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Re: [x] 37 reports in 1 [PRO]AlmaNegra, assasing creed, alexander, ricardo321789, luis10, THE HACK BR, lee harvey oswa, NoName, MattZBR, TrueCrypt, Marofa, JJ^JJ, Frisk, HASEO_RD, MynameisJhonY, Black_Bull, Pokemon-BR, Red bean, CH4R4D4ppf, Auth_Kyros, DIONS CR7@, Archiveiro, Flareline, Adolf hiltler, genkaxxl, br zinho kaiky, SERUMANINHO 1, Pato, Patalu, -18 :3, and dronegames have been banned.  Thanks for reporting!

August 28, 2016, 08:48:13 AM HST
Re: SniP_TebbenYT Ban Appeal Hi SniP_Tebben!

From what we see in our logs and in the video, you weren't on an aloha server when you were banned.  That being said, our proxy detector did kick you numerous times from the aloha servers, which is probably why you think you are banned from there.

That being said, please see this as a lesson learned and don't keep hacking on any servers.  It simply ruins the fun for everyone.

I cannot unban you from whatever non-aloha server you were banned from, but you are welcome to play on aloha servers (as long as you don't hack   ;))

Play fair, and I hope to see you ingame!

Sidenote:  You will continue to be kicked automatically on aloha servers if you keep on using a proxy.

September 05, 2016, 05:31:48 PM HST
Re: [Event] Babel Map Making Competition That looks amazing!!!
September 07, 2016, 03:33:31 AM HST
Re: ban appeal of Jennifer or _, again Hi yousirname!  Scipio handed me your appeal since he is going to be away for awhile.

The consensus of the staff and myself was that you really should have known not to do this type of stuff since you've already been warned not to do it in the past.  Whether it's either just testing the commands ingame or showing everyone on discord how to do it, both are really unnecessary.

So because this is your second offense with this type of thing, the decision has been made to ban you for a month from this post.  Even though you've made some bad decisions, the staff does realize that you do offer a lot to the community.  Also, please realize how little of a punishment this is; a lot of staff members really did not want you to be unbanned in such little time.

Keep that in mind when you are unbanned in a month... If this happens again there will be little to no chance of you being unbanned at all.

You will be unbanned on 10/11 at 2:38 AM GMT ish...

I hope to see you ingame in a month and please play fair.

September 11, 2016, 05:41:16 PM HST
Re: Ban Appeal Hi Torch, sorry for the long wait.  Danke handed me your appeal awhile ago. 

I really don't think there is any point to argue about who's right and who's not for the third time, since it's clearly only your word against someone elses. 

I'll make it easy and get straight to it. You're unbanned.  Please play fair and have fun!

December 11, 2016, 10:52:23 AM HST
Re: As slow as possible 230 days! 
July 16, 2017, 07:56:16 PM HST
Re: [CLAN]Hellscyth Hi Taki,

I'll try to address most of your main points.

He was hacking. He was using the aimbot lowkey for a while, then he just shamelessly went full on and if you don't have good eyesight, then I will explain the screenshot above shows his score as nearly 350. I left the game so maybe he ended with much more. CHECK THE LOG FILES MAYBE?

You provided no evidence against the apparent hacker.  A screenshot of a player with 359 kills does not count as sufficient evidence.  Also, we do not have log files that give us the amount of kills each player has at any given point.  That would be excessive and I don't even want to begin to imagine how big that file would be.

Yes, that's fine but they also must learn how to configure a game server. Too many of the scripts are using the defaults because they didn't understand how to fix them. I wonder if the password is the default too since everything else is.
Duh, not 30 minutes. 10 or 15 minutes but not fucking 30 minutes. Jesus.

There have been multiple instances on the forum where the afk script has come into question.  Here's another example that suggests that the default time is ten minutes... Which also suggests that our scripts aren't just "using the defaults".  Along with the community threads, even though you can't see them, there have been staff discussions that have resulted in a conclusion for a 30 minute afk limit.   

6. Your votekick ratio is also set at the default, which is very stupid. You have to CHANGE THE SCRIPTS FILE so it works better- or did you also use the default password too?
I'd say the votekick system is broken in the way that innocent people are constantly being banned for nonsense reasons.   The ratio that it's set at now, though, provides somewhat of a balance between hackers and innocent players.

1. He owned the server for about 2 hours. No mod, no admin came to ban him.
I personally went to observe [CLAN] Hellscyth(francis) player around for about 15 minutes and I did not see anything strange in it
It seems to me like you are assuming everything regarding what action was being taken to admin the server, and also how the server is setup to deal with cheaters...

You didn't provide any evidence, you assumed quite a bit about how aloha runs their servers, and you didn't exactly write your topic/responses with respect and kindness in mind.  I hope you realize why this abuse report won't result in a ban or any major script changes. 

July 26, 2017, 10:05:59 PM HST

There is a brand new, a-MAZE-ing labyrinth built in sector F6 on the aloha.pk build server!

The challenge is to see who can reach the end of the maze before anyone else.

The winner of this challenge will receive a $25 Amazon gift card!!!  CONGRATS TORCH!!!

Challenge details-

If you are the first one to reach the end of the maze, you must take a picture of the "winner's room" and reply to this thread in order to receive your prize.  Also, you MUST include the secret word in your post that the final room prompts you with.  The first person to reply with a picture of the room and the secret word will be considered the true winner.

The maze is pitch black.  I would suggest using the Openspades flashlight.  If you're loyal to voxlap, though, I would suggest running your block placer along the ceiling.  Here's why-

Scattered throughout the ceiling of each level of the maze are tiny holes.  These holes will bring you up to the next level.  NOTE:  Even if you do go up into the next level, it does not mean you are on the correct path to the end room.  There is only one correct path to complete the maze. 

Use the command /fly in order to go through the holes and reach the next levels.

The start of the maze begins towards the bottom left of the side that is facing towards sector E6. 

Feel free to use this thread as a place to discuss strategy, ask questions, or to complain about how impossible it is!  Good luck!

August 03, 2017, 04:51:39 PM HST
Re: Lesson:Hacking waste ur time Hi, thanks for making an appeal.

First of all, why did you try to lie to me on the IRC? 
Spoiler for IRC Convo:
[01:17] <@FerrariFlunker> How's it going R4P1DSHOT
[01:40] <R4P1DSHOT> ??
[01:41] <R4P1DSHOT> how to be admin?
[01:41] <R4P1DSHOT> @
[01:41] <R4P1DSHOT> i encounter so many cheaters
[01:41] <R4P1DSHOT> but i can kill them easily
[01:42] <R4P1DSHOT> and they said im cheater
[01:44] <@FerrariFlunker> Well your first step would be to stop hacking...
[01:45] <R4P1DSHOT> hacking?
[01:45] <@FerrariFlunker> You can fill out a ban appeal here -->  http://aloha.pk/index.php?board=23.0
[01:45] <@FerrariFlunker> Just because you join the server under the name [CH34T3R]{H4CK3, doesn't mean you're anonymous
[01:46] <R4P1DSHOT> rlly
[01:46] <R4P1DSHOT> thats my cousin
[01:47] <R4P1DSHOT> we got same IP
[01:48] <@FerrariFlunker> Your cousin immediately hopped onto the IRC?  And onto aloha.pk? 
[01:48] <@FerrariFlunker> I don't buy that excuse, sorry.
[01:48] <R4P1DSHOT> what?
[01:49] <@FerrariFlunker> Did you join this channel?
[01:50] <R4P1DSHOT> im not the one who join this channel
[01:50] <@FerrariFlunker> I don't believe you.
[01:50] <@FerrariFlunker> [CH34T3R]{H4CK3 logged in as builder ([cs]kotaro)
[01:50] <R4P1DSHOT> my cousin just tell me that this channel is for admiins
[01:50] <R4P1DSHOT> ye
[01:51] <R4P1DSHOT> but i dont log in that builder
[01:51] <R4P1DSHOT> i dont have builder account
[01:51] <R4P1DSHOT> i dont know how to make
[01:52] <@FerrariFlunker> It's your aloha.pk account.  The one that you are using on the forums as we speak.
[01:52] <@FerrariFlunker> I'm sorry, but I'm not going to handle your appeal here.  Please make a ban appeal -->  http://aloha.pk/index.php?board=23.0
Wouldn't it have been easier to own up and admit to your mistakes to begin with?

August 29, 2017, 10:08:15 PM HST
Re: Screenshots Thread Red team did something fun on babel and created a party house!

Spoiler for More Pics:

September 04, 2017, 12:19:15 PM HST