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xx 32GB
January 20, 2018, 08:30:22 AM HST by izzy
a hardware upgrade has been completed on our primary server. it's now sportin' 32GB RAM for your smoother in-game experience! (hopefully this will fix certain lags, such as the "warping" on AoS babel)

the funding calculator on the front page of aloha.pk has been updated to include this additional cost. it's only January and our 2018 expenses are already 54% funded! :o

huge thanks to Nathan, topo, VerstehIchNicht, Spring, Colorpinpoint, and shywolf91 for donating the funds to make this and our continued operations possible. <3
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December 30, 2017, 06:52:15 PM HST by FerrariFlunker

New year = more fun = launching nades on mini maps!

January 6th, 2018
10 PM UTC <-- Click Here
Grenade Launchers-  Read Below!

Grenade Launcher
Spoiler for Twist:
The nadelauncher script enables players to shoot grenades with their shotguns.

The regular shotgun bullets don't do any damage and the shot grenades don't destroy any blocks.

When equipped with a shotgun, you can choose between short range grenade shots by using /ns or wide range ones using /nw. You can also use /tn to shoot timebomb grenades that will last on the battlefield for a few seconds before they explode.

Event Server: http://central.aloha.pk:54322/

Sign Up Here

Please join the aloha.pk Discord Channel before the event begins!
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xx [Event] Official BnS League
December 28, 2017, 12:11:25 PM HST by Froelich131
The official Build and Shoot league is back! Gather a team of friends to compete in multiple intense 40-minute, 3-versus-3 matches and fight to be the league champions. Starts January 2nd, 2018; sign-ups are open now!

Click the banner below for more info!

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xx [EVENT] CS Arena FSOM
November 25, 2017, 09:13:21 AM HST by FerrariFlunker

Ho Ho How's everyone doing?!  Join us for a merry game of counter-strike arena!

Event Server:http://central.aloha.pk:54322/
CS Arena
December 2nd, 2017
10 PM UTC <-- Click Here
New Maps!-  Read Below!

New Maps
Spoiler for Maps:

Sign Up Here

Please join the aloha.pk Discord Channel before the event begins!
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xx net neutrality needs YOU!
November 22, 2017, 07:34:18 PM HST by izzy

so backwards to the point that we need to defend net neutrality AGAIN.

net neutrality prevents internet providers from controlling and charging for what we see and do online. without it, the internet would become divided into subscription-based packages similar to cable TV, and whatever access you're fortunate enough to afford would still be isolated from the whole internet.

defending net neutrality is common sense; it's defending the open modern internet the world has been using for nearly two decades. even if you're not in the USA, losing net neutrality there would have a huge negative effect on the internet as you know it.

if you are an American, please encourage Congress to stop the FCC from killing net neutrality. www.battleforthenet.com (thanks BR for the link) makes it super easy to email and call important decision makers -- a script is even provided for your email that you can also use to read aloud during your calls. press * after finishing each call to move on to the next. thanks! :)

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thumbup Superflight
November 12, 2017, 05:04:00 PM HST by Asian Guy
There's this game that recently came out called "Superflight." It is on sale 10% off right now on Steam and it's very fun. The object of the game is to get the highest score possible by flying close to obstacles.
I recently tried it out and it's very relaxing and it's good for passing time. I recommend it and it's worth the 3 dollars.


Introduction to the game:

Their website is here: https://superflightgame.com/
Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/732430/Superflight/
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clip Frankenstein skin for OS! [spooky lvl 100]
October 26, 2017, 01:28:51 PM HST by Glass
Ooooooo it's that time of year again, deuces! Time for some spooky shooting. What's better than playing OS on halloween/in the month of december? Well playing OS with a spooky skin! So here it is, the frankenstein skin!

DL is down below. Happy shooting!

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xx [EVENT] Humans vs Zombies FSOM
October 21, 2017, 09:18:41 PM HST by FerrariFlunker

Trick or Treat yourself to a game of Humans Vs Zombies!  It's gonna be a gourd time! I'm so very sorry.

Humans Vs Zombies
November 4th, 2017
7 PM UTC <-- Click Here         

Possible Converted Event Times

Vote for the time of the event in the poll above!

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Please join the aloha.pk Discord Channel before the event begins!
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xx "no autoclimb" AoS event by oldtimer tGM this Friday, Oct. 20th, 2017
October 17, 2017, 01:12:34 AM HST by izzy
there once was a time when the early versions of Ace of Spades didn't have autoclimb, the feature that automatically and quickly walks you over single-height blocks. back then, Ace of Spades was a slower paced game, and tunnels had a significant impact on gameplay. that was the style of AoS i initially discovered and quickly fell in love with. of course, AoS is still fun with autoclimb - in a different way - because that subtle change greatly affected its gameplay.

anyway, this Friday, October 20, 2017, veteran player and former AoS community assistant TheGrandmaster will be hosting an event using an earlier version of AoS that doesn't have autoclimb and the SMG weapon. whether for nostalgia or curiosity, now's your chance to (re)experience a piece of that era. here's tGM's post on Build and Shoot about it:

Quote from: TheGrandmaster
Y'all probably remember me, but in-case you don't - began playing AoS @ v0.22 and played it for many years, involved in various parts of the community. Been away for quite some time and I'd still call myself somewhat aloof from BnS, but I have been busy!

I help run a Rocket League community, who have begun having several weekly streams. We're called Division6, and every Friday we host an Alternative Games Night (AGN) @ 7pm BST. Last week I convinced 10 newbies to play Soldat (props to you if you know that game), and this week I am aiming to fill a 32-slot server from one of the earlier AoS versions.

Gen map, crazy sensitivity, no auto-climb, just the pure gold fun that was the early days.
I'm hoping to attract a crowd and get a full server so we can properly get a taste of that feeling, so please tell your old buddies to come back along for a nostalgic wonderland.

The client download will be linked to at the very beginning of the Stream, will have an easy 1-click joinable batch file, and the game shall be streamed by me on the D6 twitch channel (http://twitch.division6.org) for a number of hours hopefully (the server will be kept up for the night regardless).

Hope to see you all there, and if you have any questions, shoot!

EDIT: Here's the download link in advance for all those curious!
It's a modded 0.52, with autoclimb taken out, frame rate cap upped to 60 FPS, and master server link removed.

Made an introduction, explaining setup and basics of the version, should you not know or want to invite friends easily:

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September 19, 2017, 04:23:24 PM HST by FerrariFlunker

FSOM is back!  Join us for a game of Tug of War with shotguns that shoot grenades!

Tug of War

Server Link:  aos://180274501:54321

October 7th, 2017

10 PM UTC <-- Click Here

Grenade Launchers-  Read Below!

Grenade Launcher
Spoiler for Twist:
The nadelauncher script enables players to shoot grenades with their shotguns.

The regular shotgun bullets don't do any damage and the shot grenades don't destroy any blocks.

When equipped with a shotgun, you can choose between short range grenade shots by using /ns or wide range ones using /nw. You can also use /tn to shoot timebomb grenades that will last on the battlefield for a few seconds before they explode.

What is ToW?
Spoiler for Tug of War:
ToW basic overview

-Blue and Green spawn in with an equal amount of Control Points (CP) under their control.
-CPs are represented as intels on the map and serve as and look like resupply tents.
-Each team must capture all the CPs on the map in order to win.
-Only the frontline CP of a team can be captured.
-A team's CP can be captured by the opposing team if the opposing team has more players in a CP's capture radius.
-Capture progress of a CP is represented by a colored bar. When an attacking team's color fills the entire bar, the CP will be controlled by that team.
-A CP capture can be stopped by the defending team if it has an equal amount of players in the capture radius and capture progress can be reversed if the defenders have more players in the capture radius.
-Capturing a CP advances the capturing team's spawn forward while losing a CP pushes the losing team's spawn back.
-CPs can be dug underground or elevated; this affects the CP's capture radius.

Still have questions about the gamemode?  Ask below!

Map Rotation
Spoiler for Rotation:
The maps have been chosen!  Here is the map rotation that we will use for the event-

1)  urbantankfightfinal

2) trenches

3) binladencompoundv7

4) omaha

5) normandie

6) classicgen

7) battlefarm

7) 4rivers

Additional maps will be randomized.

Vote for what maps you want to see played in the poll above!

Sign Up Here

Please join the aloha.pk Discord Channel before the event begins!
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