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Re: Trusted /tb Sil, Torch is saying you might as well apply for guard if you want to get access to /tb as trusted. He was jokingly suggesting adding /tk into the mix to deal with hackers, making a point that trusted are not guard lite or part of staff, which is a good point.
August 29, 2016, 05:52:30 AM HST
Re: [Event] Babel Map Making Competition
Looks beautiful!

August 30, 2016, 05:10:14 AM HST
Re: Alph Looking back, you seem to have two other appeals, one dating back three years ago, in which you were never unbanned and claimed your innocence, and another where the evidence was insufficient over a year and a half ago. Judging from the fact that this is your third appeal with different admins banning you, I feel like there is a strong chance that you have been cheating.

Are you sure you didn't use any cheats as a result of topo "cheating?"

August 30, 2016, 07:22:04 AM HST
Re: Alph
Stay out of the appeal section. These threads are between the admin and the person filing the appeal.

no, appeals are open to anyone who can contribute actual insight to the particular case being discussed. appeals definitely are not playgrounds for trolls, though.

Have the rules changed?

If there was to be a permanent ban, then the video would have been made available for you to defend yourself against here in this appeal.
That's not a rule, that's a statement from an admin who isn't even active anymore. Also, appeals have always been open for anyone to post, just not for trolling or posting things unrelated or useless content.

I wonder if you were at least on one or two of those times when he displayed that "experience" in his job as an admin, but still that doesnt matter, on my ban he banned me after i started the votekick against him and when i was digging their tower at babel, he said it was because i was killing the guys on top of the tower but of those people i only killed 2 the rest were my other teammates, and on top of that they were on the top of the tower and very exposed, and if that is not enought the ban was with him watching from the enemy team, not spectator mode, and without a video or other admin to check. So yes that is either a very random way of doing it or it was on purpose because of the votekick.
We have tool that allows us to spectate players for cheating without showing up on the spectator list (fun fact, the tool was made by topo). Video or another admin checking isn't required to make a ban, do you think this is NCIS or something?

The smilies were one in response to the "Your opinion < years of admin experience" it was funny, and the other to Arcinius and Atrain for defending me, that was a huge risk from them but i really apreciate that.
There is no risk in anybody defending you lol. They are free to vouch or call you out. Don't make this any more dramatic than what it really is.

I still think that accusation is a lie to cover his own hacks, do you understand now? please read the other posts, it was very clear.

Thanks a lot for that idea, i still didnt read all (the forum have a lot of posts) but i found a few intersting things, for example
Aem said "We've had numerous newer staff members ban him a few times (including me), so you're not alone. ", so it seems he was banned a lot of times (i assume numerous means more than 10, correct me if i am wrong) of course you say they were wrong but if its so many i wonder if they really are, and if you just let him go without proper investigation because of his status.
We understood what you said the first time, but the problem is you haven't put thought into your statement. We've all sat down, observed countless of his recordings, and concluding our results long ago. I've banned him long ago both on Aloha and on Minit (back when it existed) and so has almost every other person. Don't assume we just let him go because he's a staff member and just sat and twiddled our thumbs for past few years, because we have banned others staff members for cheating in the past.

You can go ahead and take my word for it, or go in denial. We've all thought about the possibility, we've all reviewed, we've all made our "investigations."

I still hope not, i still hope a real admin check my case, a lot of people saw me playing even a few admins (just to make it clear to you, those people saw me more than 1 hour, not like topo) and they know how i play and what kind of person i am.
Mind naming who exactly? We've had a few "real" admins look at your case and agree with the verdict. If you want the verdict to change, I suggest you start talking about your appeal instead.

September 01, 2016, 06:44:46 PM HST
Re: ban appeal of Jennifer or _, again
I was continuously foghacking at a very small, legitimate amount for a while after my original ban was lifted.
I don't think "legitamate" and "hacking" can be used properly in the same sentence. As far as I'm concerned, mentioning how to cheat or distributing them in any means is the same cheating. I don't see a reason why I should have a shred of consideration as to why you should be unbanned...

September 04, 2016, 04:56:52 PM HST
Re: Alph
You know nothing about me and don't presume to. Sure I may not have bothered becoming an admin just to fuck others over but I have done shit for this community in the past.
People judge you based on how you act. Learn that fact buddy because that applies to real life too. The best thing you've contributed to this community thus far is that public apology you made in regards to you requesting how to exploit the game.

Nothing about Aloha shows anything but shadiness and bullshit high regard for yourselves. Get a reality check. There's almost nothing left of this community and you're driving the rest away. We should be accommodating players not fucking them over. Enjoy your little enterprise now. This won't last forever and your time is drawing near. I was messing around at first but now you're treating me like shit for defending my friend. 
Spare me your soap opera/conspiracy theories. The game died the day Ben sold the game to Jagex, you're years behind if you think the game is dying. We banned someone because the admin had credible reason to do so and you're butthurt because you think your friend is innocent? Feel free to defend yourself or your friends, but don't start spewing random crap out of your ass about the entire staff being corrupt. We have no reason to ban random people, do you think we get paid per ban or something? What exactly is our motivation to ban random people from our servers when barely two of them are filled? Do you think the money sunk into the servers is just some expensive show to get people banned?

Get your facts straight and then we can start talking. Now back to the conversation that matters.

Yes but topo wasnt using that tool at that moment, he was playing on the other team, if it was another admin that used that tool shouldnt he be answering the appeal?
How would you know if he was using it? It literally takes a few seconds to use it.

Ferrari, Nathan, Fallen, Irongears, probably more but i really dont want to forget anyone, i think they saw me a lot of time. A special mention to Danke, im very sure he had checked me a lot because he said after my first ban that he will follow me every single second i log so probably he even was on babel that day. But it can be any other you dont need me to name it.
As far as I know, none of the said admins/guards has come forth and defended your innocence based on their observations of your play. Feel free to contact them if you want know what their opinions are.

"But, if you're innocent, maintain your innocence and don't cave in."
Fair enough, do whatever you think is right.

Yes i appealed two times, so? did you ask those 2 admins what happened?
That video is from my second Ban, not this one, but i still remember it, it was against waterstar and it was like the third time water stop us at that spot so i sprayed over there after seeing my teammate in front of me getting killed, wouldnt an aimbot do it in one or two bullets and without the bullets getting to dispersed? also if those blue squares are enemy-mates (is that the term) wouldnt the weapon automatically point to them too?
Nathan said after seeing the video something like that if i remember well and you can ask waterstar too, another well known member of aloha.
Aimbot != ESP. You can keep no recoil or no spread off in order to make the shots appear legitimate and more random as opposed to a constant one tap of the smg, while still utilizing aimbot. According to Danke, he unbanned only because you asked him and he unbanned you, not because he thought you were innocent (correct me if my memory servers me wrong Danke).

What chance are you talking about? a chance would be if i was guilty and asked to play again, i was banned only for starting a votekick against topo, this is like if you tell a cop that he was stealing and he put you in jail just for that.
False, you were banned for cheating. Topo gets votekicked almost everytime he plays and if that were the case, we would have a lot more bans than you think. The worst that will happen to you is a cancel of your votekick or you will be togglevotekicked if you troll around with the reasoning.

September 06, 2016, 04:06:26 AM HST
Re: SniP_TebbenYT Ban Appeal
Doesnt matter to me I can always play AoS all I want because in all reality its way better than Open Spades an complete ripoff.

September 06, 2016, 05:27:28 PM HST
Re: Xoke Banned By Aem on irc I have no idea why you think spamming us will help us solve anything or how this is remotely related to a school project. You should know better than to go into our servers and spam, especially on /admin. If you really had to spam, you should've set up your own server and test that. There is no need to ask a guard if you have permission to do this, you should know this.

Getting to the point, I initially wanted to ban you even before I knew who you were. All I saw was a bunch of spam admin messages and kicked you for it. I read up further to see that you spammed even more and you yourself mentioned you sent your script to other people. How is having a whole bunch of spammers going to help solve this glitch or help you for your school project again?

On top of that, every other admin agreed with the ban before I dropped it. You will remained banned until next week.

September 09, 2016, 03:34:00 PM HST
Re: New Gamemode (or event) Danke made one a while back with bots being zombies. It was fun but no idea what happened to it.
September 09, 2016, 09:34:08 PM HST
Re: Crazy Server Idea
Hey guys, I've had this crazy idea the other day. You know since people rape and murder and stuff in neighborhoods where it's illegal, why not make a neighborhood a la Detroit where it's legal to rape and kill?
The Purge basically.

September 11, 2016, 09:03:57 AM HST