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Zeitgeist says: Hello
Alexkamman says: I need to be unlocked in order to play
:P says: hi
TheRealStrikerJannersYT says: hi there
MegaStar says: k
MoDeR says: Hey noobs
Stradivarius says: and TV
SpadePablo says: coffee is an CEO thing lol i'm too young i prefer cranberry juice :v
FalleN says: and coffee
SpadePablo says: i like french fries lol
FalleN says: i like potatoes
SpadePablo says: i'm a hacker
FalleN says: idk
SpadePablo says: ok where
MiyukiTokubetsu says: send help
GraveBear says: '
SpadePablo says: i love magic the gathering
GamingFTW says: "Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it."
SpadePablo says: hello
YoSUu says: hello
SpadePablo says: A SQUIRREL IM HERE
twodayudie says: kek
notagay123 says: )
           ( ____________________ ___
            /\                   \:::\
            \/                   /jgs/
notagay123 says: satan
Gori says: Hello!
[CS]Kotaro says: hi
Gori says: Is this the comeback of the ramblings?
Stradivarius says: and im not quoting atreyu
Stradivarius says: i forgot this existed
FalleN says: nhaa
Pun says: Happy New Year Aloha Members!!  Hope everyone has a great year
MegaStar says: happy new year!
Gori says: i.imgur.com/uhtxR.png
Gori says: Survive a new year!
MegaStar says: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||
 |    |||||     |||||     |
 |                        |
 |_____ __ _____|
Gori says: Yee: youtu.be/q6EoRBvdVPQ
Gori says: Also this: youtu.be/nTDud03nzCg
Gori says: youtu.be/WvufFwdqMzg
Gori says: Seems dead
Gori says: *pokes with a stick*
Gori says: Rambles...
Gori says: Wow, the first time i get so deep into the home page
MegaStar says: merry christmas!
Torch says: Do not believe the lie that is kaylaa. It is definitely kayla.
kaylaa says: hi
BorealBlizzard says: HEYYYYYY
twodayudie says: this thing still dead
Atreyu says: i forgot this existed
Stradivarius says: glad to see new comments
twodayudie says: kekekekek
Mr.Optimus says: '-'
YoSUu says: hell0
Stradivarius says: okay rambo lets revive this sht
[Noob]Ep-- says: I do not like Coffe
I do not watch TV
Stradivarius says: go and drink some coffee and watch some TV bro
[Noob]Ep-- says: ramble ramble ramble
Stradivarius says: rude
twodayudie says: oh sorry, this entire forum is dead
twodayudie says: Ramble is dead
Stradivarius says: OK THX
[Noob]Ep-- says: This is more dead than me
Stradivarius says: ramble killed ramble pls
Stradivarius says: ramble died ramble rip
Stradivarius says: ramble bye ramble hi
PrOSkillz says: ramble hi ramble bye
Stradivarius says: when will you give admin to ender bastards
Stradivarius says: wassup biatch
Stradivarius says: someone forgot this place
Stradivarius says: VIVA PERON
Stradivarius says: tengo todo lo que quiere la warra fuma toma y se arrebata
[Noob]Ep-- says: wew
Stradivarius says: do re mi fa sol la si
FerrariFlunker says: vroom vroom
GuardiaN says: ssom?
says: Stroodivoorioos?
Stradivarius says: fsom?
SpadePablo says: Silnius?
Stradivarius says: we're sleeping
izzy says: first person to answer my previous question wins the game of ramble ramble ramble!
izzy says: o hai guise how are you doing down here?
Stradivarius says: salute
Silnius says: hi
says: Comfortably Numb is amazing
Stradivarius says: i like trains
GuardiaN says: I like cookies
Stradivarius says: i like us air force corps
says: I like us marine corps, I hope to see him in game sometime! :3
says: ;3;
GuardiaN says: Update: The PS2 ports weren't recognized at all, one of my friends is saying that my motherboard has some fried chips. Guess I won't be playing Ace of Spades for a while. Might possibly need a new cpu overall ;_;
Paratrooper says: hello
shywolf91 says: o hai
GuardiaN says: I'm getting a PS2 port keyboard (if I can find one in the market). I'll try using it to fix everything (if it works), man this whole situation is nor based on "if"
says: Seriously: Have you tried using different ports on your computer for the keyboard? Tried the keyboard on a diff. PC?
GuardiaN says: Well there is a 90% chance I won't make it to the event
And I'm stuck at the password screen
GuardiaN says: My keyboard isn't even being detected....
says: GuardiaN did you try hitting ALT+F4?
Stradivarius says: que onda
GuardiaN says: My pc isn't detecting mouse nor keyboard (not even working in bios ;_;) and Google isn't helping me in fixing this issue. I wont be playing aos anytime soon until I fix my pc
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