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Re: [THE BEST SKINS] [HOT FIRE] [YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT] [REUPLOAD] JIGSAW CSGO PACK!!! I think that's not CS:GO, but either 1.6 or Source. Still a very good pack that I sometimes use.
May 25, 2017, 06:52:08 AM HST
FREE OUTLAST DELUXE EDITION https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe

Free for another day and 21 hours.

September 21, 2017, 10:50:45 AM HST
Re: [HOW TO] Get trusted status

To continue with this process, please answer these questions:

    Why do you want a trusted password?
Cause I'm a good guy now and many admins can check for history of my not bad behavior in the last couple of months. And I want trusted sicne I'm asking for a long time now. You can ask topo !
    Which aloha server do you play on most often?
Only babel
    What's your most common in-game name?

Indian Cook, The Cook
rep -
racist faggot

October 04, 2017, 07:45:03 AM HST
Re: bad boye Corveth, the staff generally operates is to be tolerant to a point. Thus, your arguments that we have no guidelines is invalid. We do, just not as strict as you would like them to be. The fact remains is that you cannot plan for every situation, while it is true we generally have some leeway in how we conduct our decisions, it does not mean they are baseless. In your case there were multiple discussions about your previous actions before we even considered banning you. The key words here are “considered banning”. We first muted you, not for saying racist comments, but for comments such as the incident you told someone to (Warning this spoiler is graphic in its nature)
Spoiler for unknown:
“choke on their mother’s blood” among other things
.  Even I found this disturbing, and there isn’t much that I find disturbing these days. It came to the point that there were MULTIPLE staff discussions on your actions and how to proceed. So I have a counter argument to you saying that we banned you for murder and let someone else walk; your murder was an actual murder, yet the other person murdered a doll. You instantly assuming that we banned you baselessly is inaccurate. While I can’t speak for other admins, I can say that I was originally for banning you in the first place. However, I digress. The circumstances that led us to start banning you were when you started to try disrupt the game of others by griefing and trolling. You were given a fair chance to continue playing, and instead you chose to create more harm. So your argument that we are solely punishing you for saying n***, as you imply, is not entirely accurate. I’ve indulged myself too much so I will rest my case here. 

As a fellow admin has said
Spoiler for unknown:

October 19, 2017, 10:42:41 AM HST
Re: Ban Appeal ~ TacticalBhopper Most of the active admins have been playing this game for as long as 6 years. That gives one the ability to distinguish a hacker from an actually good player from miles away. Unfortunately banning solely based on this instinct is not the proper way to do things. The client modifier I'm using is first person spectating, that means im seeing what you're seeing. However good your map knowledge may be, it doesn't enable you to point straight at a players head while theyre behind several layers of blocks and since they havent prevously revealed themselves. The no recoil is also undoubtable as even the better players at the game have obvious recoil even if they do adjust their scope right after shooting. If you're assuming that the norecoil is cause by lag, that couldve been the case if your ping was much less stable and even then some of your shots would have the slightest trace of recoil,yet none of them did.

Also I would like to note that however much you argue and struggle in this appeal the outcome is decided and there's a snowball's chance in hell that it will change. Furthermore, as it has been mentioned several times till now "lying will severely decrease your chances of getting unbanned" so trying to ay innocent when you've been proven guilty will only make your case worse.

October 29, 2017, 12:19:39 PM HST
Re: Grenades in Arena mode not sure about changing the damage by nades. i didnt feel any discomfort while playing. (if you compare arena-servers with babel - i didnt play babel).

increasing damage may have a not good effect, when some random nade from noob may killed a half of opposite team in tight space.

but my idea is to give to nades the damage for structures (ofc for arena-servers). it will be elegant decision to fight with campers at sneaky points (for example - home at green spawn at cs italy, or green base tunnel exit at cs-militia, or vent at cs-assault).

November 09, 2017, 07:20:15 AM HST
Re: Grenades in Arena mode As a Cs_arena main player, My opinion is 1 powerful nade. People will be less inclined to spam them and will use them more tactically when for exemple clearing a room. The current Firecrackers are barely a viable solution. I don't even use them most of the time cause they feel like water balloons. Just my opinion which has been the same for a couple of years now.

Having nade damage would be a horrible idea on some maps and good on certain maps. If i take Italy, the map is mostly made of 1 layer of thickness blocks and having nade damage would completly break the map. allowing glitch spots to be legal somehow. On a map like cs _assault, it would be usefull to create a new entrance to green base or exit depending on which side you are.
Maps like militia and Nuke would suffer a lot from nade damage since ppl would nade off the stairs. my opinion? Not worth the risk too many problems would be created with that.

I never liked nades much cause they feel too much random based. You can nuke across the map on De_dust and get 4 kills or get none. It doesn't make the player want to be better cause they can always rely on nades to eliminate half the enemy team in one blow.
3 Current Nades with their bullshit damage are somewhat balanced but i still would rather only 1 More powerful Nade.


November 09, 2017, 07:40:29 AM HST
Re: core ban appeal Here we are again boys and girls

Coreveth, my man, I really would like you to be able to play on our servers again honestly and without resistance on either side. I did give you a three week chance, and almost immediately you spit all over it. This is gonna be my last attempt to bargain with you.

Today is December 1st. Your last instance of stirring the pot, to my knowledge, is November 12th, when you pretended to be a banned user by the name of Darren.

Now, if you can go until January 14th, 2018 without causing any more trouble (spamming IRC, evading your ban in game, engaging in forum fuckery, or otherwise proving yourself to be unable to act in a mature and controlled manner that we expect of people who are part of this community), then you’ll be unbanned.

If not, then you will remain banned until January 15th... of the following year (2019 is a long way away, to be honest).

So that’s that, for now. We’ve given you hella chances, and the only real reason I’m posting here is because everyone else is tired of the shit you keep pulling.

All goes well, and I’ll be seeing you on January 14th, 2018. If not, then we’ll push that back by a year and a day, until January 15th, 2019. I know you wanna be part of this community, and it’s honestly pretty nice having you here when you decide to be cool with us, though unfortunately I haven’t seen that from you in a while.

I hope you take proper advantage of this chance I’m giving you.

Catch you in 6 weeks.

December 01, 2017, 01:16:43 PM HST
Re: Adam Ban hey duder, i'd like to clear up some stuff

> video starts admin has a esp hack on.
well fuck me your stupid.
this is an admin tool which helps us to catch cheaters who themselves use esp, because generally they make it really obvious. it does not allow you to play while the esp is up - only to spectate

> shoot at blocks being placed didnt geta kill
My eyes are hacks now
if you want to go shot-by-shot, sure: this shot had no recoil on it. recoil is pretty obvious to see on any legitimate player through this spec tool, but occasionally it can fail because of network lag on one or both ends. for a legitimate player it becomes clear pretty quickly if this is the case

> shoot at guy 20 feet infront of me from the right
Ya he was right infront of me
you also snapped to the exact center of his head once your crosshair was near him and tracked it perfectly through your crouch, which isn't something a human does. this shot also did not have recoil

> shoot guy on a block in the middle of my view
well shit i guess my eyes are hacks again
this one i could see being legit if you weren't cheating throughout the rest of the video, aside from the shot not recoiling again. there's a snap but it's not huge or hugely obvious

> run to left shoot guy in head at point blank range.
again without recoil, again with a snap to the center of the head

> Cam spazzes cuase person recording is having frame rate drop get kill on person standing in middle of hall.
unfortunately the camera issue is because of the way i wrote the tool, it's using your physics position data rather than your camera position data which makes it a bit janky in some situations. the orientation is what we're worried about though and in almost all cases the physics position is fine.
this kill was also quite obviously botted and also had no recoil

> kill three ppl spawning infront of me and one coming around a corner spotting his head above the wall
all very obvious snaps and still a distinct lack of recoil on any of your shots

> second guy killed the same

> get three clean headshots standing in water

> end of video
obvious snap, obvious snap + to the guy behind the tent + aimbot tracking while reloading, obvious snap obvious snap obvious snap. still no recoil on any of your shots

looked like you wanted to get the guy climbing to the top of the wall too, but you got banned first and it could have been coincidence. i've watched literally thousands of people play through the same tool used in that video, and i've put a lot of time into learning to tell the difference between a legit player and a cheater. every single shot you made in that video was blatantly cheated, and that + your attitude throughout the appeal process is why your appeal has been denied

December 05, 2017, 11:24:37 AM HST
7 Tips for becoming a better player Hi all,
Here is seven tips I've learned over time in Ace of Spades.

1: Know your weapon
Make sure you know what you can and cannot do with your weapon.
Rifle is long to mid range.
SMG is mid range.
Shotgun is close to mid range.
Choose the weapon which fits your playing style best.

2: Practice with the scope
Practice either getting quick and accurate movements for rifle scope usage.
Practice keeping the scope level with smg usage.
Practice returning the scope to original position with speed on shotgun.

3: Use skins to enhance the game play
Sometimes the sight is not good, especially the OpenSpades rifle sight.
Replace the sights with something that works for you.
A better sight should help improve your aim.

4: Be aware
It is very important to check around the map.
Also be aware of flanking from other players.
It usually is a good practice to make a quick check when in tunnels too.

5: Don't always go for easy
The only way to improve is to get to the level of someone who is better than you.
Play against better players and you'll improve.
Also feel free to ask for tips from better players as well.

6: Use commands
Use /ratio every once in a while to see how your ratio is and see how you can improve it.
The /an [your name here] is a very useful command and tells you how well your accuracy is.
This helps with getting your aim better as you'll know when your shots hit and how accurate they are.

7: Enjoy the game
If you are getting annoyed or something is really bothering you, it's better to leave than vent your frustrations and anger at players.
It's a game and it's meant for fun and enjoyment, not how mad you can get at players. :P
You'll tend to do far better if you're calm and simply enjoying the game.


December 12, 2017, 06:40:35 PM HST