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Ace of Spades Classic / Classicgen Stories - Holy Land
« on: November 17, 2019, 07:18:18 AM HST »
ClassicGen Stories
Yesterday (Nov 16) something beautiful happened, one of the most iconic servers went full. The gameplay was surrounded by fortresses, bunkers, tunnels, bridges and pixel art!

Both teams were killing each other with the final purpose of getting to the intel and retieve it to their tent, you know... as usual.
I left the game and came back in a couple of hours just have which what would become one of the funniest matches I had in a long time.

This is what I encountered:
Holy Land

Holy Land, a place of peace where no deuce will harm another one, where both teams would cooperate to expand their religion, where those who where considered heretics would end up vanished from existence (votekicked).

Both teams were building in the same area, around the green base. As I aproached which would appear to be a farm, there was some people hanging outside in what appeared to be some form of  preaching.

I got inside and there were some deuces hanging around. It was very confussing so I asked:

Which one of them latter responded:

It was amazing! All of them were roleplaying, and I was not going to be left out 8) so I joined them.

Newcomers were given the usual message:
<Azeitona> this is holy land
<Azeitona> no killing

There was even some crucifixions
<Azeitona> hey, i am crusifying my self at da church
<Azeitona> cmere
<lou> can i shoot u
<Azeitona> change da world
<Azeitona> my final messange
<Azeitona> good bye
(making reference to the classic meme )

The final and real crucifixion was about to start, and suddenly after killing NRisWeird the sky turned black and that made some of the villagers have crazy bad vibes.
<NRisWeird> a green boi needs to shoot me to complete the crucifixion
<DuckWorm> Me
<DuckWorm> are you ready?
<NRisWeird> ye

The sky suddenly turns black

<Azeitona> OH GOF
<Kammu> damn
<billy goodman> why the sky blacck
<lou> the black spirits rise wtf

Anarchy arose and one by one everyone eventually left, but the buildings were still there, narrating a story of union and despair.

More pics :D
Spoiler for unknown:

Hi everyone, it's been a nice journey for this 8 months that I have been part of the aloha community and this week the game exploded! I'm really grateful to see all this new faces. Without the amazing community I'd probably be burned out though. Holidays and new year are right around the corner so I hope you are doing all fine during this awesome time in the year!
Have a blast playing with all the new players ;D!

DuckWorm out

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