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Xoke Banned By Aem on irc This ban was not in game, Aem banned for unclear amount of time. I had this script right that can msg in game numerous times, i tried it out to msg admins. I feel that it wasn't brightest idea however it was worth a try. Aem told me on irc to not spam again. I did not spam again and did not bother him after that. I gave out the script to some people, because people are curious. I wanted to know if they abuse the script if i would be banned. Aem was unresponsive after i asked this question. So he says im banned for 7 days. I ask why, and if i had spammed again. He said it was because i had spammed so much before he warned me. I did not want to spam after he told me not to anymore and did not spam further. I would like to have the ban removed on the fact that after the warning i did not break any rules there after, and that Aem felt bothered by my presence. I do not feel this constitutes a ban.

This is not what aloha stands for. I hoped that aloha staff would be reliable, and i could be able to believe what they say, and not for them to change their mind because of personal issues. Stradivarius also led me on saying he did not see the messages, which prompted me to spam further, and i have logs of everything. At the end of the day im sorry for spamming i enjoy aloha and would wish to continue to add to the aloha community. I understand why spamming would be bad but however i was under assumption that i was under admin supervision (Strad,Chase, etc)  i was helping admin staff out with a possible issue that they could patch.
<pielover> there's no patching it unless you add a /mutefromSlashadmin #ID command
<pielover> which tbh wouldn't be too hard
I am sorry for my actions, i was very upset and said things that i would not cary out to do.  However i feel discipline is just just not knowing anything is unjust and would like further clarification.

Highlights of logs
Spoiler for unknown:
<aem> xoke do it again and ill ban you for a week
<xoke> ok aem
<xoke> im sorry
<aem> you should know better
<xoke> strat said nothing would happen
<Stradivarius> huahuah
<xoke> the spam was Stradivarius indorsed
<aem> maybe you should use common sense instead of inquiring about spamming
<Stradivarius> i was seeing how idiot were you
<xoke> how idoit
<xoke> make a rule aem
<xoke> but il obey
<xoke> cuz u bae
<aem> ok if xoke spams again, ill ban him for the duration at my discretion
<xoke> i gave out my script
<xoke> so ppl might spam
<xoke> dont ban me
<xoke> jus ban that ip
<aem> maybe i should a day's worth of ban for each person i ban for spamming
<xoke> i purposed the script to be harmless
<xoke> aem i have trouble understanding
<xoke> that
<aem> spamming in admin chat so admins cant see legit admin request
<aem> how about you go spam 911 calls
<aem> see where that gets you
<xoke> your not life and death tho
<xoke> diff shit bro
<xoke> as if aloha admins are emergency services lmao
<xoke> yall are like FEMA
<aem> ok go spam the nonemergency line
<xoke> 611
<xoke> aem your homie
<xoke> i wont spam
<xoke> but for real i gave it our
<xoke> out
<xoke> plz dont ban me
<aem> the more you talk the more im considering it
<xoke> i just want clarifcation
<xoke> if sombody spams
<xoke> will you ban me
<xoke> i dont think thats fair
<aem> i do
<xoke> ima call izzys sister
<xoke> and ask
<xoke> izibiki
<xoke> izzy-
<xoke>  [izzy-] idle 00:18:13,
<xoke> hey man u around?
* ScrapHeap (~ScrapHeap@pD9F4AB40.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined
<xoke> !highlight
<Danke> Help: aem BR Colorpinpoint Danke Ferrari HackBot haux izzy- Lumen MuffinTastic Q shywolf91 Spring top Stradivarius
<xoke> why was i kicked imediatly


<xoke> what will happen if i spam admins
<Stradivarius> nothing i think
<xoke> can i try it
<Stradivarius> i never did so idk
<Stradivarius> if you want
<xoke> ok ima go in empty server
<xoke> tell me i u see it
<xoke> ok did that work
<Stradivarius> i dont see anything

<Stradivarius> lol
<xoke> i was in dig dig
<Stradivarius> let me see
<Stradivarius> nope, nothing
<xoke> ima send to babel
<Stradivarius> cool
<xoke> see anything
<Stradivarius> still dont
<xoke> ima try
<xoke> silinus
<xoke> server
<xoke> join #animustdm
<xoke> im msging
<xoke> to yall
<xoke> do u see anything
<Stradivarius> where
<xoke> babel
<Stradivarius> im not receiving anything
<xoke> i think ur lying
<Stradivarius> ok
<Stradivarius> but i still dont see anything
<xoke> ok
<xoke>  can u mute players
<xoke> and what they send
<xoke> to admin
<Stradivarius> idk
<xoke> wtf man
<Stradivarius> wtf
<xoke> why cant i join
<Stradivarius> idk
<xoke> cmon man
<Stradivarius> we're testing our servers i think
<Stradivarius> and some ppl cant join
<xoke> lies

https://ghostbin.com/paste/k7gsf#L12 #ALOHA
https://ghostbin.com/paste/uu9g3 STRAD

September 09, 2016, 11:49:49 AM HST
Re: net neutrality needs YOU! Thanks bro, interesting have not heard of this. My hypothesis is that this will just allow the dark web to grow. If they are going to treat us like communist countries who limit access not for profit but to keep the people in the dark, anonymity will be on the rise. This will be the way to circumvent the control. I wish this does not occur if it does take your stand against this.

Good Share


November 23, 2017, 03:43:41 AM HST