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Re: [EVENT] April Fools' FSOM
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Once Blue and Green teams are filled. Remaining people will be added to maybe. People on the maybe list can join the FSOM if any empty server spots are available during the FSOM.

March 18, 2017, 04:03:54 PM HST
Re: Name every dude you know that called hacks on you in every server. :(
March 22, 2017, 10:07:06 AM HST
Re: Appeal Appeal denied. None of the staff trusts you to play legit or honor a ban of any length. 
May 19, 2017, 09:50:34 AM HST
Re: Yankarlos205 Ban Appeal.
I simply tried to download "pubul", but as I knew almost nothing (not even how it works aloha, my brother gives me instructions) of this game and maybe I downloaded another as "no recoi". But I did not know that I was injected into the game because the "aim bot" is sometimes injected but it is not shown, and in the video it came out in the end that I persisted E and pointed me to the head but I thought I was that without Hacks Please excuse me and do not perfude my brother and all vulva to normality.

this has to be a joke lmao

June 20, 2017, 02:11:30 PM HST
Re: Hello guys Spanish:

Hola, la razón de tu ban fue debido a un votekick exitoso en contra tuya, por lo que fuiste baneado durante 30 minutos.
Deberías ser capaz de volver a entrar a los servidores, en caso contrario, lo puedes comentar aquí mismo.

Que te diviertas (sin hacer trampa plz)


Hi, your ban was due to a votekick, so you were banned for 30 minutes.
You should be able to enter servers again, otherwise, you can post it here.

Have fun (without cheating plz)

June 23, 2017, 09:41:37 PM HST
Re: Yankarlos205 Ban Appeal. It is proven that he was hacking on multiple occasions throughout the year, I don't understand why you'd even bother giving him a chance. Not to mention he's an arrogant prick. He whines when he dies, insults SMG users and is just looking for an excuse to insult anybody else from what I've seen.

I was banned for far less.

June 25, 2017, 05:02:04 AM HST
Re: Banned for trying to protect tower i meant not to post anything but i guess i will anyway

On bridgeyard, taking down the bridge is a tactic that's been commonly used by both normal players and staff alike. You shouldn't employ different sets of rules when different admins are on or when the tactic seems noobish. I, as I'm sure many others, have been a witness (or even a part) to many bad tactics on various kinds of maps. Are people who build 3+ high walls (and who are firmly convinced it is their tactic that'ss gonna tip the balance in their team's favour, and which could potentially, although unlikely, work, granted certain conditions were met) on maps like driftice gonna get actively disabled just because you know/think those tactics are not so good? This was just one example of many others possible, and part of the game is learning. Getting to know what, how, where and why something works, and where it just doesn't. Then there is taking risks. Doing something which might seem to you like dumb shit, and which in and of itself isn’t anything malicious, is a part of that risk. That is all a part of testing various strategies, however good or bad they may be.

I am firmly convinced that toggling people based on controversial "i know better this isn't gonna work here" or "hurr durr i see the full picture" should not be the way to go, and it's a simple way to alienate many players-especially considering how minute today's playerbase is - as simply this makes the game unnecessarily restrictive and, dare I say, boring. It also makes things needlessly confusing, and what fun is a game when you have to carefully watch your every step to avoid getting banned or penalized in some way.

All I've mentioned here, stands in a glaring contradiction to what aloha supposedly is, and that is operating in the shadows, discreetly, interfering in gameplay as little as it's possible and taking actions only when absolutely necessary, and that would entail situations with visibly /malicious intent/, i.e. aimbotting, obvious griefing and shit.

So, what we need is: a uniform set of rules (however unreasonable, excessive, debatable some of them may seem), not a system where punishing seems to be done randomly, on a whim, or where certain admins punish for things to which other admins wouldn't as much as bat an eye (or in which they actively partake in).

June 26, 2017, 12:18:42 PM HST
Re: Why? Roberto,

Do you recall that you have an votekick? Try it now and you should be fine.



July 20, 2017, 02:05:17 PM HST
Re: important aloha changes This is fucking bullshit, i don't care for those giant useless cloat suckers spazz monkeys cousin fuckers, they are all a failed abortion whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory. Fucking dumbasses ruining the gamestreaks with votekicks just cause "words hurts".
Wow, fuck 'em, if they don't like, just don't read the godamn chat, profit.

August 15, 2017, 06:37:51 PM HST
Super Ideas! Hello, after a long time of inactivity in this part of the
Forum, I came to bring some ideas that I started to reflect
With care to elaborate them well, the ideas are:

1. / togglevotekick: I know that you can do some script that allows
Remove the right to votekick from an inflatable person
Constantly rules with this command.

2. / togglevotemap: In an earlier idea, I mentioned an option that
Allow any player to initiate a vote for a change
Of map, but some told me that there could be abuse, so
This command (which can be created) facilitates the
Players that if they want to use this type of commands.

3. / unstick: this command allows the player to unlock, thus
Simple, but for there to be no abuse, it is possible the option
You are not stuck, the command will not allow you to use it.

4. Watchers: above the trusteds, there could be some sort of
Vigilantes, almost like the guards, but this would only have commands
To mute, to temporarily prohibit short, and commands like this ...
Why this idea? Sometimes many players complain that X
Person breaks the rules and there is no staff member who
Can cope with it, and these can come more than
the guards.

5. Chess: because of the structure of the map on the screen
Complete, I think it is possible to create a game mode that results
Of much interest for some players, "Chess", but how
Is this going to be possible? I have thought that each player will play
Chance a token, in this case, you can be King with a certain percentage
Of probability, and move in turns.

6. Kill the leader: This could be another game mode I've seen
In other games, which consists of that: the one that makes the most amount
Of points in the previous round or the first to enter the server,
Will be the leader, who will have 50,000hp, seems exaggerated, but with the
SMG weapons will be easy. There will be 2 teams, all will have a leader of which
The players will relive if they die, ie if you die, you appear where
Is the leader, as in the Squads, the one who assassinates the leader wins
10 points.

Thank you for reading! And forgive me for the lousy English.


August 21, 2017, 06:24:41 PM HST