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Links to be distributed in the chat!

Server still up: client.exe -aos://114371666
Patch still hosted at http://aos.division6.org
Use the YouTube guide posted earlier to join.

Made an introduction, explaining setup and basics of the version, should you not know or want to invite friends easily:

Will there be a discord voice channel for those willing to talk? :DD

Could always use the voice channel on the BnS discord?

As an update, all details remaining the same however I will be arranging a second server to be on standby given the interest this is generating.

D6 also hasn't played this game before so I may try and split out newer guys/non-tryhards into the secondary server - will see how many viewers show up on the twitch and decide then and there.

Also, I'm in the process of making a wee intro video that explains the controls, the game mode etc so it'll be super friendly to any newbie that comes along.

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