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IGN: DeathToKoreans.

Server: r1ctf hallway.

The reason for my ban was not directly given. For standing up for the rights of women and children suffering in 3rd world countries across the globe I was wrongly accused of racism (especially by a player who they call 'Mystic'). However, there is no evidence that what I said was racist. And I stand by all that I have said. The admin who banned me is standing on the grave of all the oppressed women and children who have been needlessly abused by a cruel ideology. I'd like that admin to come forward.

The ban was based on false accusations. The ban was invalid and abused by an admin who only wished to spout his oppression and hatred towards those standing up for the lives of others. 

This act of bigotry happened under an hour prior to this post.

I hope this gets sorted quickly. Thank you

May 18, 2018, 02:03:30 PM HST
Re: Words
Hi, I banned you for evading your mute(s).

Leading up to it, there were some pretty distasteful things that you said. If your name doesn't already give some indicator to what those are, let me pull up some logs.

Making others upset on purpose isn't really welcomed on our servers, and what you were trying to do is welcomed even less -- there was clearly no end goal to your actions except to hurt others. When asked many, many times to stop from fellow players in-game, you continued to spit out hateful comments. You were ruining all of the players' fun -- so I muted you.

Kunnikal would side with the rapist and pedophiles? Nothing I said was hateful. I stand by what I said (jews and gays were a mistype), you can not tell me they are hateful. I do not support the beating and suppression of women unlike you Kunnikal; you would welcome the child rapists and abuse your powers to shut those protecting those without a voice. Apart from a player by the name Mystic, who started wrongly accusing me of racism (reverse racism doesn't work!), no one else complained - in fact most were in support.

I advocate the equality and inclusion for all players; Islam stands in opposition. Your bigotry, Kunnikal, in falsely claiming my goal and aim is to hurt people, is exactly the sort of reaction this cruel and oppressive ideology would do. This ban is on false grounds.


   [2018 18 May Friday 17:37:14] <hw_aloha> <DeathToKoreans> Yet again. Aloha more focused on stupid kicks and mutes than the actual
   [2018 18 May Friday 17:37:19] <hw_aloha> <DeathToKoreans> playerbase of the server.

You realize that you are a part of the playerbase of the server, right? This (trolling) is an important issue, which is being brought up in this very appeal!

In the past 3 months to a year I've played this; The servers are dying, the forum looks like it's dying, and there seems to be nothing put forward by any staff to improve things. Shame. But don't worry, because we ban 'trolls'!. The 'troll' is you, Kunnikal, spouting your support for the suffering of women and children, and shutting those down who expose you for it.

May 19, 2018, 01:17:52 AM HST
Thanks for unban Thanks for unban. I can now play server again. I am happy Kuunikal has seen the error of their ways; standing for the oppressive Islamic ideology against the innocent women and children.

Qur'an 4:34
Qur'an 9:29
Qur'an 52:24

May 25, 2018, 02:50:56 AM HST
Re: Thanks for unban

Good vid, much needed.

Silly admins couldn't enforce ban, finally they gave up and server is looking more populated!

Say "NO" to your local admin, just change IP and carry on. they are Nazis oppressing the innocent and weak in this game. Always have been, always will!

August 18, 2018, 11:02:34 AM HST