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Some of you may know me as I used to play here, the name of this account isn’t my nick but I have gone by several usernames such as meme man, panzer battalion and the like. I used to frequent babel servers although time does not permit any longer.

This is why that’s the case:

I have been developing my own game know as Stargazer program, it’s a multiplayer duelling shmup maybe first of its kind.
Check this out:

You are the shuttle on the bottom and you play against an enemy on the top.
 Unlike most shmups this one doesn’t emphasize on the bullet hell aspects and instead promotes strategy and wit.  There are about 12 levels in total, all with different aspects and a different strategy for beating it. Beating the CPU is no easy task and you really must use your environment to your advantage to do it. Not to mention that everything between you and the foe is a threat too.

The best thing of all is that this supports network multiplayer, both by direct ip and steam. If you got a friend you can play locally with controllers instead.
If that sounds like something you would like to play hit me up on discord:  https://discord.gg/NcDhmrc or get the demo over at itch and have a go: https://beargears.itch.io/stargazerprogram

Thanks for sticking around aos its been fun and maybe I will hop in when I got the time.

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