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ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« on: June 13, 2019, 12:06:06 PM HST »
Update: After watching you play on Sauerkraut today for quite a while before banning you, I am changing my mind. Not only doesn't your sound story add up anymore, at least considering what I tested about sound files in AoS so far, but I am also very certain now that - even if it worked the way you described - this was not the setup that you used on Sauerkraut to cheat today and therefore most likely neither on aloha before that.

Therefore I am denying this appeal now.

ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:59:04 AM HST »
Actually, before you remove them, would you be able show a video of how you use them? The sound files seem to cut off a few seconds after the player stops moving, making it impossible to hear players how you described it.

ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« on: June 10, 2019, 09:33:00 AM HST »
man, at 4:55 I saw him going to this same island.
at 5:53, when I came back because I saw Jayneck clearly, I realize that his audio being modified was still playing! and very loud in my left ear! so much so that I check with the same method of looking sideways to know the direction. Also you see that I press the ctrl twice fast looking to the right because I wanted to make sure that it was in my left and under! already the jayneck besides being seen there, he was knocking with the shovel, and I bet even without the modifications of my audios I would find him there.

and I do not know if you noticed, after I had thrown the grenade in the hole (6, 55) I do not even suspect that there is someone there even going several times on that same flank because the chemix audio had already stopped

back to the chemix issue (6:55) I found it because at 5:54 I felt his audio centering and then ringing my left speaker when I noticed the 0llux player's presence. the jayneck kept hitting and making noise, and then I realized (visually) the hole and his character when I advanced on the island and I did not even realize that the chemix was there. That's when I died and I remembered that there was still a guy there

Thank you for clearing those parts up again. I think the explanation you have given on those occasions makes sense.
Will you be removing the edited sounds from your game?

ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« on: June 08, 2019, 09:52:34 PM HST »
Now, before you are going to read through this, I am going to say, that despite still having my doubts about you being legit, I am willing to unban you based on a single condition I wrote toward the end of this post and I really need you to understand why I set that condition and why it is important for you and other players to comply to that condition.

man, the chemix part (at 6:55) might even have seemed strange, but do you realize that I will not go back there after I've thrown the grenade into his hole? And I do not even look at it! (7:56) there I looked to the left because I listened to the audio of a player but I saw that it was an ally (even having an enemy next to it moving) another, realized that the same corner of the chemix I had killed jayneck two or three times there? and one was practically there on top of the chemix I had seen him crossing the bridge before! (and he had killed me at that time)

Dude, I do not know how I could explain it better.

Your explanation of how you knew he was somewhere around that island does make sense under the assumption that you are able to hear players past movements. I still find it hard to believe that you were able to pinpoint a players exact location without even looking around though.

I find it strange that you did not read each paragraph and then say you do not think enough. Well, if you did not, try to read more carefully. I know it's a fucking text, but if I explain in half it's worse.

I did read through all of it, I just didn’t find it convincing overall. You went over a few things you already explained again as well as some basic strategy that, while it made sense, can not explain away every dubious kill in my opinion

"You didnt have a chance to see chexmex before there IN the hole"

my son: * 4: 59 * he goes to the same islet I went after to kill him at * 6:55 * (just to remember that I go there at 6:55 and never look at it again) another: I go back there again to kill the jayneck * 5: 43 * that was clearly visible! and when he gets there he is doing what ???? Yes, digging a hole! and this time I went there, the sound of the chemix was still rolling right up close in my right ear, and the fact that Jayneck made a hole made my suspicion of having a hole there! and yes, I already came out taking the shovel because I knew I had a hole there BECAUSE I SAW A BEFORE AND I HEARD A FACE UNDER THE FLOOR
and noticed these stops (sometimes it was to curse in the chat kkkkkkkk), look up and the side (this makes me need to move the sight less so I know which side the sound comes) that I give? so I did the same with raging in the final stretch of the video! and it took me two lives to be sure! and saw how much laps I gave around the hole to still be able to dig wrong and die?

That you saw chexmex before and would suspect he’d still be around somewhere is very understandable. I just find you finding chexmex so quickly even with good sound detection very unlikely.

cool that also has the fact that the player vault has made a hole in the same place that killed him at the beginning of the video and I have not even looked at him.

another: you talk about the chemix case, but the kenro case that was in the same hole since 8:35 (maybe even before!) but I do not know if you noticed, at 9:22 I still stop to listen and check where it came from the sound and I dig thinking the two were in the same hole!

Again, I do not expect you to go for every player that is hidden. Now if you went there again and killed vault that wouldn’t have made much of a difference to me because, as you explained, he was hiding at the same spot again. The more unlikely thing is you finding him in the first place.

Spoiler for unknown:
"Well why didn’t you do that with chexmex too? It appears to me, you just wanted to give the impression that you were pretending to search for him despite already knowing his location all along just as we saw with angry buddhist later were you didn't even look at the ground enough to use the z-glitch."
referring to 0:00 first, the video only shows just before I get there and kill him, and that part I still dig wrong (show there what has before). I honestly did not understand what you mean You say that I did not do the same with chemiix ... son, how come I did not ??? I went there twice, I saw him pass on the bridge to the islet, I killed the jayneck making a hole there and I heard him before he died! and then he was no longer making the noise and did not even look in his direction. Now you say that I seem to be pretending ... on what grounds do you say such a thing? Why would I pretend? if I knew I was being watched, why would I keep the performance that would be food a suspicion that would soon ban me ???? and how would you know I'm faking it? why did not I find the vault and the kenro? Why do I keep this exact pattern to find the tunnels? frankly, I would have to be a calculating MUUUUUITO to think of such a thing. the ragingo is the same, and I explained very well what I did to find him there on the islet (which cost me two lives trying to listen to him)
I wasn’t referring to 0:00 but to the part with chexmex. I specifically didn’t mention the part at 0:00 in the beginning because I don’t think there is anything too suspicious here especially because we don’t see you run toward him before the video starts. And as I explained before, if we assume you weren’t using hacks, killing chexmex like this does only work under your certain sound setup and with a lot of luck finding him this early which I find not likely. The same thing goes for raging buddhist: While I can see you possibly trying to figure out were buddhist is based on sound if we assume you could actually hear his past movements, you never really had to use the z-glitch to actually track him down. You may have used the sound to locate the rough location he occupied sometime during the last 3 minutes but as with chexmex, you never had to actually search for him and just conveniently were lucky enough to directly stand beside him when you started looking toward the ground to dig him up

Spoiler for unknown:
Again, I am not saying it is impossible to hear him there. Neither is it impossible to get lucky and spade the exactly blocks he is located at without prior search, especially with, as you explained, an understanding of the maps layout. But this is just one of the moments adding up on the pile of unlikely events. Regarding that other player: I do not expect you to dig up every player you can locate with esp. You not doing this in that moment is no evidence to the contrary if we consider that you in fact did the exact same thing to other players.
frankly, I just explained. on that occasion, I found him by the modified sound of the shovel, and he was the only one making a paddle sound nearby, and also why he whistled right in my right ear. what I had difficulty was with the sound of kenro, because I was looking for it based only on the sound of the steps and since there were many players there in the vicinity, I ended up wandering

Another player also brought up that you could have even seen the particles from him digging underground. I will admit that this is rather weak evidence for you cheating.

Spoiler for unknown:
Yea that is called tracking a player down with esp. Now again, this could just be a very unlucky coincidence for you, but there are a little too many here aren’t there? Hearing players generally doesn't enable you to conveniently track them with your crosshair before they even appear.

0:20 and 7:56 I punch the sights on 2 allies! and remembering, son, I look a lot at the minimap! and yes, at 3:37 I follow him with the target because I was waiting for him to leave! it was THE MOST LOGICAL! not to mention that I only "catch the eye" on him when he is about to appear, nor when I'm climbing the islet I look at him! Did you notice in the video that I was going to climb the island ?? and that I only see why the animal decides to walk in the water? and that I'm so noob of ESP that I'm late in time to shoot him? frankly, this video is full of kills in the same tapirs! jayneck and raging so much of congrats!
Again, putting your scope on your teams players isn’t proof to the contrary. For all we know, you could have esp and just turn it off every once in a while. About the part at 3:37: There is a difference between hearing someone wade in the water roughly in front of you and being able to determine his location to the point, were you are able to follow him with your crosshair. I don’t think you were late to shoot him. As you wrote in the chat after you got killed, you were just unable to kill him because you had a high ping and lagged, which can be seen in the prolonged straight smg firing at 3:39.
Spoiler for unknown:
again, absence of evidence here is not evidence of absence. You have shown that you are quite sneaky about your hacks and I wouldn’t be surprised if you turned them off occasionally or disregard them from time to time.
frankly ... I'm so calculating and sneaky that you say that I crosshair the guys before they come in, letting my use of my ESP be obvious, if I was so sneaky, I'd raise so much suspicion at this point (and I can die to the guy that I "caught" the sight before he arrived, how CUTE) sorry man, but for me it's a little dishonesty to go in that whole thing. "ah, he must be faking" "ah, died, hung up the hack"
2: 46, -7: 27 (to show that my wallhack did not catch this prodigy), 2:01, 3:37 (to show how predictable he is)

Now just to be clear on that once more: Just because someone is using ESP doesn’t mean they can’t die to someone else even if they are prepared to shoot them while the other player isn’t. There is nothing dishonest about pointing out that possibility. This is something that happens to virtually every player using ESP at some point. The same thing applies to firing at teammates or not digging up every enemy player right away. These are just things that can often be observed independently of whether the player is actually using ESP. That in itself is obviously no proof that you used a wallhack here and failed to kill him, I am merely pointing out that this can go both ways, whether you use hacks or not

and frankly, sound modification by what I know is not cheat. I've even used it on the war thunder and I've never had a problem. Many players do this not only in aesthetics, but also as an aid because many players complain that the sound of the tanks' engines are very low (taking away the bad that is a ship walking kkk)

There is a difference between optimization and unfair advantage. This is not something like improving your scope to aim a little better. It is more like increasing the length of a weapon model to see players when you shouldn’t. Making the sounds a little louder is fine and you are free to do that but looping the sound of footsteps for 3 minutes allows you to hear something other players can’t and therefore find enemies in a way that other players are just not able to do.

 Dude, the first time I was banned I actually used cheat, but this time I did not use it and I will not blame myself for something I did not! and if from now on audio modification and sight is cheat, cool, then yes I may have cheated again. BUT I DO NOT USE ESP!

Audio modifications in general are not cheats, neither are different sights. But I need you to realize that if a player hasn’t moved for 2 minutes somewhere hidden in a hole, you are not supposed to locate him based on sound. The other players can’t do that at all. You know what we call players that have modified their client to the point, where they can do things other players just can’t do at all? Yea, right, cheaters. If I disregard hacking as possibility, I do really believe you that you modified the files with only good intentions. There is no clear rulebook of what modification constitutes as cheating and I don’t blame you for not realizing. But as you can see, this modification really becomes almost indistinguishable from ESP if the players are not moving anymore and you will quickly end up getting banned again for it because the game is not designed in a way to normally allow you to do that.

(vlw for translating the text)
and what would be enough?

This is a good question. While I am still not that much convinced by your explanations, you put in great effort and time here and explained yourself in much detail and I think we should give you the benefit of doubt here. If there is a chance that you are legit, I do not want you to stay banned forever on aloha and give you another chance. Therefore I am willing to lift the ban under the condition that you remove all the elongated audio files and every other file that gives you an overwhelming advantage . You might just want to reinstall Ace of Spades for that. Again, having different sounds, scopes or player models in general is fine, being able to track down players based on the sounds they made from  3 minutes ago strikes me as an unfair advantage that is not that much different from esp.

ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« on: June 07, 2019, 10:46:22 PM HST »
do not know if you noticed, but in all the times I killed in holes, before I rode before digging (later I explain). and that of chemix, I had seen him in that hole before, not to mention that my audios, stretched out with footsteps, were giving him the position that I could only be sure of the third time because I could see him under the ground because the game itself which buga and enables me to see, and I already had a flea behind the ear in that corner. already on that other jay play, (near the base he is barking like a butt) I kill him with melee under the ground, I do not know if you saw, but there was a guy named kenro, I did not notice his presence and I only killed him after he left, because the base was very noisy, and his I could not hear right. another, the last guy I killed on the islet, I found him sort of in luck, because when I approached going to the right side of our spawn, I was able to hear the prolonged beep of their steps (because my .WAV are all modified FPS, I explain) and the coolest part is that I find him down there, but I do not know exactly where he is, and again, I got to see the bug looking through the lower blocks! then I open the hole and he sees me, I try to go back and I mistake the direction he is! see, I thought he was in the front but he was actually behind, not to mention that before I did the same thing I had done with chemix !, I circled the area to be sure of the sound.
(oak, the text is divinely awful!)

You didnt have a chance to see chexmex before there IN the hole. Neither could you have heard his steps as he didn’t move from the moment he got into that hole. You also didn’t check for him underground with the z-bug. As I explained before, you pulled your spade out even before you ever got close enough to him to see him from above. Now even if you could’ve heard him somewhere before, you would never be able to pinpoint his exact location before you even tried searching for him

ah, and in the part of 6:55, I do not know if you noticed; I come to the side and look around. That's why I was making sure what direction he was heading for the sound of the game, "but he was there!" - ok, you know the modified audios I had said before? so the sound of his step was still rolling! That's because the sound of the steps I modified in the audacity for a beep of almost 3 minutes, and with the distance, it kind of gives the impression that it changes (sla, is it on when a car with sound on your street passes? "Ah, but do not bother?" in the beginning it was fuck, because I sort of made an earrape and got a horrible buzz! "Ah, but why did you go there and look directly at where he was?" I do not know if you saw him, but he had gone there before, and exactly at that same point and I did not kill him!

Now I am not sure in the first place if extending the sound of footsteps to 3 minutes would even be allowed, but how would you filter out which sound would belong to anyone? If you had the footstep sounds play for 3 minutes, the sound of every player and every step they made along their way would just overlap and you probably wouldn’t be able to differentiate even were they were going. And again, even if you could, that doesn’t magically enable you to know under which blocks the player is exactly hiding before even looking.

1:06 - I killed the player without even making a sound, that made no sound when I was close, but did you notice my sight? so man, I saw it was the hole, and there I noticed a little bit of it, "haha, but then how did you go right in his direction?" Did you realize that before focusing on him I was taking a little look to the right? this turnaround was because by far I could hear the modified audio of the steps I was still playing before I got there, and I made sure I wanted it on my left and I soon figured it was in that one, because to the left the middle sound was centered between the two headset speakers

Now even if I believed you there, modifying the sound to that extend is not much different to using esp to determine a players location. Both are unfair advantages. Other players can’t hear the echo of a sound that stopped 3 minutes ago. Don’t you think you are not supposed to hear the sounds of players that you weren’t even close to when they moved?

3:08 honestly, I did not see anything too much in this play, I could have done without the changes I made in my game (later I explain)

While it is completely possible you just heard him and acted accordingly, this one just adds up as evidence if we consider that you also tracked down players you couldn’t find by normal means.

0:00 I do not understand why I did not dig the hole from the beginning if I already knew the exact location of it, instead of surrounding the place without telling me that I started to dig in the block next to the tunnel! and there was the same bug in the translucent block (which in my pc gets worse because of a defect that I explained in the PM) and the stranger that soon after this scene, my aim goes straight towards an ally, and if I were really of wallhack, I certainly would not confuse an enemy player of an allied player, would not it?

Well why didn’t you do that with chexmex too? It appears to me, you just wanted to give the impression that you were pretending to search for him despite already knowing his location all along just as we saw with angry buddhist later were you didn't even look at the ground enough to use the z-glitch.

4:06 I heard the sound of a shot and a tracer on my left. was one of the most obvious sounds, not to mention that since the beginning of the game, before the recording, the player jay had gone four times in that same corner there, and I remember that he even started killing me (if he has any game log or a recording from the beginning, show)

Right before you were able to see him you positioned your crosshair on him and even scoped in. Are you honestly telling me your “modifications” tell you the exact position a player is located in before you even see him?  And again, there was no gunfire comming from him when you decided to pay him a visit. Do you think it’s fair to hear a players gunfire minutes after they actually fired to determine their location?

9: 15- jay digging near the base- in that part, if you look well, your note that I was not looking towards him inside the hole, I noticed his presence when I was going towards the forest, but the audio of (I'll explain later), and he uses a well-managed strategy of trying to destroy stairs. , digging near the base and destroying underneath the ground. another thing that I wanted to emphasize in this part of the video; Did you see the player "Kenro" that was next to another hole? so in that part I was listening to the prolonged beep from his step with a lot of difficulty since there were a lot of people nearby, (so I prefer to go by the flanks, then I explain that too) and in that you can see that I try to dig in the same hole where was jay, because I thought the deois could be together by the height of the sound, and since I did not find it, I decided to leave, and I found it. (krl, that poorly written text kkkkkkk)

Again, I am not saying it is impossible to hear him there. Neither is it impossible to get lucky and spade the exactly blocks he is located at without prior search, especially with, as you explained, an understanding of the maps layout. But this is just one of the moments adding up on the pile of unlikely events. Regarding that other player: I do not expect you to dig up every player you can locate with esp. You not doing this in that moment is no evidence to the contrary if we consider that you in fact did the exact same thing to other players.

10: 13- this play shows that my ESP is not a good one - why I did not follow the other players in the crosshair when the player "Renk 51"? you can see the lezado Jay (ooo jay, you're all over, man! kkkkk) almost shining on my screen giving a agachadinha, and have the other guy, normal, I would not be microcephalus of standing alone in a corner shooting, I I was going to go from one side of the house to the other (as you can see in the video) and Renk, the guy who killed me, can see that I was waiting for someone in the right corner, but I was not sure, that at 10:15 when he is about to come I turn to the left "ah, but u turns equal" first, before he shot and appeared in the corner of my vision, and second: do you really think if I knew who had a face giving tray on the side I would not soon appear and unload my smg?

again, absence of evidence here is not evidence of absence. You have shown that you are quite sneaky about your hacks and I wouldn’t be surprised if you turned them off occasionally or disregard them from time to time.

3: 37- this part I'm not sure what I did, I was dragging the sight and the guy fit! Then I ask you: why did not I drag it from before? and I do not know, I was traveling there so much that I'm caught unawares and he kills me next (I should have lowered my goal too)

Yea that is called tracking a player down with esp. Now again, this could just be a very unlucky coincidence for you, but there are a little too many here aren’t there? Hearing players generally doesn't enable you to conveniently track them with your crosshair before they even appear.

4:15 (kill no jay DE NOVO) realize that the left map is guaranteed to kill, with some players going by the water (which slows you down, and makes a wonderful constant noise to my ears), only there I faturei 2 dozens of kill (bit predictable behavior of these guys, right?) 4: 58- the first time that our CHEMIX friend gives the guys out there, and so marked that corner -2: 54 (was almost there, and had the distinguished participation of the jay, the star of the film) 3:39 I can die for this guy -6: 13 ##### ##### jAY ONCE AGAIN GIVING a SHOW oF STRATEGY AND HANDLING -6: 55 part I was going to fish kills one and end up picking up the sound walk cycle of CHEMIX, set the grenade and ends up killing him kkkkkk n (wHAT I also did back there again) 7:58 (and realize that there was also the player " hulk "on the left, which I could easily kill inside the hole but I did not kill) This scene I hear the sound coming from the left, then I look at the face but I see that it is allied (ESP muit the bad, does not differentiate it from the bundles)

8:06 vault giving flag again EXACTLY in the same place

8:25 we can already see kenro in the same hole where I killed jay near the spawn

8:15 part that I get pissed off with an ally for his obvious behavior kinda trying to warn me why I find the holes

8:34 jay dying once more in the same corner where I killed him with the shovel (demonstrating how predictable the behavior of these creatures)

8:52 do not understand how a wall hack guy did not see this guy and ends up dying

1:31 knowing I'm from ESP, why did not I see Jayneck in this scene? I must have attention deficit

** 3:08 "ah, you turned and followed him on the line", I heard the imactos, the tracers and I saw his tracers coming in my direction from the bottom up (what is very evident in the video (well erased tracers in the openspades I turn around, I hear the sound of water and I shoot him

0:38 I do not understand the reason I did not go to kill the raging budishi

0:56 look that I take to the side to make sure which side comes the sound

2:56 vault again in the same hole ... (notice how the guys like to walk in the water)

2:48 raging passing again next to me next to me and let pass beat

* 6:55 a replay that makes my ESP very clear *
that's where I go with that corner in the match: 4: 11-5: 44-7: 56 (not counting the countless kills made by the left flank)

* moments when I confused allied with enemy: 7: 56-0: 18-2: 10 (and others who see the video again I find)

yes, I am a noob in this game, but I have a certain perception for having played it from 2012 until 2015/16, and it is seen that a good part of the players are true amebas playing, and others that are miraculously good. In this match I got a great result, if I'm not mistaken I was the first in frag of the match but this was for a series of factors:

1- The map (which is my favorite)
it is strange how I find the tunnels, but if it was not the most, it is one of the most favorable to find tunnels, and in urban maps with buildings and even in the hallway map this is very difficult to do

2- modified game .png
I do not know if you know, but if you put a translucent gray in formed render in Photoshop cs6 in your sights, you see considerably farther with the iron sight activated. The fog gets weaker

3-.wav audio modifications
practically all the sounds of my game are modified, taking the explosion and the music from the beginning of the match, everything went through my modification in audacity and Sony Vegas. The sound of the steps, I traded for a beep of almost a minute that combined with the function of walk cycle of the game prolongs and ends making the noise even after the player is stopped. All the gunfire sounds have been mutated, because most of the time we hear firing sounds on the other side of the map, which makes it harder to hear shovels, shovels, and jumps. The impact sound of the bullet and the tracers are also beeps at different frequencies to make it very clear which is which (and this yes delivers where the shot came from [at least to me]). the blades also have their modified, loud and loud sound to make it easy to locate in the distance - all of this combined with the high-pitched sound of the game and nothing behind (this is the hardest for me to learn)

this game has one of the minimaps that make the life of the player easier, I do not know if you know, but if you hit "m" several times, you end up updating the map that shows every hole and construction that the enemy did! not to mention that when they shoot, they deliver the location and even show the direction they are looking INDEPENDENT IF YOU ARE UNDER THE GROUND OR UPON A BUILDING.

for God's sake, did you see in the video how many times did I get the same player in the same place? JAYNECK and company died 2456 times in my hand, the vault stayed from the beginning to the end of the match in the same hole (and I killed him only once there) and the kenro stayed in that corner near the spawn for at least 3 minutes! It's kids, campering is ugly!

now it's at least a little clear that I do not use injector, cheat engine, etc? if there is any doubt, see if there is any Portuguese or Brazilian admission to the discord, I will clarify everything

I am not going through each of the other paragraphs you wrote, but as I see it they basically boil down to you applying a common understanding of the map and the players strategies as well as pointing out occasions on that you didn’t track players down, which in my opinion is far from sufficient to explain you pinpointing the location of certain players whose position you couldn't have know that exactly, even if you used a rather questionable sound setup.

ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« on: June 07, 2019, 09:03:46 AM HST »

At 1:06 you run directly toward the player vault. He didn't move or make a sound.

At 3:08 you directly ran up to the player bajan eventhough there were other targets that wouldn't require you to move that much and expose yourself that much. This makes no sense unless you knew he was going to come to the island you were on.

3:37 is similar but even more obvious as you even follow the player with your crosshair.

4:06 you were heading on the same path slightly to the left that you used before. Then you noticed JayNek and apruptly changed direction to kill him.

At 6:55 you directly targeted chexmex who was hidden the whole time. He never made a sound and eventhough there was a player on that island a little before, you didn't have a single reason to assume chexmex would be there at this exact spot. You didn't even bother to search for him with the glitch that allows you to see players directly under you. Notice how you pull out your spade at 7:10 even before you could theoretically be able to see him

Similar situation with JeyNek again at 9:15. You could hear the player this time but it is still highly unlikely that you would be lucky enough to directly run up to him and spade him like this

At 10:25 you noticed the player raging buddhist hidding on the island and a little time after that you decided to come for him. You ran around a little as if you were searching with the glitch to view players through the ground but you didn't even look down enough for that for the most part which makes this look just fake. Then you went to him and looked down to kill him.

Here you have the proof for the ban. I think the evidence speaks for itself, especially the part at 6:55. You are not going to get unbanned.

ban appeals / Re: BANNED?
« on: June 06, 2019, 12:16:59 AM HST »
Hello Ze Piroca, I am the staff member who banned you. You were banned for using ESP, a hack that allows you to view players behind blocks. Would you like to revise your story before i present the evidence?

ban appeals / Re: Unban From Aloha.pk Servers
« on: September 27, 2018, 02:41:12 PM HST »
Hello, I am the staff member who banned you for hacks. I do not have any video evidence of said incident but I do remember it and in retrospect I believe I watched you under the influence of a spectator bug which might have been caused by your client. Sorry for the inconvenience. You should be able to get onto the servers again today.

ban appeals / Re: I Was Banned
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:25:16 AM HST »
Hello there, I am the staff member who banned you. First of all, thank you for coming here and admitting to your hacking right away. As this is your first offense, I am going to have your ban lifted. You are allowed to join the servers again, but please make sure to delete all the files you used to hack the game.

whatevahs / Re: Your Dream Girl/Guy
« on: January 03, 2018, 04:31:35 AM HST »

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