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alohacraft / Re: Application For AlohaCraft
« on: October 16, 2020, 03:12:39 AM HST »
1. What is your Minecraft Username?
2. Do you play on Bedrock or Java edition?  (either can be used on the AlohaCraft server)
Java edition
3. What is your Discord username and number?(For your privacy, we will be removing this when your application has been handled)
4. Why would you like to play on this server?
I love aloha community and I think it would be fun to play on this Minecraft server.
I want to build a cozy house and have some fun  :)
I'd also like to make some new friends!
5. Please describe your playstyle.
I want to make a cool base and farm bunch of stuff. Interact with the players.
6. How long have you played Minecraft for?
I haven't been playing it consistently, but I started playing it roughly 10 years ago.
7. Do you agree to follow all the rules of this server?
Yes, definitely. I'm a good boy now!
8. Give a quick summary of the rules.
Be kind to others and respect their privacy.
Won't be hurting anyone!
Definitely no trolling or griefing.
I like to keep my worlds clean looking, so that won't be a issue  :P

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