dps eu explico) e o mais legal dessa parte é que eu encontro ele ali embaixo, mas não  sei exatamente onde ele tá, e de novo, consegui ver com o bug de olhar através dos blocos de baixo! aí eu abro o buraco e ele me vê, eu tento voltar e erro a direção que ele está! veja, eu  pensei que ele estivesse na frente mas na verdade tava atrás, sem contar que antes eu fiz o mesmo que havia feito com o chemix!, rodeei a área para ter certeza pelo som. 
(carvalho, o texto está divinamente horrível! mas ok, da pra entender)

ah, e na parte de 6:55, eu não sei se você percebeu; eu chego de lado e dou umas olhadas para os lados. Isso é por que eu estava me certificando de qual direção ele tava pelo som do game "ai, mas ele tava paradão ali!" - ok, sabe os audios modificados que eu tinha dito antes? então, o som do passo dele ainda tava rodando! isso por que o som dos passos eu modifiquei no audacity por um beep de quase 3 minutos, e com a distancia, ele meio que dá a impressão de que muda (sla, tá ligado quando passa um carro com som na tua rua? é tipo isso) "ah, mas n encomoda?" no começo foi foda, pq eu meio que fiz um earrape e ficou com um zumbido horrível!  "ah, mas pra que você foi pra lá e mirando diretamente no ponto em que ele estava?". eu não sei se você viu, mas ele tinha ido lá antes, e exatamente naquele mesmo ponto e eu não matei ele!

1:06- matei o player sem ao menos ele fazer som- sim, esse não fez som algum quando eu estava perto, mas reparou na minha mira? então man, eu vi foi o buraco, e lá eu percebi um pedacinho dele,"haha, mas então como vc foi justamente na direção dele?" Percebeu que antes de focar nele eu tava dando uma miradinha pra direita? essa viradinha foi por que de longe eu consegui ouvir o audio modificado dos passos que ainda estava tocando antes de eu chegar lá, e eu me certifiquei de quera na minha esquerda e logo deduzi que era naquela pois mais para esquerda o som meio que centralizava entre os dois autofalantes do headset

3:08 sinceramente, não vi nada demais nessa jogada, poderia ter feito sem as alterações que fiz no meu jogo (depois eu explico)

0:00 eu não entendo o por que de eu não ter cavado o buraco desde o princípio se já soubesse a localização exata dele, ao invés de ficar rodeando o lugar sem contar que eu comecei a cavar no bloco ao lado do túnel! e lá tinha dado o mesmo bug do bloco translucido ( que no meu pc fica pior por conta de um defeito que te expliquei no PM) e o mais estranho que logo pós essa cena,a minha mira vai direto na direção de um aliado, e se eu estivesse realmente de wallhack, eu certamente não iria confundir um player inimigo de um player aliado, não??

4:06 ouvi o som de um tiro e de uma tracer a minha esquerda. foi um dos sons mais evidentes, sem contar que desde o inicio da partida, antes da gravação, o player jay tinha ido umas quatro vezes nesse mesmo canto aí, e me lembro que ele até começou me matando (se tiver algum log da partida ou uma gravação desde o inicio, mostre)

9:15- jay cavando perto da base- nessa parte, se vc olhar bem, tu nota que eu não estava mirando na direção dele dentro do buraco, eu percebi a presença dele quando eu estava indo em direção a floresta, mas o audio da pá dele (que pra mim é modificado) apitou bem forte no meu ouvido direito, e  já q o mapa só tinha como ele estar embaixo (outro detalhe, o mapa. explico depois), e de ele usar uma estratégia BEM manjada de tentar destruir escadas, cavando perto da base e destruindo por debaixo do chão. outra coisa que queria ressaltar nesse trecho do vídeo; você viu o player "Kenro" que estava logo ao lado em outro buraco?  então, nessa parte eu estava ouvindo o beep prolongado do passo dele com bastante dificuldade já que tinha muita gente ali perto, (por isso prefiro ir pelos flancos. Depois explico isso também) e nisso dá pra ver que eu tento cavar no mesmo buraco onde estava o jay, pois eu pensei que os deois podessem estar juntos pela altura do som, e já que eu não o encontrei, eu resolvi sair, e acabei encontrando ele. (krl, que texto mal escrito kkkkkkk)

10:13- essa jogada mostra que o meu ESP não é dos bons- por que eu não acompanhei na crosshair tanto os outros players quando o player "Renk 51"? dá pra ver o lezado do jay (ôôô jay, tu tá em toda, cara! kkkkk) quase brilhando na minha tela dando uma agachadinha, e já o outro cara, normal, eu não seria microcéfalo de ficar parado só num canto atirando, eu ia ficar indo de um lado pro outro da casinha (como dá pra ver no vídeo) e já o Renk, o cara que me matou, dá pra ver que eu estava esperando alguém no canto direito, mas eu não tinha muita certeza, tanto é que em 10:15 quando ele está preste a chegar eu viro para a esquerda "ah, mas vc vira igual" primeiro: ele atirou antes e apareceu no canto da minha visão, e segundo:  acha mesmo que se eu soubesse que tinha um cara dando bandeja ali do lado eu não iria logo aparecer e descarregar minha smg?

3:37- essa parte eu não sei ao certo oque eu fiz, eu tava arrastando a mira e o cara encaixou! daê eu te pergunto: por que eu não arrastava desde antes? e sei lá, eu tava viajando ali tanto é que eu sou pego desprevenido e ele me mata em seguida (devia ter baixado aimbot também :()

4:15 (kill no jay DE NOVO) percebam que a esquerda do mapa é garantia de kill, com alguns players indo pela água (coisa que te deixa mais lento, e faz um barulho constante maravilhoso para os meus ouvidos), só ali eu faturei 2 duzias de kill (pouco previsível o comportamento desses caras, né?) 4:58- primeira vez que o nosso amigo chemix dá as caras por lá, e por isso marquei aquele canto -2:54 (foi quase lá, e teve a participação ilustre do jay, a estrela do filme) 3:39 eu consigo morrer pra esse cara -6:13 #####JAY##### MAIS UMA VEZ DANDO UM SHOW DE ESTRATÉGIA E MOVIMENTAÇÃO -6:55 parte que eu ia pra pescar uns kills e acabo pegando o som de walk cycle do chemix, jogo a granada e acaba n matando ele kkkkkk (oque também fez eu voltar lá mais uma vez) 7:58 (e percebam que também havia o player "hulk" a esquerda, que eu poderia facilmente matar dentro do buraco mas não matei)  Essa cena eu escuto o som vindo da esquerda, logo miro no cara mas vejo que é aliado (ESP muito ruim, não da pra diferenciar dos liados :( )

8:06 vault dando bandeira denovo EXATAMENTE no mesmo lugar

8:25 já conseguimos ver o kenro no mesmo buraco em que eu matei o jay perto do spawn

8:15 parte que eu fico puto com um aliado pelo comportamento óbvio dele meio que tentando avisar o pq de eu achar os buracos

8:34 jay morrendo mais uma vez no mesmo canto em que eu matei ele com a pá (demonstrando o quão previsível é o comportamento dessas criaturas)

8:52 não entendo como um cara de wall hack não viu esse cara e acaba morrendo

1:31 sabendo que estou de ESP, por que eu não vi o Jayneck nessa cena? devo ter déficit de atenção

**3:08 "ah, você virou e acompanhou ele na mira" lógico, ouvi  os imactos, as tracers e VI as tracers dele vindo na minha direção de baixo pra cima (oq ta bem evidente no video (tracers bem apagadas no openspades daga-se de passagem) virei, escutei o som de agua e atirei nele

0:38 não entendo a razão de eu não ter ido matar o raging budishi

0:56 olhadinha que dou pro lado pra me certificar de que lado vem o som

2:56 vault de novo no mesmo buraco...(perceba como os caras gostam de andar pela água)

2:48 raging passando de novo ao meu lado perto do mim e deixo passar batido

*6:55 o replay que deixa bem evidente o meu ESP*
está aí a causa de eu cismar com aquele canto na partida: 4:11- 5:44-7:56 (sem contar os inúmeros kills feito pelo flanco esquerdo)

*momentos em que confundi aliado com inimigo: 7:56-0:18-2:10 (e outros que se ver o vídeo de novo eu encontro)

sim, eu sou um noob nesse jogo, mas tenho uma certa percepção pelo fato de ter jogado ele de 2012 até 2015/16, e se vê que boa parte dos jogadores são verdadeira amebas jogando, e outros que são milagrosamente bons. Nessa partida eu obtive um ótimo resultado, se não me engano eu fui o primeiro em frag da partida mas isso foi por uma série de fatores:

1- O mapa (que é o meu favorito)
é estranho de como eu encontro os túneis, mas se não foi o mais, é um dos mais favoráveis a encontrar túneis, e em mapas urbanos com construções e até no mapa hallway isso fica bem difícil de fazer

2- game modificado .png
eu não sei se vocês sabem, mas se você botar um cinza translúcido em formado render no Photoshop cs6 na sua mira, vc enxerga consideravelmente mais longe com a iron sight ativada. A fog fica mais fraca

3-modificações de áudio .wav
praticamente todos os sons do meu game são modificados, tirando a explosão e a música de início da partida, tudo passou por modificação minha no audacity e Sony Vegas. O som dos passos, eu troquei por um beep de quase um minuto que combinado com a função de walk cycle do game se prolonga e acaba fazendo o barulho mesmo depois do player estar parado. Todos os sons de tiros foram mutados, pois a grande maioria do tempo a gente passa escutando sons de tiro do outro lado do mapa, oque dificulta bastante para ouvir pás, pás e pulos. Os som de impacto da bala e das tracers também são beeps em diferentes frequências pra deixar bem evidente qual é qual ( e isso sim entrega de onde veio o tiro [pelo menos pra mim] ). as pás também tem seu som modificado, bem evidente e alto para facilitar na localização de longe- tudo isso combinado com o som do game alto e sem coisa atrás (esse pra mim é o mais dificil de aprender)

esse jogo tem um dos minimapas que mais facilitam a vida do player, não sei se vocês sabem, mas se você apertar várias vezes "m" você acaba atualizando o mapa que mostra cada buraco e construção que o inimigo fez! sem contar que quando eles atiram, eles entregam a localização e até mostram a direção que estam mirando INDEPENDENTE SE ESTÁ DEBAIXO DO CHÃO OU EM CIMA DE UM PRÉDIO.

pelo amor de Deus, vocês viram no vídeo quantas vezes eu peguei o mesmo player no mesmo lugar? o JAYNECK e companhia morreram 2456 vezes na minha mão, o vault ficou do inicio até o fim da partida no mesmo buraco (e matei ele só uma vez lá) e o kenro ficou naquele canto perto do spawn por pelo menos 3 minutos! é criançada, camperar é feio!

agora tá ao menos um pouco esclarecido de que eu não uso injector, cheat engine, etc? se sobrar alguma duvida, vê se entra algum adm português ou brasileiro no discord, esclareço tudo :)
ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« Last post by Lostmotel on June 07, 2019, 09:03:46 AM HST »

At 1:06 you run directly toward the player vault. He didn't move or make a sound.

At 3:08 you directly ran up to the player bajan eventhough there were other targets that wouldn't require you to move that much and expose yourself that much. This makes no sense unless you knew he was going to come to the island you were on.

3:37 is similar but even more obvious as you even follow the player with your crosshair.

4:06 you were heading on the same path slightly to the left that you used before. Then you noticed JayNek and apruptly changed direction to kill him.

At 6:55 you directly targeted chexmex who was hidden the whole time. He never made a sound and eventhough there was a player on that island a little before, you didn't have a single reason to assume chexmex would be there at this exact spot. You didn't even bother to search for him with the glitch that allows you to see players directly under you. Notice how you pull out your spade at 7:10 even before you could theoretically be able to see him

Similar situation with JeyNek again at 9:15. You could hear the player this time but it is still highly unlikely that you would be lucky enough to directly run up to him and spade him like this

At 10:25 you noticed the player raging buddhist hidding on the island and a little time after that you decided to come for him. You ran around a little as if you were searching with the glitch to view players through the ground but you didn't even look down enough for that for the most part which makes this look just fake. Then you went to him and looked down to kill him.

Here you have the proof for the ban. I think the evidence speaks for itself, especially the part at 6:55. You are not going to get unbanned.

ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« Last post by Ze Piroca on June 07, 2019, 08:07:42 AM HST »
Tudo bem, amigo, pode mostrar oque você tem


Ace of Spades Classic / Re: [HOW TO] Get trusted status
« Last post by tool777 on June 06, 2019, 11:15:32 PM HST »
Why do you want a trusted password?
: because people kick me even though I have not used the hack.

Which aloha server do you play on most often?
: Arena Counter-strike

What's your most common in-game name?
: I use multiple nicknames because to avoid faker, but the original nickname is Final BossMop. (not mob. i'm cleaner 'mop')


P.S. i'm clean user.

evidence : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxRD8oaRqXQeLCFKBRNNYoQ
abuse reports / Deuce16
« Last post by Keylan on June 06, 2019, 10:21:40 PM HST »
Player: Deuce16

Reason: ab/esp

Server: Babel

whatevahs / Re: The last comment wins!
« Last post by GrungeAmadeus on June 06, 2019, 08:04:55 PM HST »
Yup, college sucks

Just a few more years for a business degree and I'm so excited to be part of the corporate world and be a contributing member of the society. That and growing up sucks.
ban appeals / Re: Eu fui banido a muito tempo atrás.
« Last post by MegaStar on June 06, 2019, 10:08:57 AM HST »
Hello, you were banned 2 years ago but the staff member who banned you is not present, so I will take care of this ban appeal.

Thanks for accepting your mistake, I will give you a second chance but remember that if some of the staff member sees you again using cheats, the ban will be restored and you will not have a second chance.

Have fun.
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