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the little big list / Classicube
« on: August 28, 2018, 08:42:42 PM HST »
So after doing some online exploring I found this.

Classicube is basically Minecraft in its Alpha time period. The game likes to proclaim that it is basically "Minecraft Classic Revived". However, the game has added quite a bit of things that were lacking in the older Minecraft versions, such as new blocks, biomes, etc. It is only multiplayer, and has a few servers you are able to join.

Honestly, while I was going through the forum and site, it reminded me of OS in some ways. A fan community coming together to make a common goal, a version of a game we all knew and loved, before it was drastically changed/ ruined. I put the link below if you are interested, I just felt as though I would share it since I thought it was a neat project that I have barely just got into.

Classicube Site

whatevahs / Nationstates
« on: January 28, 2018, 08:42:19 PM HST »
Would anyone be interested in a nationstates region dedicated to Aloha PK and some friends? I would totally be down in hosting a nation role play with a fantasy map and such! And if you aren't familiar and wish to try it out, I would be happy to teach you all.

the little big list / Legends of Yore (old game)
« on: January 27, 2018, 06:05:35 PM HST »
This game was actually created in a contest on Tigsource (when I find it I can make a topic on that) and I felt like I should share it since I have been playing this game for so long.

The game is called Legends of Yore. It is an extremely simple rogue-like that is quite simple and in my honest opinion fun. I suggest you give it a shot.

Links related to the game:
Paulosoaresjr playing it back in 2011:


Hope you guys enjoyed, I am very excited to share this with you all!

Ace of Spades Classic / Green vs Blue
« on: October 02, 2017, 04:13:21 PM HST »
Who is your favorite! Show your support in the replies!

Long live the Green Deuce

whatevahs / Favorite historical empire?
« on: October 01, 2017, 08:49:57 AM HST »
I'm a history buff, so this kind of stuff is my life. So I want to know from the entirety of this active forum who you all think the coolest empire to ever come about was. For me, I would have to say the Empire of Alexander the Great. So basically, the last time Macedonia was extremely relevant. Make sure to post a picture, just because.

the little big list / Strategy Games
« on: September 28, 2017, 03:18:31 PM HST »
Anyone know any cool strategy games? I play one that is based off a sort of "DnD" type (maybe I will try to introduce it someday :-\), but I am looking for soe fun strategy games you all know. Thanks!

Yo boi,
Zeitgeist :)

Ace of Spades Classic / Favorite map!
« on: September 20, 2017, 06:50:33 PM HST »
So. if you had to pick one map from AoS and select said map as your favorite, what would it be? It can be for any game mode and it has to have been or currently is on AoS. Explain if you want, I don't really care if you go into great detail on it, I am just curious to see what people say.

My Pick: Omaha, the map just is so interesting, and you almost feel like you are experiencing a really cheesy D-Day landing. That is just my personal opinion.

ToW please? This map is amazing on it.

whatevahs / What brought you into this community?
« on: September 10, 2017, 07:43:00 PM HST »
As the title says, what brought you here? For me, I have to thanks to Bluedrake42. This video is the reason why I found OpenSpades back in October of last year:

OpenSpades then enabled me to find this very forum later down the road. That being said, the rest is history for me. Now, I am curious to hear your stories. I can assume many are funny and others are quite old, so feel free to share!

Zeitgeist  :D

Ace of Spades Classic / AoS Tournament proposal
« on: September 05, 2017, 04:25:33 PM HST »
As of lately, AOS has of course been fairly empty in most of its Aloha.pk servers. This saddens me, since I have only been in the game's community since October of 2016 (yes I know that I made this forum account later down the road). With that being said, I understand there have been several attempts to inject new players into this game, which is totally reasonable. Unfortunately, all our ideas have simply failed due to lack of effort, communication, and execution. With that being said, I have one more idea to add to the list, but hopefully it can get enough community support to back it up. As the title states, I propose we host a tournament later this year (we need time to organize, this is barely just a suggestion). I was thinking it be done over a time of break, like Thanksgiving Break (American Bias). We would need to of course agree on how we are to actually host the tournament. I also believe this tournament should simply be for fun, and not be a way to win money. Just bragging rights ;). Now you may be thinking, how can this help grow the community? Well, it can help spread other events within the game. Events are the best way to get players to return after a break, invite new players into the community (it feels more welcoming if you can participate), and also keep players as of now active in the game. So that being said, here are my ideas on how this tournament could go down.

My suggestions

1. Gamemode
Capture the Flag (How generic).

2. Team organization
Teams of at least 5-10 with a possible bench/reserves for emergencies and substitutions, we could work numbers down the road. I also propose we create a bracket. This means we would need 4 or more teams to have some kind of playoff (I suggest we go by 4's, or it will get confusing). Teams should be organized by players on their own time, and can invite anyone as long as they have an Aloha.pk forum account. Hosts would need to know teams by a certain deadline.

3. Date & Time span
Again, I suggest a time of resting, like Thanksgiving for the Americans. Christmas time could work, yet I can imagine many will be on vacation and such, over Christmas Break. The tournament should be no more than 3 days, since I am assuming the bracket will be fairly small, and games should not last too long.

4. Server
I'm assuming we can do this on an Aloha.pk server, since they do have a few Aloha.pk ctf servers. Classicgen CTF???

5. Hosting
I would be willing to help do this. Yet, I would hate to be in it alone, since I have been so busy lately, and I can imagine the workload I have been given will continue, so I would need some help from others. I have never hosted an event on any game, so I would really like a guide of some sort to help me get through it. We would also need some Aloha.pk official of some sort to help get the server and games set up, but I can imagine we could get it done without one, but it would be hard.

6. Rules
We would need to work on this later.

7. Advertisement
Of course we can advertise on this very forum, but we would need other ways to get to people. Flyers/images could be made as well. I know of the BnS steam group, and some of us have YouTube channels which could help spread the word. I also suggest we stream or record tournament matches as they are being played, so the people at home can watch their favorite players and teams battle it out.

So as of now, here are some of my ideas and proposals, if I missed out on any ideas in which you all think need to be added, point it out (I can imagine I missed key points)! I will update this post as much as we need in order to get this idea on board. I hope this could spark some new ideas and give AoS the boost it needs in publicity.

Thanks for your time,
Zeitgeist  :D

the little big list / Realm of the Mad God
« on: May 24, 2017, 09:12:14 PM HST »
It is a simple MMO RPG, it is pretty fun, but takes a bit of work to get the hang of. Heck, I have been playing for 4 and a half years now, and I only have really gotten okay in the last year! Still, it is really fun and I recommend it if you have not seen it. If you are already on it, please invite me to your guild or something! I need a new guild, as well as friends to play with. Hope I see you online, it is on steam, flash, and on the actual site. If you are playing or just started, please leave your IGN below in the comments.

       Zeitgeist (ZXtitan is my IGN in RotMG)

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