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not being able to break blocks around enemy players The title pretty much explains itself in terms of what Ill be discussing. I guess this was implemented literally as I was playing earlier today because it happened after I sound tracked a few people, tunneled down to them, and then killed them. Soon after I started getting a chat message saying "you cannot break blocks around enemy players" or something along those lines. I got that message while trying to unblock a fellow red player that was griefed in to blocks thanks to some troll. I'll call that flaw 1 that I've seen. How was I to know there was an enemy on the other side of the wall if not for that message? I'll call that flaw 2 as it is essentially chat esp. The third flaw and by far the most annoying I just discovered. I was content to stay in the spec team and record people but blue's tower was blocked by a wall on top, thanks to another troll, so I joined blue team to unblock their tower. When i got up top to unblock it i got the message "you cannot breaks blocks around enemy players" so I couldn't unblock the tower for them. Obviously not being able to break map blocks is a fair solution to trusted players being "op" because normal players couldn't break the very same blocks but this is just ridiculous now. One of the only two perks to being a trusted player is unblocking the tower, the other is being free of votekicks. I cannot unblock the work of a griefer/troll if I can't break blocks around a enemy player when they, the enemy, flock to the top of the tower to rain grenades, smg, and tower divers. Subsequently blue lost the map. Not only is this an inconvenience for everybody, it goes against the basic idea for this game if you can't tunnel under, to the side, or in to enemy players. How are we supposed to tower dive if we can't break enemy blocks with them on their own tower? How are we supposed to build tunnel networks if we cannot tunnel under the enemy or their own tower that they are always around? How are we supposed to play the game at all like its meant to? I can only assume this is to nerf classic players from tunneling down on to a player that's digging under them but is that not part of the game as well? How is the enemy to tunnel forward with you standing above them? Don't os users also have the option to use classic? Cannot os users also use their own God given ears to trace the location of a enemy player around them? This new addition ruins the gameplay for everybody playing babel and not using it as a surface only tdm game mode. Please remove it.
July 29, 2016, 12:51:02 PM HST
Re: color rank help me. bartoz, przepraszam, co czyni ten scenariusz jest niemo┼╝liwy
August 03, 2016, 04:42:19 AM HST
Re: Ban appeal galaxyinmybrain
The fish rots from the head.

Implying that aloha.pk's staff will eventually make the community die out? No.

You were completely in the wrong and deserved the 6 hour ban, but your constant flaming just got you into deeper trouble. Staff on aloha.pk knows what they're doing -- calling the member who banned you stupid with 'narrow intellect' after you EXPLOITED a glitch and EXPLAINED IT to others on the server is just wrong.

Be patient, the ban will expire soon enough. But don't start hating on staff just because they're right.

August 28, 2016, 07:12:07 AM HST
Re: [Rev]ElJavivu Let me give you a piece of advice..
Don't be a dick :)

August 28, 2016, 07:15:53 PM HST
Re: Greifers in Babel
If the admins won't give us a command at least add where we can kill people on our team who break blocks like on pinpoint.
Simple solution

I don't even want to baby sit everybody on my team from killing each other. I wont do it. This is a huge reason I hate the shit out of hallway. The simple solution is to make the spawn area of pinline slightly larger and make it so people spawn in a 10x10 area instead of a 1x1 area or something along those lines (heh). Adding commands or team kill is not the best answer.

September 07, 2016, 01:32:48 PM HST
Re: Xoke Banned By Aem on irc I have no idea why you think spamming us will help us solve anything or how this is remotely related to a school project. You should know better than to go into our servers and spam, especially on /admin. If you really had to spam, you should've set up your own server and test that. There is no need to ask a guard if you have permission to do this, you should know this.

Getting to the point, I initially wanted to ban you even before I knew who you were. All I saw was a bunch of spam admin messages and kicked you for it. I read up further to see that you spammed even more and you yourself mentioned you sent your script to other people. How is having a whole bunch of spammers going to help solve this glitch or help you for your school project again?

On top of that, every other admin agreed with the ban before I dropped it. You will remained banned until next week.

September 09, 2016, 03:34:00 PM HST
Re: [Rev]ElJavivu
But, why? oO Are you going in one year to post another video ?
i didnt want to post the video back then because people wouldve figured this is an alias xd

- It wasn't an admin that banned you (but a guard, not the same experience)
i was talking about goldorak, the admin i was playing against. he posted in this thread.

- Your sanction was just a few hours, you didn't even get any other ban once admins saw the video (so tell me where is the injustice and in what is it funny)
yea im ok with everything the staff did besides goldorak, who was so sure i was using esp but he clearly didnt spectate himself and he doesnt understand how the game works, thats the funny part

Don't try to generalize this particular event to all aloha Admins, thanks
i didnt mention any admin other than goldorak

Have fun on aloha !
thx bro 8)

Man get over yourself. How long is a grudge worth holding? You weren't even banned that long. Try playing on other servers where admins consider a 10kdr or a high accuracy evidence for aimbot. You're still mad about something that happened a year ago and it's honestly pathetic. We are a volunteer group that does the best we can. If you cannot understand that then some introspection is due.

September 12, 2016, 06:01:25 AM HST
I made a map :D I made a Map  :D

I was going to make "Call of duty Black ps array"map ..... :P

whatever,take this if you like :D


I'm sorry. :P
There are Revised version Maps.



September 24, 2016, 05:18:22 PM HST
Re: Screenshots Thread I was requested to post these, so here ya go

Spoiler for this image is kinda ugly:

map download: babel_11_20_16.vxl

tower made by me, Titanium, and Art
(possibly also coveth and SpyKaps, but I wasn't paying that much attention :])

final score: 4 - 9

November 20, 2016, 03:50:55 AM HST
Re: Problematic Script
Though admittedly quite funny, you should not be making multiple accounts arbitrarily.
As for the script, most admins use IP to ban and track players, so it's no major inconvenience to allow players to use a symbol as a name.
I would except blank names or names emulating ID numbers.

I would have to look through my logs but iirc symbols make it much harder to find certain stuff in the logs. They may look fine in-game but different languages/systems may not display them correctly.

February 01, 2017, 10:04:55 PM HST