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Re: Music Appreciation. ^ I thought this thread was about music?
March 28, 2013, 11:04:38 PM HST
Re: The Last Comment Wins! Ever
July 26, 2013, 06:46:22 AM HST
Re: The Last Comment Wins! Timmay!
July 26, 2013, 12:58:20 PM HST
Re: Chappy's Ban Appeal Exactly what Craft said is exactly what my whole feeling has been since this started. You have no real proof chappy. You think you do but all you have is: circumstance and obscurity. You hope this will explain the anomalies away - but nope. If you cover a stain with a rug is the stain gone? I still render the videos submitted of you playing AFTER you were banned to be worth nothing in deciding whether you hacked that day and if the ban was justified - which the whole reason why we're here now, and the reason why it's sparked so many arguments n private. That's the one thing you have not been able to effectively demonstrate because it has already happened. I've said to you and other staff members that if you had POV footage from the same game, then that is evidence. You've provided video and that's it, just a video of you showing you not hacking that day and leaving even more room for obscurity and vagueness and creating holes in the whole thing that only exist because you keep inventing them.

As for things like your name in IRC "URIP" (Unfairly Resting In Peace, really come on now) you've done nothing but try and guilt trip me and others to make us feel sorry for you and don't get me wrong I do feel bad about this whole thing and yeah it must be kind of rough but not cool you could of protested your innocence in a less self pitying fashion imo. Did you not think that every word you said public or private would be scrutinised and your actions and behaviour also? Your appeal is basically a lengthier and more fluffed version of: it was lag and my skills. Now that I guarantee is a analogy a lot of staff used for your case. Didn't Lawliet use the same argument?

Whether you're entitled to a second chance, your behaviour and demeanour say you're lying about something and trying desperately to cover it up with weak evidence and lot's of words. Sorry, I'm voting no.

August 19, 2013, 08:02:32 AM HST
Re: Chappy's Ban Appeal I have been awfully quiet about your case both publicly and privately Chappy. I have to agree with Craft that this is beginning to look repetitive, and I mainly believe that this is because you were a staff member. People just can't get over it and want to stand their ground and blame something else. The evidence is going against you, as the videos provide solid evidence along with ratio differences. However, this does not mean we are 100% sure that you were cheating or as a matter of fact anybody we ban was cheating. Even if you were lagging and/or were just an unlucky person who just had the best kill streak that happened to look like an aimbot, the bottom line is that life is as Craft said it was, and will not always work the way you want. Men have been wrongfully committed for murder and imprisoned for 30+ years and later freed just to give you an extreme example. Sometimes when a door closes, another door opens. You do not have to write sob stories about your life just because you got banned in a game. If we did make a mistake then I personally am sorry for the error, but most of the staff do believe you cheated.
August 19, 2013, 08:16:33 AM HST
Re: Chappy's Ban Appeal
I come into this thread rather disappointed. Despite that, I'll try my best to not sit and vomit emotions and take a look at your claims of the game's mechanics- which, on a bare code-to-code level, I do not understand, but I think I have played this game enough to know the jist of it. I think it's safe for me to say that I am not too shabby of an AoS player and that I am experienced, so let us begin.

Both Color and Topo went under aliases to record and just hid there, watching me because they didn't believe I could repeatedly pull off some fog-line headshot streaks.
I dunno man. If you were doing just that, I would have a hard time believing you too. My style of gameplay has often been "kill the others before they kill you," and in doing so, I would have to do fog shots. Even when I had my pointer perfectly on someone's head, it would usually take either luck or more than one shot to kill them.

Would barely make a difference because the rifle is so accurate (It's not 100 like in .70, but it's not as bad as an SMG)

The rifle in 0.70 is more different than you think. Shots in 0.70 go where you want them to go. Long distance shots and even medium distance shots in some cases on 0.75 can be difficult to pull off regardless of reflex capabilities. Putting nospread on 0.75 has an extremely noticeable difference which I can only relate to with 0.76 and versions prior to 0.75.

Is impossible to tell because you can never know if someone has no spread, unless it's blatant with a shotgun.
With a trained eye, it's pretty simple to see no-spread on an SMG. With rapid on you can see it with rifle as well. The main thing here is that in the video, you rarely missed fog shots that would've been throttled away by spread.

With the argument of sensitivity, however, I find it difficult to believe. The fact that you're flawlessly able to kill people at long distance when it's rather difficult to see at high sensitivity is more unrealistic than impossible. Judging from the videos, it didn't seem like you had very high sensitivity at all. Also worth mentioning that dpi and sensitivity are different. You could have 10 sensitivity on config.ini and have a 200 dpi mouse. Regardless, I find this particular point also invalid.

The gameplay seen in your "29 streak POV" video is rather lackluster in comparison to your claims of photographic memory, guestimation, and using sound. Unless you are merely over exaggerating to prove yourself, photographic memory and guestimation has connotative meanings of perfection and good aim, which were missing in the video, which was filled with missed easy shots, losing track of targets, and etc. The gameplay wasn't like that in video of when you were banned. Instead of witnessing "uncrouch and have person at fog range magically die," it was just hitting the control and space button and getting fewer shots connected.

This also leads to my last rebuttal. Your lag had a minimal effect on gameplay. When I play on servers with 200 ms against people with ping far below that, I am still able to kill people almost like normal. The only thing hindering me would be constant rubberbanding from my side that made it difficult to maneuver.

Conclusively speaking, I don't buy it. I vote no. Your 29 streak POV was far different than that of topo's video. If I watched the two prior to this, I would've thought it was two completely different people, with one being more hack-happy. I've probably already repeated the banalities of this argument, but I felt as if another drop in the bucket wouldn't hurt. I found your appeal to be far too emotionally based and lacking of legitimate logic that could refute the solid evidence. Also on this topic, I would like to ask why there is even a poll up. Why not ask and anticipate actual replies rather than the act of pressing two buttons? I failed to see a simple "Yes" or "No" on the poll as well, which further makes me question your motives. I am unconvinced and disappointed.

I wish you good luck in the future.

August 19, 2013, 02:01:27 PM HST
Re: Chappy's Ban Appeal Sorry, but I have made up my mind. The lying, the stories, this drama should stop. I am not being closed minded but rather being realistic when I say blaming lag for everything is stupid. Making people feel bad is even more stupid. I am sorry but I really feel that the only reason we are still discussing this ban is because you are a staff member. If this was another person, this appeal would have been long gone. I wanted to stay away from this appeal as much as possible because I didn't want to get involved. But I guess some part of me wanted me to tell you this.

I've always found you to be a nice person and friend and I find it really hard to believe that you would go through all this trouble to prove something that isn't true. Coming clean would be the BEST choice but now that choice is gone. Listen Chappy. People make mistakes, what's important is that we learn to accept them and do our best to avoid making that mistake again. Let me give you an example. During the first month I played Ace of Spades, I actually used an extended mod without knowing it was not allowed. I used it because I thought the gun looked good. When I found out it wasn't allowed, I just apologized and promised I wouldn't use it ever again. I learned to accept my mistake and used it to become a better player, and a better person as well.

With this being said, I don't really have anything more to say. I wish you all the best and I hope you have a good life.

August 19, 2013, 05:13:50 PM HST
Re: Chappy's Ban Appeal Dakeku pretty much sums up my thoughts on this.

Chappy, you're a good guy, you should come clean.  You're out of staff, but you don't have to be out of the community.

August 19, 2013, 05:55:59 PM HST
Re: Chappy's Ban Appeal
Is impossible to tell because you can never know if someone has no spread, unless it's blatant with a shotgun.
With a trained eye, it's pretty simple to see no-spread on an SMG. With rapid on you can see it with rifle as well. The main thing here is that in the video, you rarely missed fog shots that would've been throttled away by spread.

I understand your point with the spread on rifle but, "With a trained eye, it's pretty simple to see no-spread on an SMG." is just stupid, tracers are drawn client side, being able to see where they go from smg would be impossible through ovl.

August 20, 2013, 02:51:23 AM HST
Re: Chappy's Ban Appeal Sorry, Chappy, this has to be put to an end.

Ok, so I did quite a bit of math to prove things one way or the other.

First off, I did a video of shooting the rifle in 0.75 at various ranges.

I shot 60 rounds for 3 trials each.  I determined the following odds for headshots (actually, just kills, even if the kill shot hit the body)

127 blocks (max distance) no scope:

127 blocks scoped:

96 blocks (3/4ths max range) no scope:

96 blocks scoped:

Then I ripped and analyzed color's vid from youtube. 

It's 480 lines, scaled down from 800x600, using topovl.  I changed my rez to 800x600, took screenshots of someone standing 96 blocks away both standing and crouching, and then took 600/480 to get 0.8.  Thus everything was 80% sized down:

A player standing at max range (128) has a 9 block tall ESP block, scaled is 7.2.
A player standing at 3/4ths range (96) has 17 block tall ESP block, scaled is 13.6
A player crouching at 3/4ths range has a 9 block tall ESP block, again scaled is 7.2.

Looking at color's vid from 12:10 until he's killed at 13:04, Chappy gets 14 kills.  The first 3 are within 96 blocks.  1 is a little under 96 blocks and also wasn't included in my math.  Pretty much after apparently switching on his hacks at 12:10, Chappy clears out everyone above ground south of the tower within close range, except one person who gets to a little past 3/4ths fog range about halfway through his streak.  All 14 kills were headshots with no misses.

I created the following data set to analyze.  The first 3 I guessed in block distance by looking at the map and were not analyzed:






7px crouched


6px crouched

7.5px crouched (included in dataset, looking at the map and where the holes are, it's pretty much 96 blocks)


9px crouched (not included in dataset)


6px crouched


The pics I used to analyze are here:

My objective is that for this 14 kill streak, to prove only the use of no spread.  Not aimbot, lag, or anything else that can be attributed to human error or perfection.  I made the following assumptions for the sake of the analysis

  • He's using aimbot and thus aiming at exactly the center of the heads.
  • All kills analyzed (10 of 14) are assumed to be standing at 96 blocks and zoomed (despite many of them actually being fog line)
  • Heads are entirely unobscured (even though a few partially are)
  • Each kill took 1 shot (which is true)
  • The odds of getting a headshot at 96 blocks while perfectly aimed is 53.3%

Computing 10 headshots without missing with a 53.3% chance for each is calculated as 53.3%^10. 

This comes to 0.17%.  The probability of Chappy getting this streak without error and using aimbot (but having spread) is 0.17%.  This is an extremely conservative number; assuming everyone was at 96 blocks instead of fog line (where odds of hitting drop to 36.67%). 

Another way of thinking of this is that if he had aimed and played this exact way 588 times, it is expected that in one of those he'd have gotten all the headshots as done in this video. 

Also, this is only the first 14 kills analyzed of a 70 kill streak.  Looking at the remainder of the video I would expect to find the same thing.

Simply put, Chappy was using no spread.

August 20, 2013, 09:23:04 PM HST