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Re: Alph
Should've got a video, but anyways...
I'll defend Alph as a legit player.
I have played countless times with him on the arena servers and sometimes babel and I've seen skill from him, not hacks.
When I first saw him playing like a year ago I even spectated him to check him out, but it turned out he was just good :)

I can also confirm this. I have played with him many times and never seen anything fishy. He's a solid skilled player and a friendly part of this community.

August 30, 2016, 04:32:15 PM HST
Re: Alph I have changed my mind. No one except the admin and the player should be posting here. I also think the admins are right and that Alph was 100% hacking because admins don't need proof, they know what they are doing. Everyone stop posting here, only admins are allowed. These admins have over 100 confirmed bans, and no one in this community is as experienced as them.
August 30, 2016, 06:26:18 PM HST
Re: Alph
Stay out of the appeal section. These threads are between the admin and the person filing the appeal.

no, appeals are open to anyone who can contribute actual insight to the particular case being discussed. appeals definitely are not playgrounds for trolls, though.

To be fair Arcinius and Atrain saw me playing hundred of times and even on spectator mode, topo only saw me less than an hour and from the other team perspective so they have way more experience in this matter than him. Also i wouldnt say years of "admin" experience, im playing this server more than 3 years and is the first time i hear of him  ;D.
Still israelleelll is right here, thanks Arcinius and Atrain for helping but i dont want to cause trouble for you or give Topo any excuse to randomly ban another good player, if you want you can post for me in the general section if its not against the rules  :)

what exactly have you, Arcinius, and Atrain contributed other than laughs amongst yourselves? the three of you are a far cry from the carefulness that aloha.pk represents, so it's good for you guys that you are buddy-buddies because how else would you keep yourselves entertained around here?

topo has helped aloha.pk immensely over the years - yes, years of experience is right. when i think about why he's such a highly regarded admin, the reasons go on and on in my head. the first time you've heard of him? come on, surely you're not that oblivious.. if you knew anything about him, anything at all, then you'd know that everything he does is with care and anything but random. i'm sure everyone who knows anything about him would think you're silly for accusing him of acting randomly.

i notice your smilies.. you're awfully jolly after having been banned from a server that you have been playing on for more than three years...

Even if you really were accusing me of cheating (which i still dont believe you even believe that)

yes, he's really actually accusing you of cheating as he told you multiple times already. can you believe it now?

That is a good question, i wonder were we could see the list of all the people you banned, i wonder if even half of them you make it with proofs like all the other admins, i wonder how many of them even appealed.

have you thought of searching his posts here on aloha.pk? that would be a good start for your wonders.

And if i were going to randomly actívate hacks every time people beat me, then first i wouldnt be playing here because i would be banned for real

reality check: you are banned for real, not "would be." i suggest you think about and accept that fact first before you continue to discuss your appeal.

You know nothing about me and don't presume to. Sure I may not have bothered becoming an admin just to fuck others over but I have done shit for this community in the past. Nothing about Aloha shows anything but shadiness and bullshit high regard for yourselves. Get a reality check. There's almost nothing left of this community and you're driving the rest away. We should be accommodating players not fucking them over. Enjoy your little enterprise now. This won't last forever and your time is drawing near. I was messing around at first but now you're treating me like shit for defending my friend. 

September 03, 2016, 08:21:03 PM HST
Re: ban appeal of Jennifer or _, again I have all the discord screenshots. It seems this appeal is finished(?) so I won't post them here, however if you guys don't wanna scroll a bunch just pm me and I'll provide them. Thanks!
September 04, 2016, 05:32:19 PM HST
Public Apologies Dear Danke, Izzy, Aloha community, and AoS community as a whole,

I was an idiot and I'm sorry. I'll do my best to help the community out like I used to.

I won't interrupt admin business anymore.

Also I am F22Raptor/Raptor/dc3773/Dropbear/Arcinius/Kayloo[not laa] and I hang out with REV clan. I am a former member of META and VET and was in Ferrari/Maddy/Loki/Dante's group back in the day. No one knows who I am after I left for 2 months fsr and then I started acting like an idiot so I kinda want a fresh start. Idk. Anyways, hopefully any bad first impressions will be mended as I honestly was just angry my friends who I trusted were getting banned. Hopefully no hard feelings. And even more hopefully the next time you all here from me it will be for something good.


September 04, 2016, 08:31:16 PM HST