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the little big list / Slender Man
« on: August 23, 2012, 06:20:36 AM HST »
This game will scare the living dead out of you. DO NOT play if you do not want nightmares.

Slender is a first person horror game created by Parsec Productions where your only goal is to find 8 manuscripts about the Slender Man, a paranormal creature.

The more directly you come in contact with the Slender Man, the faster your sanity drains.


*  Do not look at the enemy for too long, or you will lose.
*  Your flashlight has a limited battery; turn it off from time to time to save it.
*  The more you sprint, the lower your maximum stamina becomes, so sprint only when you need to.

Mouse -- Look around
W,A,S & D -- Move
Left Shift -- Sprint
Left Mouse Click -- Pick up pages
Right Mouse Click -- Flashlight
Q & E -- Zoom in/out

Download instructions:
1) http://slendergame.com/  go here to download your next nightmare!
2) at the top in YELLOW go to download for free
3) go down to Shacknews.com -v0.9     http://www.shacknews.com/file/32249/slender-beta-09-windows-free-game  1st installment of the game. there are a total of 9 different installments..  you do not have to download all them unless you just want to. each installment is a different scenario.

4) click download now button to install and remember what folder you are installing it to. you may just want to install to your desktop
5) once game is installed, open folder for Slender you can also use your search to find it
6)click on the slender.exe application
7) make sure you have a clean pair of underwear handy
8) enjoy

Ace of Spades Classic / SERVERS DOWN 05/30/2012 - ?? The real reason
« on: May 31, 2012, 04:12:29 AM HST »
First off, I would Like to thank Izzy for the outstanding dedication and hard work he has done to create and run such an awesome gaming establishment. Also, i would like to thank the Aloha staff for their hard work in achieving the best possible help and support to all those who love to play this awesome game. Just remember it takes alot of time, money, and passion to help keep this site and the servers up and running.
Now for the dirty..
As most of you know by now, yesterday the servers went down-sort of. They reset/rebooted themselves ok but with the error of not displaying them on the aos play page, spadille, etc. Usually there is no need for alarm when this happens, an admin just goes into the system and basically turns the broadcast switch off and back on (known as toggling) and it reappears on the play pages. Well, we did this but it would only turn them off, not on. You could still get into the servers, like i said but had to use another method. i.e. aos//xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Then izzy came on and was notified of the situation and he went to work to correct the issue. To make this as short as possble, He basically shut it down and it wouldnt turn back on. We realized we could get into the system but something was blocking the outgoing traffic to turn it back on. After many hours of trying diligently to restore our servers with the current data center, Izzy had to make a decision. This is quoted exactly from iz.
<izzy->we basically have two options
<izzy->which could be a few days from now
<izzy->or schedule a move-out to vegas tomorrow
<izzy->which means it will be hooked up on friday
<izzy->if they actually ship it out tomorrow
<izzy->stay and hope the new nic fixes these problems
So as you can see we have to rely on a part that may not fix a issue from a data center who should already have backups, fail safes, etc
(this may have been why the really laggy issue exp. on hallway and pinpoint were occuring) 
To those who still dont follow, its a IP issue with the Data centers security protection and the constant data flow that we stream to them in all essance. So, Izzy decided to go back to Fiberhub where we were before, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
the servers should be shipped today and back up and running full throttle in a week. I say a week but Izzy stated by the end of this week if everything goes as planned, so fri/sat for those who dont wanna look at a calendar lol, and NO this did NOT stem from a DOS attack as some have stated. When izzy gets a chance he will give us more details as they come in but thought you all should know what was going on.

Ace of Spades Classic / HELP! Server down!!!! give it a health pack!
« on: April 19, 2012, 08:28:31 AM HST »
If you dont know already the server is down...  and im having W- I- T-H-D-R-A-L-S!
Symptoms: headache, sweaty, upset stomach, diarrhea..  O my!  (TMI)i know
Im sure issue will be resolved soon!  RIGHT?

Ace of Spades Classic / Arena Suggestions
« on: April 15, 2012, 11:31:59 AM HST »
I have a few suggestions for the team to look at. First of all we will talk about Aloha Last team standing,Indiaarena there is a BIG problem. Most people know about the "glitch" to jump 4-5 blocks high which i could care less about until it becomes UNFAIR. If you are on blue,you have access to use the glitch by the base and jump up to the top of the buildings and roam free on the tops and outer walls. Green however does not have the access to do that therefore most of the time they lose. I feel either both teams get access to roof area or close off blue access to roof area or fix glitch from jumping 3-4 bricks high. In Facingworldsaena people were using the jump glitch (which has been resolved by usabzeke)to jump over the walls but both teams could do it so no issue there. In ALL MAPS under lastteamstanding, the spade someone through the wall trick is used often. its a glitch in the system not a hack of any kind. Alot of votekicking for that goes on. I personally think its funny since everyone can do it but not all know about it. Next is the airplane! alot of people enjoy the airplane as do i but see that if you are blue you have access to the wings immediately after you get upstairs.Green you tend to have to fight your way through the grenades, bullets, and opponents to get out there.  Next my favorite, mini deck arena, the only issue really is no access out of blue lava pit. Me personally i say make a way down /out besides falling or make it where if you do fall down there your dead with no bricks at bottom to stand on you just land in lava. probably same for green lava pit. everyone complains about AVstorage being too small which i agree, biggest problem being that your teammates and yourself are getting into one anothers line of fire and cant see around /through them but maybe thats the way its supposed to be i dont know.The last one (dont know name of) the one that has the streets and buildings, the blue team can jump/glitch their way to top of the building they spawn from to the top way unfair advantage for green. Well im sure i forgot something but in all thats about it. hope this helps out on some issues and hope some will get resolved and once again thanks for a great game play of maps ! 

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