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Re: The Truth About Being An Aloha Guard
« Reply #90 on: February 28, 2017, 12:18:51 PM HST »

This is from from yesterday and today. Mind you, these are not all bans. Some of these videos are short clips of someone I thought was suspicious, some of these videos are evidence broken in to parts, but the bulk of this is evidence that was followed up with a ban. If I don't upload this every time i ban someone it won't stick for more than 6 hours. If i don't upload this I'll never be promoted above guard. If i upload this I may as well call this a full time job with a volunteers salary.

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Re: The Truth About Aloha
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Re: The Truth About Aloha
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Re: The Truth About Aloha
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Changes are starting to take place, if you have noticed. It took a long time but now things are finally going to be straightened out it seems. There is now a new BK, but more importantly, the Anonymous section is gone. This will eliminate a lot of forum trolling, flaming and bullying, and I doubt that feature will return ever. This is a step in the right direction. Let's see if any new game servers pop up.
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Re: The Truth About Aloha
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I normally don't double post but I just realized there has been a rather large misconception.

When I said people well, work together to tank applications, I don't think I mentioned exactly HOW. I don't really mean on the level where people get together in like, a chatroom or voice chat and discuss who to fk up. I mean, afaik, that might have happened once or twice. What I meant was that inactives can be called in to vote. While inactives may be veterans, it's definitely annoying because they carry with them sometimes very VERY old opinions, and won't hesitate to recall them. While knowing something has happened is good, some people completely can be swayed by old opinions that may not reflect current events, actions or attitude, which in essence is asking around for people to tank applications. It happened to me, in my last application, and some people actually called the inactives out on it.

On a different note, say you do change and come back after a period of absence. Chances are there will still be a few assholes, who want to toss wood into the fire. Treating someone like they used to behave when they're obviously trying hard to be different is definitely a dick move, and demoralizing. Fact: FerrariFlunker had a pretty rough time climbing up from being permabanned because of his past actions, but he eventually became a pillar of the community for a while. However, that doesn't always happen. For example AceTheKing kept being bullied and eventually the constant bullying made him do bad things because people wouldn't shut up and leave him alone about how he used to act, and it pushed him into being a complete asshole. I've seen people act very immature and pin the immaturity on someone else when they retaliate.
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Re: The Truth About Aloha
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all you whine much; relax, friends adn ppl of the night  :)  ::) it okay!

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Re: The Truth About Aloha
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Re: The Truth About Aloha
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haha. lets kill torch for all the things

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Re: The Truth About Aloha
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Old habits die, they said.
AoS is a habit, so probably that counts..?

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Re: The Truth About Aloha
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(Atreyu I see you liked Anon's post, he's not laughing at me, but moreso at the responses to the topic, especially Torch's bc well, Torch had some nice drama. Same with Pun's response. In reference to Torch.)
Well I lost my trusted status for leaking "insider information". If that isn't enough to prove that there are things true in this topic, I don't really know what else to say. In all honesty it's whistleblowing (which well, in response to Nathan, is actually legal in my country) because I am exposing major flaws and attempting to get things fixed instead of well, fucking them up more. People were so quick to jump to the conclusion I wanted to cause more issues because of my past. No. Grow up and accept that people change. I pointed out issues because I wanted change for the better. I respect izzy's principles because he pays for this forum, and I tried doing this to try and show izzy that there needed to be change. This forum is dead to enough people already because of issues outlined.

TL;DR, the majority of this topic is true. I wish I could provide picture evidence to everything but the administrative response should be enough to prove that a lot of this is true. I didn't lose my trusted for "causing problems" or "being a troublemaker".
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