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xx Discord Server Boost Level 2
October 09, 2021, 11:25:16 AM HST by izzy
our Discord Server Boost status is currently at Level 1 Level 2 thanks to Detank2002, Hawkan, MuffinTastic, shywolf91, and sov:

come enjoy the perks if you're not already in the server! :)

invite link:

big mahalos to these past boosters for also getting us to Level 2:

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xx The Great Babel Heavens Update of 2021
September 18, 2021, 07:17:58 PM HST by Mile
We have done it again.

We all love babel.

It is a tried a true formula. An emblem of AoS at this point in this game's entropy. We have decided, despite no one asking us to, to add yet another gameplay gimmick to it; to deflower its otherwise impeccable and minimalist nature with yet another fad that'll probably be gone by the next rotation or 10.

New heavens platforms!

The Pinpoint:

The Checkerboard:

The Diamond:

The Big Hole (yeah real original):

The Random One (different each time the map loads, wow!):

The platform types are currently tied per maps, so be sure to give suggestions if you'd like to see one featured on a specific map!
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xx Hallway Server Launch Event
July 24, 2021, 12:08:41 PM HST by DarkNeutrino
aloha.pk Hallway Server Launch Event

We've been busy revamping the hallway server with new maps, scripts, and a brand new gamemode- TDM/CTF!
Spoiler for New Server Features:
  • The new TDM/CTF gamemode, paired with reverse onectf, creates competitive, intense, and fast paced matches!  Read on for more info regarding how this gamemode works!

  • There is a brand new map rotation featuring two new maps created by Mile!

  • Infinite blocks are still activated!  The script logic, however, has been revised to remove the annoying grenade count messages.  Players will now have their blocks refilled when their block count dips under 5 blocks.

  • The glow and imger scripts have been added to hallway!  Light up the server with glowing blocks and place down your favorite /emote!

  • Tent spawn positions are no longer dynamic.  Both tents will spawn in the same spots each round to allow each team to build impressive defenses to prevent the enemy from capping the intel in their tent.

  • The server map time limit is set to 12 hours to allow for the beautiful map destruction that everyone knows and loves.  However, the server is also set to change the map every 10 match wins (1 match win= reaching kill limit or capping intel).

How does the new gamemode work?
Spoiler for TDM/CTF Instructions:
  • There are two ways to win a match in TDM/CTF:  Reaching your team's kill limit (100 kills) before the enemy team does OR capping the intel once - both ways will win the match for your team.

  • Capping the intel is a difficult task, however.  Reverse onectf is activated, which means you need to cap the intel in the ENEMY tent.  The intel is also reset to the middle of the hallway when the player who's carrying it is killed.

  • Since tents will spawn in the same place each match, it's a good idea to build a defensive structure around your tent to prevent someone from capping the intel!

  • The map will change once the time limit has been reached (12 hours) OR 10 matches have been played.

To celebrate this server launch, we'll be holding an all day event!

When8/1/2021 starting at 12PM UTC
Wherealoha.pk hallway server status page
What to bring:  No presents, please- but bring skill (it's going to be needed  :o)

Please vote in the poll above to choose which map you think should be played during the event! 
Leave a reply below to let us know that you'll be there!
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xx Peace on babel
June 18, 2021, 10:45:12 PM HST by FerrariFlunker
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The builds on babel are impressive when blue and red put aside their differences!
A random ceasefire on babel led to some incredible builds created together by both teams.  AoS historians were unable to conclude if a ceasefire of this magnitude has occurred in the past, but they were all in agreement that they hoped to see it again someday.

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xx aloha.pk Community Update
May 28, 2021, 10:12:59 AM HST by DarioN
aloha.pk Community Update

The aloha staff have been using a new system to push ideas and updates more quickly, and it's time to compile the completed ones into an update post for you, the community!  Here are the changes that have been made:

-Decreased map data being sent
At the end of April, we implemented a change that decreased map loading times by about 8 times.  Unfortunately, this seemed to cause massive lag spikes on the server everytime a player joined.  We have now reverted that change and have been seeing less lag spikes.

-Added votekick delay
Players are now unable to start a votekick until they have been in the server for at least 15 seconds.  We believe this will help with preventing hackers/evaders joining the server and immediately starting a votekick to prevent themselves from being votekicked.

-Reduced respawn time on babel
Thanks to your feedback, we have decreased the respawn time on babel from 16 seconds to 12 seconds.

-Imger /heaven and /topblocks update
The imger script has been updated!  By contributing 1,000 blocks to your team's tower on babel, you unlock the /heaven command.  You can use this command to change the babel platform to an image of your choosing (/heaven <image from /heavenlist>).  You can continue to change the heaven every 10 minutes for as long as you're on the server (even through map changes).  Keep an eye on the timer, though; any player who does /heaven first will reset the 10 minute server timer.
You can also now see who has placed the most blocks by using /topblocks on the babel server!  Using /blocks will still display how many you've contributed.

-Babel Apocalypse bug fix
There was a bug that prevented players from earning an /apoc if an apocalypse was being used.  This has been fixed!

-1v1 server bug fixes
There have been a few 1v1 server updates and bug fixes:
- Right click spading a player-built block resulted in map blocks being destroyed.  This has been patched.
- Joining the spectator team as the match counted down, and then respawning resulted in a player spawning outside of their sector.  Switching teams during a match will now result in a canceled match.
- Drag building through map blocks turned them into destructible player blocks.  This has been patched.
- If two players join a match and are on the same team, one player will be switched to the opposite team (to prevent minimap cheating).

-Arena10 weekly rotations
We will be trying to update the top 10 arena server rotation on a weekly basis.  If you have a group of 10 arena maps that you would like to see in a rotation, please feel free to share them:

1)prisonbreakv1.2, rigReloaded2.0, de_aztec, generator2, avseafort, planeassault , hijacked_arena2, nuketown, csitaly, csoffice

2)zealot, avstoragev2.3, sixhouses, avinsides, avdivision, avsmallfortressdawn, nuketown, avorder, playground, avsector1

3)crossover, cs_militia, abandonedstronghold, cs_havana, shootingrange, abandonedfactory, csoffice, avvirtual, CargoShip1.2, blueresort

4)playground, fy_pool_day2.1, avacid, cs_assault, minideckarenav1.2, de_nuke, abordage, indiaarenav1.2, dedust2arena, avsides

-Kicking older versions of Betterspades
The BetterSpades v0.1.5 update fixed a few bugs/issues that were an unfair advantage towards other players.  Since these issues still exist in earlier BetterSpades versions, we will be auto-kicking those versions from aloha servers.  If you use BetterSpades, please update to v0.1.5 now!

Please feel free to hop in and share some feedback about these updates!  We're also open to any/all of your own ideas too.  If they benefit the server/community, we'd be happy to discuss it!

- aloha.pk staff   :)
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xx April fools!!
April 02, 2021, 04:35:56 PM HST by DarioN

April fools!!

Our little friend the intel has been carried around babel 24/7 for so many years that 1 day, it decides to take revenge.

Our boxy scientist discovered it has an attraction for pink blocks, so we managed to bring it back to its routine.

Happy April fools players.
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xx 1v1 Server- Exploration Update
March 24, 2021, 03:23:34 PM HST by DarioN
1v1 Server- Exploration Update

We're happy to introduce a brand new update to the 1v1 server, which includes a brand new catwalk system!

All sector catwalks are connected to each other for you to watch your friends while they're playing!  You can teleport to a specific catwalk with the command /spectate <sector #>

There are also new, more informative, and more personalized Discord result messages!  Check out #1v1-results in our Discord to view results such as-

"DarioN wiped the floor with FerrariFlunker on nuketown by a score of 5-3. Try using your gun next time, FerrariFlunker."

Spoiler for Map view w/ catwalks:

Here are some in game photos of the new catwalks!

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xx A little forgiveness goes a long way
March 07, 2021, 04:22:33 PM HST by FerrariFlunker
updated March 07, 2021, 05:03 PM HST

As we've done in the past, the aloha staff have decided it's time to purge a few of our AoS server bans again.  We agreed that these bans were irrelevant due to age and were clogging up the system, which was causing performance issues on the servers.  With special thanks to CapRex, we were able to complete the following:

  • All bans that were issued before January 1st, 2021 have been purged.    Total amount purged: 49,290 bans
    dates of removed bans span roughly 6 years, ranging from ~2014 to December 31, 2020

If you were previously banned and fit into the above description then this is your lucky day! :)  However, please don't take this chance for granted.  We remain active and still have the record of all old bans that can be crosschecked with present offenses.  If you are unsure if you are unbanned, please feel free to ask a staff member in the aloha.pk Discord to check for your ban.

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smiley one decade
February 14, 2021, 04:40:26 PM HST by izzy

aloha.pk was registered 10 years ago today on February 14, 2011. wow. :o i can't believe how fast time flies. at the time, it was rare to experience peaceful gaming communities that respected everyone fairly and recognized people for good behavior. too often i'd find myself involved with communities that had power-tripping know-it-all admins or bullying environments where carelessness was the road to popularity & power - and i had enough. i wanted a place where "hardcore" gamers (like myself at the time) could have a lax but serious gaming environment with roots of sincerity, respect, fairness, positive reinforcement, giving credit where due, etc. you know, the good ol' raw human stuff like how we'd treat friends & family in person, essentially "aloha" by definition. that's why... aloha... player killers. 8) and so as the story goes, on one lonely Valentine's Day in 2011, aloha.pk became an existence on a mission to bring together respectful gamers from anywhere in the world. :D

  • we began with a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 'Heavy Metal' 24/7 server - a huge open space 32 player FPS map full of drivable tanks & helos - in California that had lots of players connecting to it from Japan, so we duplicated the CA server as a second server in JP that became one of the most popular BFBC2 servers for a while (that's why some of our first members are Japanese).
  • a couple months later we became so heavily engrossed with Ace of Spades that nothing else mattered, not even BFBC2! :o at one point we were running 30+ full pyspades servers and our colo'd server got kicked out of a data center for bogging down their rack because they thought the 1,000+ simultaneous players were a massive DDOS attack. ::) to their defense early pyspades wasn't exactly optimized. thrilling times! fast forward to today and remarkably there's still plenty of fun to be had. nearly 10 years... it's a long lifespan for a game, and although we as a community are admittedly only as perfect as any human, overall i feel that our collective early involvement, organized staff operations, content & code creations, hosting services, and most importantly respectful attitudes had and continue to have a positive impact on the game. good job guys.
  • then of course there are the multiple awesome Minecraft worlds we built together, such as from the already shutdown 'crew and friends' server, and the newest alohacraft server which is live and can be played right now. check it out!

over the next 10 years all of our lives inevitably will change, but aloha.pk will still be here one way or another. we intend to continue our support for Ace of Spades and Minecraft as long as people want to play them. we're also aiming to expand our reach into other unique/interesting/creative games, technologies, and activities. please always feel free to share your finds & interests, maybe we'll be interested too and we can dream and build cool stuff together!

in the nearish future, web changes are planned that will help the community's social aspect grow, with the ultimate goal being to provide better recognition to everyone who contributes their time & effort. this community is where i met some of the most kind, smart, genuine, and interesting people that i know (friendships for life?) and with the right balance of careful thought and change i believe we can all have more of those kinds of connections.

regardless if you joined today, 5 years ago, or 10 years ago, this is probably still relatively early for aloha.pk. so aloha/welcome, and mahalo/thanks for all your past, present, and future time & effort. a decade ago i couldn’t have imagined a community as special as this and i know all of our combined efforts are the reason it became what it is. i am grateful. <3
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xx a special all-day AoS event on Sunday, February 14
February 13, 2021, 07:00:27 PM HST by izzy
updated February 14, 2021, 06:51 PM HST
featured media from today's event:

Ferrari's "fastest gun in the west"
Froe streams the game that got him into aloha

please share in this thread any media you have from today's event, thanks!

we're having a "full day, come and go as you feel welcome"-FerrariFlunker gaming event on Sunday, February 14, 2021, to celebrate the big one decade birthday of aloha.pk!

we'll be playing Ace of Spades on our classic ol' pinpoint map, one of the first custom AoS maps released by me during the early days of Ace of Spades, redesigned by DarioN & Mile specially for this event, and enhanced with modern scripts such as FerrariFlunker’s apocalypse and Mile’s glow (try placing bright blocks to see effects, requires OpenSpades or BetterSpades to see)

the event will have a soft opening starting around 12PM noon UTC and will remain live for the entire day and through the night:

Hawaii Standard Time, HST    Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 2:00 am HST       
Los Angeles, USA             Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 4:00 am PST       
Denver, USA                  Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 5:00 am MST       
Houston, USA                 Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 6:00 am CST       
New York, USA                Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 7:00 am EST       
Manila, Philippines          Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 8:00 pm PHST     
London, United Kingdom       Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 12:00 noon GMT
Corresponding UTC            Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 12:00

AoS event server address


-> status page

screen shots in this post by izzy, Mile, MuffinTastic
videos in this post by FerrariFlunker, Froelich131
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