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alohacraft / Re: Application For AlohaCraft
« on: October 16, 2020, 03:26:29 AM HST »
1. What is your Minecraft Username?


2. Do you play on Bedrock or Java edition?  (either can be used on the AlohaCraft server)

Java edition

3. What is your Discord username and number?(For your privacy, we will be removing this when your application has been handled)


4. Why would you like to play on this server?

Minecraft is a great game. I've been playing on a realm lately but got bored of it so i'd like to restart fresh on this server as
aloha having a minecraft server was pleasant news to me.

5. Please describe your playstyle.

I like pvp. If I spend awhile on the server but not be able to use anything is pretty boring.

6. How long have you played Minecraft for?

Since 1.6ish

7. Do you agree to follow all the rules of this server?

I agree

8. Give a quick summary of the rules.

Don't 2b2t on people
Don't be abusive
PvP with consent
Don't be a prick really

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