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Danko's guide to being annoying(ly hard to hit) Slit shooting!

Okay so you all know hallway:

Next time you're on, build this:

Note the open block dug in front of the 2-block pillar

When you aim through it, you will be able to see everything but the red (and through walls, obviously):

And while you'll see this:

Your enemy will see this (note the 1 px green head on the left):

Another way to build it is like this:

Which gives you two slits to shoot out of:

This is really useful on maps like pinpoint, where your blind spots are in the water!
Also note that you won't be able to see directly across from your middle block.
I like to build this to one side on pinpoint and then pop my head up very briefly to glimpse enemies and then try and align them with the slit.

So again, you see this:

and they see:

Next up!
Foot camping!

This works best in a narrow hallway or tunnel
Build this:

That's a small one block high bump in front of you, and a wall missing the foot section past that.

You might want to build them at a distance, it's up to you:

When players approach the wall to destroy it, you'll see this (before they even get close, usually):

For giggles, here's what they'll see:

Your feet are safe, their feet are gonna be hurting pretty bad.

Note that both of these can be torn up pretty easily by SMG's! You can build them thicker if it helps, but you might lose visibility. Watch out from above too on hallway!
Also, note that on babel, depending on where you are on the map, your slit or foot camping things will be invincible against bullets.

Up next, this one is a little cheap as it exploits a tiny glitch, but I've explained it to tons of people and never had a complaint:
If you play thick maps, you're probably familiar with those one block wide tunnels:

Easy enough to deal with, but if you're lagging or can't seem to hit those giant heads, a good way to deal with players who persistently use them is to dig over and up, cover your tracks, and sit above the tunnel, looking down:

You'll be able to see when players past directly beneath you, and hear them, but they won't notice you until it's too late and you drop down behind them.
Be careful of teammates following them who might notice an enemy dropping down in front of their face!

June 12, 2013, 11:48:46 AM HST
Re: Danko's guide to being annoying(ly hard to hit) AWhiteGuy suggested I add a guide to crouchspamming, so here:

The higher the ping the better the results. This is how Australians are able to play the game, I hear.

June 12, 2013, 12:09:38 PM HST
Re: Ohh|Firestar want to be unbanned.
Being banned because of stuff before? That's unfair in my opinion.
Well, everything that has ever happened happened in the past. I think it would be unfair to ban you for something you haven't done in the past.
Aimbot bans are permanent until you successfully appeal them. You can't just show up and assume you're good to play because it's been x months. You don't get to set the ban time limit, they're not your servers. And ban evasion bans are just there to reinforce the original ban.

It also seems that I have been ban evading currently
You have over 20 ban evasion bans. This is not a new current thing, you have been banned multiple times (and aimbotted multiple times!) and have never bothered once to appeal your ban.
It's odd that you think we're being unfair for not recognizing you "turning over a new leaf" when you've put absolutely no effort until now to tell us so.

but I can tell you that this was not on purpose. It looks like I have a dynamic ip.
Regardless, there's no way you didn't know you were banned. I sincerely hope you didn't think we would unban you 20 times. You knew you were banned and you rejoined, you didn't rejoin on accident: you ban evaded on purpose.

Now, I am not the original admin who banned you, so I probably won't be approving or denying this appeal, but let me make it clear that if you are seen playing on any of a servers before this appeal is resolved, I will deny it, close it, and continue with ban evasion bans.

October 24, 2013, 05:53:12 PM HST
Re: SnIpEr is sending me black mail
How the fuck can an adult torment a 9yo?
When we grew up and went to school, there were certain teachers who would hurt the children anyway they could

April 23, 2014, 08:53:22 AM HST
Map making tutorial Post I: VOXED.EXE

Voxed is included with AoS, you can find it in the same folder as client.exe and config.ini

Here's some basic controls, but take a look in the voxed readme for a better description
arrow keys and mouse - move camera
shift+ arrow keys - move faster
Insert - place block
delete - delete block
Enter - color selection
Home - place blocks in a sphere
[ and ] - increase/decrease size of sphere
End - delete blocks in a sphere
Numpad - move marker
X - paint color
U - insert object
Y - toggle inverted mouse
M - show map
\ (the key above Enter) - Undo

So when you start voxed, it loads the default map:

The bottom layer pictured is the water level. Map dimensions are 512x512x64
so the x coordinates (west to east) go from 0 to 511, and so do the y coordinates (north to south)
z coordinates go from 0 (top of the map) to 63 (water level). You can change the color of the water, but can't remove it, only build on top of it.

the coordinates of the block you are looking at are shown in the top left.
On babel the intel is always spawned at the center of the map at (256,256,0) (x,y,z), the platform itself is at z = 1

If you place a block using Insert, it appears where you are looking:

Using the numpad you can move the marker to make a rectangle. (you can do this both in building and deleting blocks)
numpad 1,2,3, and 5 are for moving left,down,right, and up. Use numpad 4 and numpad Enter to move up and down.

Pressing numpad 9 will switch between selecting a corner and the whole selection.

Pressing Page Up or Page Down will change the texture of what you are working with:

Your options are solid color, noise, wood pattern, weird rainbow, and an option that tries to copy what already exists in the map. There are other options that have to do with lighting, but AoS will ignore any lighting voxed saves in the .vxl file.

pressing (non-numpad) Enter will open a color picker. Use left click to select a color, hold right click and move your mouse up and down to change brightness. Press Tab to grab a color you are looking at.

Pressing delete is nearly identical to inserting a block, it just deletes instead of builds. Any blocks that were previously completely covered will take on whatever texture and color you have selected when you delete blocks near them.

Pressing Home will place a sphere. You can change the size of the sphere with the [ ] keys

Pressing End will delete a sphere-sized volume of blocks

Pressing Spacebar will place a numbered marker. These things are big and annoying to work with but are the most useful tool usually. Place two of these markers and you'll have a selection box.

Pressing Insert or Delete will make a rectangle within the selection box (and clear the selection)

Pressing D will clone the selection to wherever you are looking, cloning from the 0-marker corner to where you are looking. If you clone an area so that blocks will be placed below or above the map limits, voxed will crash and you will lose everything you are working on, so BE CAREFUL and SAVE OFTEN

Pressing Shift-D will clone the selection without enforcing air blocks.

You can move the markers with the numpad keys and switch between them with Num9, but only if there is not an active selection already (like a cloned area). Pressing X will paint a block and also clear any block selection while keeping your marker-selection intact (but you'll still end up painting a block)

If a group of blocks is disconnected from the ground you can save it as a KV6 file by pressing F7 while looking at it.

You can load that into slab6 and save it as a .kvx file but it will lose some color-correctness in the process

you can load a kvx into voxed by pressing U

You can use the numpad to move them around as usual, but you can also flip and rotate them using numpad 7,8,9, and 6

You can also load kv6's in to voxed but they'll show up weird and will not show up in AoS when the map is loaded.

Pressing Alt-F3 will save the map

Pressing Alt-F2 will load a map

There's lots of keys for lighting (~, Z, some others), they'll make your life miserable. If you ever hit them on accident, I recommend just saving the map, quitting voxed and reopening it and then open your map again. If that doesn't fix the lighting, quit voxed and reopen it and then load a different normally lit map and then open your map.

Don't worry about SXL files.

Pressing \ will undo/redo one action. You'll use it a lot but it won't ever be that useful.

I've included an all water map with the babel platform included if you want to mess around with it. The babel platform can be deleted, the server automatically generates it when the map is loaded anyway.

I'll make another post soon about generating a map from two BMP files.

July 06, 2016, 07:17:57 AM HST
Welcome to the workshop! Hey, this is a place to post content for Ace of Spades (and OpenSpades).

Consider using tags like [MAP] [KV6] [PACK] [SCRIPT] [REQUEST] or whatever in your topic title to help people know what you're doing

Shout out to israelleelll for the idea

PS: Please post below if you can think of a better name for this subforum

July 11, 2016, 12:02:51 PM HST
Re: Welcome to the workshop! That sounds like an actual nightmare I would have
July 11, 2016, 04:39:05 PM HST
Re: New Babel Map Structure Idea From my experience, it's pretty difficult to do this without giving attackers an easy method of attack. It's super hard to balance things like that, but I really like the idea
July 24, 2016, 10:18:31 AM HST
Re: Ban Appeal - The Mighty D This appeal is pretty clearly over.
July 25, 2016, 07:01:52 PM HST
Re: not being able to break blocks around enemy players Thanks for the input, 16 is definitely too high. I thought in 16 blocks in xyz space wouldn't amount to much, but I guess 8 blocks would probably be on the high end of what it should be. The whole point of that feature is to not give trusted advantage over tower divers (same for map blocks and tunnelers.)

Might be worth it to note these fixes weren't just based on conceptual issues we felt needed fixing, these were scenarios non-trusted players and logged out staff were actually running into.

July 29, 2016, 05:12:42 PM HST