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a little bit about aloha.pk brief introduction...

we are aloha player killers, and friends! or aloha.pk for short ;) we play, host, and moderate self-customized game servers for moddable games. conceived by a Hawaii-grown gamer whose gaming addiction began in 1986, aloha.pk was born in February of 2011 and is sustained by our shared vision for respect. we're populated by creative developers and PvP-hungry gamers who know fun challenges and crave them on the playing field. we welcome you to become part of us no matter what your background is - there aren't really any rules around here, but practicing "aloha" is pretty important, so if that sounds good to you then please hang out and have some fun with us!

what is aloha?

it's a Hawaiian word that in simplest terms translates to a friendly hello and goodbye. its deepest meaning is beyond definition; it's a way of life that's all about love and respect.

where are we from and where are our servers located?

we're all over the world but most of our players connect from North America and Asia. all of our game servers run natively on our fully managed hardware in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, and California, USA.

how to join?

you being here means you're already part of us. say hi if you want or don't.

how can i give back?

just be respectful. that's more than enough and appreciated more than you know.

no but seriously, how can i give back?

sharing your resources, skills, and knowledge certainly helps.

donations are accepted via PayPal. all donations go toward present and future aloha.pk expenses.

February 15, 2011, 12:02:46 AM HST
Re: Alph
You know nothing about me and don't presume to. Sure I may not have bothered becoming an admin just to fuck others over but I have done shit for this community in the past.
People judge you based on how you act. Learn that fact buddy because that applies to real life too. The best thing you've contributed to this community thus far is that public apology you made in regards to you requesting how to exploit the game.

Nothing about Aloha shows anything but shadiness and bullshit high regard for yourselves. Get a reality check. There's almost nothing left of this community and you're driving the rest away. We should be accommodating players not fucking them over. Enjoy your little enterprise now. This won't last forever and your time is drawing near. I was messing around at first but now you're treating me like shit for defending my friend. 
Spare me your soap opera/conspiracy theories. The game died the day Ben sold the game to Jagex, you're years behind if you think the game is dying. We banned someone because the admin had credible reason to do so and you're butthurt because you think your friend is innocent? Feel free to defend yourself or your friends, but don't start spewing random crap out of your ass about the entire staff being corrupt. We have no reason to ban random people, do you think we get paid per ban or something? What exactly is our motivation to ban random people from our servers when barely two of them are filled? Do you think the money sunk into the servers is just some expensive show to get people banned?

Get your facts straight and then we can start talking. Now back to the conversation that matters.

Yes but topo wasnt using that tool at that moment, he was playing on the other team, if it was another admin that used that tool shouldnt he be answering the appeal?
How would you know if he was using it? It literally takes a few seconds to use it.

Ferrari, Nathan, Fallen, Irongears, probably more but i really dont want to forget anyone, i think they saw me a lot of time. A special mention to Danke, im very sure he had checked me a lot because he said after my first ban that he will follow me every single second i log so probably he even was on babel that day. But it can be any other you dont need me to name it.
As far as I know, none of the said admins/guards has come forth and defended your innocence based on their observations of your play. Feel free to contact them if you want know what their opinions are.

"But, if you're innocent, maintain your innocence and don't cave in."
Fair enough, do whatever you think is right.

Yes i appealed two times, so? did you ask those 2 admins what happened?
That video is from my second Ban, not this one, but i still remember it, it was against waterstar and it was like the third time water stop us at that spot so i sprayed over there after seeing my teammate in front of me getting killed, wouldnt an aimbot do it in one or two bullets and without the bullets getting to dispersed? also if those blue squares are enemy-mates (is that the term) wouldnt the weapon automatically point to them too?
Nathan said after seeing the video something like that if i remember well and you can ask waterstar too, another well known member of aloha.
Aimbot != ESP. You can keep no recoil or no spread off in order to make the shots appear legitimate and more random as opposed to a constant one tap of the smg, while still utilizing aimbot. According to Danke, he unbanned only because you asked him and he unbanned you, not because he thought you were innocent (correct me if my memory servers me wrong Danke).

What chance are you talking about? a chance would be if i was guilty and asked to play again, i was banned only for starting a votekick against topo, this is like if you tell a cop that he was stealing and he put you in jail just for that.
False, you were banned for cheating. Topo gets votekicked almost everytime he plays and if that were the case, we would have a lot more bans than you think. The worst that will happen to you is a cancel of your votekick or you will be togglevotekicked if you troll around with the reasoning.

September 06, 2016, 04:06:26 AM HST
Re: Alph Nathan will correct me if i'm wrong, but as i understand he unbanned you even though he was still suspicious about your activity recorded in that video. and as i already said, there are are some others who are still suspicious as well. but your ban was reversed anyway. just because we exercise leniency doesn't necessarily mean that we think someone on the receiving end is innocent.

There's almost nothing left of this community and you're driving the rest away. We should be accommodating players not fucking them over. Enjoy your little enterprise now. This won't last forever and your time is drawing near. I was messing around at first but now you're treating me like shit for defending my friend. 

aloha.pk became involved with AoS a few days after its release. if we were the problem, why have we been and continue to be the game's largest and oldest supporting community more than five years later? yes, accommodating players is important, but catering to those who are just "messing around" wouldn't be considerate of the overall playerbase.

September 06, 2016, 08:08:15 PM HST
Re: The Truth About Aloha I didn't really want to comment on this, and most staff probably won't, but I got dragged into this mess, so let's just get this over with.  I'll try to be as concise as possible while addressing the actual points, but still thorough, as to not be accused of..  well, hopefully, anything at all.  most of you probably know by now that I don't partake in the community a great deal, so hopefully you can take this as an unbiased response.

also, while I can't believe I even have to say it, I'll say it anyways;  these are my opinions, and this is my response.  it is not to be interpreted as representative the staff as a whole. (even though it might be worded that way.. vOv)

Quote from: Monstarules
Firstly, we haven't bothered to expand to any other games. [...] We never were aggressive with the other games that we went into and expanded into, and the support for the games dropped like flies since it wasn't Ace of Spades.

this is sadly true, though from my point of view of one as the people that wants to "cling" to Ace of Spades, it isn't that it's not AoS, but a number of other factors such as how easy it is to transition over to the new game, server hosting difficulties, the community of the game in question and a few other things.  I realize this is just an exaggerated statement to get a point across, but I wanted to address it anyways, so there you have it.
(the rest of the paragraph was obvious to everyone so I cut it out)

Quote from: Monstarules
Secondly, the staff of this website is broken, and in some cases corrupt. I can affirm from being a staff member that there are people who cause issues who are still staff since they're considered "Veterans". Basically nobody gets a fresh scope, which is why Guards are always getting beat up, even if an older staff member does the exact same thing.

I'll agree with the somewhat vague statement "guards are getting beaten up" as it's so vague, and because I agree (mostly) with israelleelll.
as for the rest, evidence, please.  you're leaking info now anyways (more on that later), so naming some names and sharing some stories probably won't hurt.  at the very least you can give the people involved a chance to defend themselves.

Quote from: Monstarules
Also, there are instances where the staff would go out and call up inactive staff to trash applications for Trusted and Guard. I personally witnessed trashing of Trusted applications, and I was told by multiple admins, AND 2 BK'S, that staff applications suffer the same problems, especially guard ones. You know how they filibuster stuff in the government?  They basically do that and gather inactive staff who don't care for Aloha to vote on the application, often drawing upon age old issues that are no longer concurrent with whats happening now.

I went through all of the trusted apps and staff apps and I can't find a single piece of evidence for this "they" calling on others to trash applications.  ...or did you specifically mean Komrades?
we might bring up old issues, but just remember, the application system is run by humans, not machines.  you have to work to gain our trust, and if you break that, you're going have to work even harder to get it back.  even with that in mind, the people involved almost always handle things fairly, if things are shown to be different the next time around.

Quote from: Monstarules
Also, they don't look at your trusted applications at all if they don't know you. Yeah. There are literally hundreds of people who needed trusted who lost it because the staff "Didn't know them". There are also cases where staff members will purposely go after someone they don't like, and argue with you to make you look like an asshole so they can trash your application. Unrelated, but a good portion of the staff belong to the same clan and friend group.

can you really blame us?  unless you are insane, you wouldn't let any one come into a position of power (yes, trusted counts) unless you knew them to be a good person, who wouldn't abuse it.  this is just common sense, man.
as for the "going after someone" part, I have to disagree on the larger scale.  there might be one or two instances where this happened, as we're all human after all, but the application system as a whole is carried out with integrity.  if we ask people questions, they're fair, or at least supposed to be, those 'instances' in mind.

Quote from: Monstarules
Oh and how do I know that there are staff who actively cooperate to trash Guard apps? Easy! There are BKs and admins who told me my entire application word for word and post by post. Getting someone to vote on an application is necessary sometimes, but some people completely trash applications because of personal vendettas. It's happened to more than one person too, especially in trusted apps.

so wait, it was "staff are unfairly ganging up and denying apps to everyone equally" and now it's "staff are unfairly ganging up and denying my application"?
as a side note, that app leaking is a serious thing, and maybe you should be the better man and "report" the person who did that.  or was it one of the Bastards, and you're too nice to do that to a friend?

Quote from: Monstarules
The rules of this website are nonexistant. Flaming, flame baiting, and many other things happen. Additionally, people do not get banned for the mentioned things on the forums. The last time there was a forum ban, I don't even remember.

I'm not sure why we have to ban people for that in the first place, we don't ban them for that ingame.  or do you want to censor both at the same time?  I'm afraid I can't get behind that.

Quote from: Monstarules
The rules for the game are even worse. The forums have adopted a forgive all policy, as long as they're (the hacker) honest. There was someone with NO LESS THAN SEVEN BAN APPEALS who was playing the game. They got banned, came here to appeal, and went on their merry way.

evidence please.  I'm not going to accept claims without evidence.  I also have a sneaking suspicion this was a one-time thing.
but I'll humor you this once, and assuming this is true, that's pretty terrible, and should obviously be stopped.  if you go through my ban appeal history, you might notice that after a few ban appeals I get fed up with their act and stop responding altogether.  I'm pretty sure most other admins do this too, so I'm not really some huge role model.

Quote from: Monstarules
The lack of rules has chased off a lot of staff and players alike. In addition to this, there are some "Veteran" staff who are often above the rules, and actively go out to troll people with their friends. The staff is in dire need of a massive overhaul, and allows inactive staff who become active again for 1 day to vote on the applications of people who need to hear back.

we have rules, though.  they're just not as strict as you'd like them to be.  no cheating (glitching, hacks), no spamming, no overly racist/sexist/etc stuff.  the last one is more subjective than the others, but as a general rule it's a pretty high set bar, as most of the staff have high tolerances for that type of stuff.  on top of that, the etc stuff is usually ironic/sarcastic anyways.
also, would overhaul = removing Komrades?  because most of the staff seem pretty ok to me...

Quote from: Monstarules
Also here's what it's like being a guard. You will be abused, and I know the situation hasn't gotten better, because I have access to the guard ban reports still. There are currently over 300 guard bans which haven't been answered. Here's what being a guard means, in a nutshell:

1. You will be used in place of admins, who will not look at your reports unless you spam the IRC, and then they get mad at you for being ambitious
2. You have literally no power over hackers who ban evade. Good luck!
3. You will be tested to the extreme when someone doesn't like you. Prepare to be trolled to the max, and prepare to deal with instances of stupid votekicks.
4. You will not go up because to go up you need to devote all 24 hours a day 7 days a week to catching hackers to even have a hope of advancing, since the staff, even the inactive staff, are considered staff until retired.
5. No matter if you do something another admin does, even for fun or to joke with a friend like they sometimes do, you're wrong
6. You have a better chance of getting an abuse report answered.
7. They don't care about what happens to you in reality.

I've numbered the points so I don't put any more quotes than necessary.

1. guards are staff too, so I'm not sure why you're upset about that. we don't get upset at guards for being ambitious, what are you talking about? we actually want that.
2. neither do we, honestly. but more on the point: that's true, but we restrict ip range banning because of the possibility of abuse. this makes a tiny bit less sense nowadays due to the slower rate of promotion, but I still agree with it.
3. I never had this as a guard, this sounds like a "you" problem.
4. I suppose I can agree with that, but how and why are non-retired semi-inactive staff relevant to this?
5. good exaggeration, I like it. why don't you provide some examples for us?
6. perhaps with MW but you can just message us directly if we don't see it, and we'll definitely respond to that, so... I don't see the problem here.
7. sorry to burst your bubble, but unless you're a really close friend with someone over the internet, or they know you IRL or something, they won't care either.  it's not a fault of the staff.  it's not even truly a fault.

Quote from: Monstarules
Typically a guard then comes under fire for not wanting to ban anyone, and if they don't pick it up, posting useless reports that don't get looked at, they get dismissed. There are staff members who try so hard to do these but even the most adamant and truly helpful staff members can't do anything about it because there are so many reports. The higher staff has started to stop caring.

MW has become less useful over time, I will say that much. again it might be a good idea to message more active admins about the reports.
am I counted in as one of the "higher staff"?

Quote from: Monstarules
Well, here you go, this is basically everything I said, simplified:
1: The staff have in the past, and from what I understand, still are turning on each other and arguing. I have access to the Aloha staff channel but I don't bother going in there again
2: Major breaches of the admin rules, committed by several staff members, unfortunately, the bulk of who are Komrades.
3: Rigging apps, people to fail, and calling in the inactive staff to trash applications.
4: Lack of rules on the forums
5: Lack of banning people like we used to
6: Guards are the equivalent of a terminal lance, but even worse. At one point I had 50 unanswered reports in the MW list.
7: Continuing that above pointer, guards are viewed as expendable and nobody wants to review their reports.
8: Continuing with pointer 3, there are staff who are veterans who cause issues and have been called out for it, yet nothing happens because of favoritism
9: The Moderators and Admins aren't doing what they need to anymore, just ask anyone on CSMaps, the Guards can't keep up with it
10: There are admins who are trying their best and nobody else wants to help them
11: The second biggest pointer, we won't expand to other games with any sort of backbone. We tried Minecraft, Terraria and more, and yet they all failed because lack of administrative support.

1. I'm in the staff channel, obviously, so.. uh.. no?
2. "Komrades" ding ding ding we have a winner.  they're actually fair and levelheaded people, you know.
3. now it's "rigging" the apps? jesus.
4. covered this
5. yes, the staff have moved to other places, and are more busy IRL.  is this really that surprising?
6. that sucks.  covered this though.
7. good job, speaking for all of the staff.  I don't view guards as expendable, and I'm pretty sure none of us do.
8. evidence please9. same as the response to 5.  it's disappointing, but unless we can find some way to get people back in this community there's nothing we can really do about this.
10. 5.
11. do not deal in absolutes!!  meh, you might be right.  this seems like a good game though: Teeworlds

Quote from: Monstarules
Oh and the biggest pointer. Several somewhat pissed off staff members who helped me build that, including BK's. That's right. MULTIPLE BK's.

sorry, I'm lost.  helped you build what?

Quote from: Monstarules
The good staff is very frustrated with this website and what it's become, and because of how the staff operates, Izzy cannot do much about it without overhauling everything, and going against what he originally said.

I'm not frustrated much at all, so please speak for yourself.  also, I don't see any reform happening.  sorry.

Quote from: Monstarules
Oh also, I can't get banned and this post cannot be deleted as it is not against the rules. This isn't a leak or a hack of information either, as I have been included in the Staff document with editing rights since 2013, and while I mentioned it, nobody took the editing rights away from me either. I did not use names, I did not talk about certain* people. I have a right to speak the truth here.

this might be a bit of a dark turn, and an unpopular opinion, but the staff have every right to delete this thread and ban you, as we make the rules.  you don't have any rights here, we're letting you voice this.  it's a good thing for everyone involved here that most of the staff believe fully in free speech. (and in case it wasn't clear, I do too)
also, you're simply wrong here.  this is a leak.  or, it would be, if a lot of this wasn't inaccurate.  most, if not all of the people in this thread have no access to that staff document, so good job.

Quote from: Monstarules
As for any arguments against this, your opinion does not matter. That's a very harsh thing to say, but everything I said above here are facts. [...] As for any Moderator or above staff who might reply "Where is the proof", I don't have to supply it because you either have access to it or you know how well this operates.

so, as member of the "good staff," can I argue against this? or is my "good staff" membership now revoked?  a lot of this stuff you've posted is exaggerated tales and extraordinary claims.
evidence please.  this is not how arguments work, you have the burden of proof.  those who make extraordinary claims must provide extraordinary evidence.

Quote from: Monstarules
To the guards, and good staff, I'm sorry.

you'd better be.

Spoiler for less important stuff:
Quote from: Monstarules
I also feel really bad for good staff members, such as MuffinTastic, Nathan, Israellee, FalleN, FerrrariFlunker, Pun, Chase, BR and Froelich131.

why isn't topo on that list?  :(

as for israelleelll's post, I can agree with most of that, as sad as it is.  though the post is a bit... extreme.

p.s. wow this is a big post.
p.p.s. a lot of this stuff should really be privately discussed, look what you did :)

February 25, 2017, 04:39:13 PM HST
Re: The Truth About Aloha enough with the drama already, please. you could have focused your efforts on brainstorming, suggesting, and putting into action specifics that might actually help us improve instead of finger-pointing at all your perceived dislikes and defaulting to the notion that we are doomed and should just do the easy "reboot" and be like all the other cloned communities out there. collectively improving what we've already collectively built up over the past 6 years never was and still isn't easy, but it's worth the unique, natural imperfections and careful tendencies that characterize aloha.pk. our founding vision seeks a very long lifespan and part of our mission is ensuring the bright ups and dark downs we might experience along the way don't blind us. i'm in it for the long haul and i know i'm not alone. the bottom line is change is inevitable but our change needs patience.

Quote from: Monstarules
There are BKs and admins who told me my entire application word for word and post by post.

app leaking is a serious thing, and maybe you should be the better man and "report" the person who did that.

yes, serious indeed, so be a helpful gent by spilling the beans. who?

no one person represents the whole of aloha.pk. i'm not really sure what Nathan is referring to by "insider information." we don't have anything to hide, but we do have a strict policy about not discussing staff applications outside their designated areas, and of course our administrative tools/guides/passwords are intended for staff only.

as much as you think your trusted status probably shouldn't have gotten taken away, it was in fact revoked when you were dismissed from staff in August 2016, but Nathan being the kind-hearted guy that he is took it upon himself to give you another chance - even after considering all your past dramas - by returning your trusted privilege earlier this year on the condition that (as i understand) you would be a good boy, which you agreed to. and here you are again... stirring up drama by being negative without offering solutions. that's being a hater and it's not helpful.

while on the subject of hate, i really hate the thought of being respected for money, so please don't. i'm not the only one who pays aloha.pk's expenses anyway:

Year 2017 Donations
Mar-6 Nathan USD20.00
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March 06, 2017, 05:29:23 PM HST
Re: When will I get unmute ? It's been more than 3 months. you're missing the point as well. feel free to bring up your points in your own appeal thread, and stop asking people to unban you in private - that's not how appeals are dealt with and you should already know that. this one's over.
i'm sorry that both of you seem unable to even consider that there's a reason things happen to you that don't to other people. i'd suggest you read my previous post as well and think about it for a while but i don't think it'd help

October 31, 2017, 07:44:45 AM HST
Re: When will I get unmute ? It's been more than 3 months. your appeal isn't about them.. it's about you

you're not justified just because they did it

report them if they're really such a disturbance, but please don't imitate them

the more you focus on your own behavior the more you'll help yourself.. i don't believe you when you say being muted doesn't matter anymore

October 31, 2017, 07:47:18 AM HST
this is why switching from IRC to Discord was a bad idea

and there's nothing we can do about it :P

we are slaves to a for-profit company. when they go down, we go down.

if this was IRC, we'd have infinite servers and networks to choose from...

November 17, 2017, 12:52:00 PM HST
Re: Adam Ban hey duder, i'd like to clear up some stuff

> video starts admin has a esp hack on.
well fuck me your stupid.
this is an admin tool which helps us to catch cheaters who themselves use esp, because generally they make it really obvious. it does not allow you to play while the esp is up - only to spectate

> shoot at blocks being placed didnt geta kill
My eyes are hacks now
if you want to go shot-by-shot, sure: this shot had no recoil on it. recoil is pretty obvious to see on any legitimate player through this spec tool, but occasionally it can fail because of network lag on one or both ends. for a legitimate player it becomes clear pretty quickly if this is the case

> shoot at guy 20 feet infront of me from the right
Ya he was right infront of me
you also snapped to the exact center of his head once your crosshair was near him and tracked it perfectly through your crouch, which isn't something a human does. this shot also did not have recoil

> shoot guy on a block in the middle of my view
well shit i guess my eyes are hacks again
this one i could see being legit if you weren't cheating throughout the rest of the video, aside from the shot not recoiling again. there's a snap but it's not huge or hugely obvious

> run to left shoot guy in head at point blank range.
again without recoil, again with a snap to the center of the head

> Cam spazzes cuase person recording is having frame rate drop get kill on person standing in middle of hall.
unfortunately the camera issue is because of the way i wrote the tool, it's using your physics position data rather than your camera position data which makes it a bit janky in some situations. the orientation is what we're worried about though and in almost all cases the physics position is fine.
this kill was also quite obviously botted and also had no recoil

> kill three ppl spawning infront of me and one coming around a corner spotting his head above the wall
all very obvious snaps and still a distinct lack of recoil on any of your shots

> second guy killed the same

> get three clean headshots standing in water

> end of video
obvious snap, obvious snap + to the guy behind the tent + aimbot tracking while reloading, obvious snap obvious snap obvious snap. still no recoil on any of your shots

looked like you wanted to get the guy climbing to the top of the wall too, but you got banned first and it could have been coincidence. i've watched literally thousands of people play through the same tool used in that video, and i've put a lot of time into learning to tell the difference between a legit player and a cheater. every single shot you made in that video was blatantly cheated, and that + your attitude throughout the appeal process is why your appeal has been denied

December 05, 2017, 11:24:37 AM HST
Re: AoS glitches Both of these only work in voxlap/classic (not openspades).

Z-glitch is when someone is tunneling directly below you and you can see them through the ground. You don't have to anything special to trigger it.

Spade-nade is when you switch to spade, rightclick, then switch to nade. It'll throw a grenade that explodes much faster than usual. It won't work on aloha servers.

February 19, 2018, 02:17:30 AM HST