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a little bit about aloha.pk
« on: February 15, 2011, 12:02:46 AM HST »
we are aloha player killers or aloha.pk for short. conceived by a Hawaii-grown gamer whose gaming addiction began in 1986, aloha.pk was born in February of 2011 and is sustained by the "max out" gamer lifestyle.

aloha.pk is populated by respectful, PvP-hungry gamers who know a fun challenge and crave it on the playing field. we're a halfbreed of Hawaii locals and haoles spread around the world who welcome you to become part of us no matter where you're from.

what is aloha?

it's a Hawaiian word that in simplest terms translates to a friendly hello and goodbye. its deepest meaning is beyond definition; it's a way of life that's all about love and respect.

where are we from and where are our servers located?

we're all over the place but most of us are in or near the Pacific region - from the western and mid parts of North America to the eastern parts of Asia, and of course smack-dab in the middle right here in Hawaii. all of our game servers run natively on our own hardware in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

how to join?

you being here means you're already part of us. say hi if you want or don't.

how can i give back?

just be respectful. that's more than enough and appreciated more than you know.

no but seriously, how can i give back?

sharing your resources, skills, and knowledge certainly helps.

donations are accepted via PayPal. all donations go toward present and future aloha.pk expenses.
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