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Re: [AOS SMG] MP 18 Damn, wanted to make this one, but alas. Great job though, looks good. WWI weapons need more love.
June 12, 2017, 11:06:41 AM HST
Re: emotion puller
June 19, 2017, 11:21:31 PM HST
Re: Sentimental Games I really like playing old Sonic the Hedgehog games. They actually were my first ever games and introduced me to the magic of them. They were fun back in the day, and still are, even if they are flawed. My favourites are Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Knuckles (and Knuckles) and Sonic CD. Sonic 1 is great as well, but I didn't really enjoy it after Spring Yard Zone.

One of my also favourite video game franchises is Hotline Miami. It has that amazing music, good gameplay, a pretty cool story and characters, and the amazing atmosphere of 80's/90's videogames. I really recommend playing at least the first one just to see for yourself.

Again, the 0.75 version of Ace of Spades.

Re-Volt is a pretty good racing game. It's basically Mario Kart, but with R/C cars. It has some amazing mods and the community still makes content for the game, I recommend picking it up.


PAYDAY 2 is fun. It's about robbing banks, stealing cars, nukes (no joke, you steal nukes in Meltdown), goats (apparently), jewelry, amazing music, and a pretty good stealth mechanic. The community might be toxic and you might get kicked around 80% of the time, but if you are playing solo or with your friends, or with surprisingly good players online you will get the most of it. Also, I believe it's still free, so pick it up if you still can.


The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Good survival games set in the Chernobyl surroundings, as well as Prypyat, with a good atmosphere.

While I was talking about S.T.A.L.K.E.R., I'd like to quickly also recommend Metro games. They are set in Moscow's metro system after World War III. Good characters, great gameplay and amazing atmosphere.


I believe I could list more, but I either don't really play them that much or forgot their names. Either way, I hope you will check these games out.


June 25, 2017, 12:50:27 AM HST
Re: [MOD][Openspades] FN-P90 Great mod there, now I can finally rush B properly!
July 09, 2017, 03:57:03 AM HST
Re: OpenSpades Smoke Grenades
I believe we are truly at the turning point: if nothing happens, I think this is the last year of AoS.

Ace of Spades is not going to die any time soon. Here's a list that I made that includes many things that have happened since last year.
  • https://ace-spades.com/, the games original domain name, now redirects to Build and Shoot
  • The website has been completely redesigned, looking absolutely gorgeous to new players
  • Stack plans on updating the Build and Shoot launcher with plenty of new useful features
Spoiler for source:
Quote from: StackOverflow from buildandshoot.com/news
Starting with the launcher, future updates are planned to polish it up as well as seamlessly integrate both Voxlap and OpenSpades support, with our focus being encouraging OpenSpades adoption. Other later features include a friends system, improved modding support, localization, and more.
  • There are open-source projects that are being worked on; OpenSpades, which was recently updated, piqueserver, Iceball, the new BnS website being put on GitHub, and VXW by lecom (currently not much info but he's working on it afaik)
  • Discord servers! Last year, Mile made a Discord server for the game, called /AoS/, which looking back on it was a HUGE success before it was deleted. Then, earlier this year, aloha.pk made a Discord server which is absolutely amazing. With tons of veterans and new players all in one place, it makes event planning much easier.
  • You say that there isn't any new content for the game. My friend, this post is all about a custom script that you have made! Since OpenSpades is open-source, so much is possible to bring to the game!*
  • Events are always possible. Last year I ran an event for the map Assault, which had a huge turnout, and was an immense success.
*my personal opinion on the "ditch voxlap for openspades" debate is do what is best in the long run (aka see ya, voxlap) and make a better, open-source, low-spec client

I personally believe that the only time the game will die is when nobody cares anymore; when there are no more developers who care to make scripts and/or develop off of the clients anymore, nobody to host servers, nobody to maintain the website. Fortunately, I think that there will always be some people who will stick around until the very end. The very fact that there are still all of us here and on the Discord server even after five years since the original games development dying is impressive. Although the communities of the game have drastically declined in size (most to a point of vanishing), we are still here, and we are the ones who are keeping the game as fun as it is. :)

The game and its community has a very bright future. I will most likely be here until the end. Being a part of this community is my passion, and no matter how busy life gets, I will never forget this beautiful game and its community.

PS. awesome mod, man!
I agree with Kuunikal here.

July 09, 2017, 01:06:25 PM HST
Re: OpenSpades Smoke Grenades
Rainbow Six:Spades
Now we just need a RP-46 Degtyaryov mod for full emmersion.

July 10, 2017, 04:49:03 AM HST
[Mod pack][0.75][Voxlap] SMG Pack #1 So today I was playing some hallway, minding my own business and building houses, when suddenly, I found a box in the middle of it. I quickly hid it away from everyone and opened it, and believe it or not, the crate had some sub-machine guns inside of it! The guns have .wav files packed as well, meaning you will get satisfying and realistic sounds. Anyway, here are the guns, take them before they are gone:

- FMG-9
An American SMG prototype, created for use by USSC and incredibly rich business men, this weapon was a rather rare find. It fires 9x19mm Parabellum bullets and makes sure that no one survives.

- KRISS Vector
Again, an American SMG known for its low recoil and fast firerate of 1200RPM, this bad boy will get the enemy before they even have a chance to at least move away. Fires 9x19mm Parabellum and/or .45 ACP.

- M1A1 Thompson
A blast from the past, this gun known mostly "as the gun that those 50's gangsters use", was used in WWII by the American troops and was highly favoured for its large .45 ACP caliber, accuracy and high RPM. Now you can experience the memories of either Chicago or WWII (depends on what you prefer) with this beauty.

Also includes a drum magazine version.*

*The drum magazine is purely cosmetic and doesn't actually increase your magazine size.

- PP-Bizon
A Russian sub-machine gun mostly disliked by CS:GO players, that is known for its enormous magazine capacity of 64 rounds.* Created by Victor Kalashnikov (the son of Mikhail Kalashnikov, the creator of AKs, RPK, and so on), this gun fires 9mm bullets and has a firerate of 650-700RPM. The Bizon is used by the Spetsnaz and law enforcement units.

*This Bizon doesn't actually have 64 rounds in its magazine, instead having a standard 30 round. Sorry for that.

- UMP-45
UMP-45 (UMP stands for Universale Maschinenpistole, which translates to "Universal Sub-Machine Gun") is a German SMG, created as a successor to an iconic MP5. The UMP was adopted not just by the German GSG9, but also United States, Egypt, Georgia, Kosovo, Lithuania, Malaysia and Philippines. It fires .45 ACP rounds, as stated in the name, and has a firerate of 600RPM.

Also includes a version with no vertical foregrip.

And last, but not least, the iconic 80's gun: the UZI. An Israeli-made gun, that fires 9mm Parabellum and has a firerate of 600RPM. Easily conceable and not too bulky, meaning that it's comfortable to use and fire.

- To-Do list
1. Get .png sights.
2. Add a version of UZI, but with a stock.
3. Think of other great SMGs.
4. Possibly make an OS version of the pack.
5. Find some good FMG9 sounds, instead of using Unturned's audio.

Well, hope you enjoyed some information about the guns (unless you knew it already), and I hope you'll find some use out of them. See you at the battlefield.

July 23, 2017, 09:07:44 PM HST
Re: aloha.pk does math Kuunikal saves the day, as always.
July 31, 2017, 12:06:18 PM HST
A Drum & Bass track I made. https://soundcloud.com/quickbrownfox-music/tracer-2017-dnb-remix
A remake of one of my old tracks called "Tracer" (https://soundcloud.com/quickbrownfox-music/tracer) Hope you will like it.
P.S. The track wasn't meant to be Overwatch-related, but I decided to take an opportunity and kind of make it related.

August 06, 2017, 08:31:20 AM HST
Re: The last comment wins!
Hello people. I have an announcement to make. This is the last comment in this thread. :) (At the time of this posting.)
Ah, that's great. This thread is finally over.

August 08, 2017, 01:36:45 PM HST