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Re: +1000 maps zip file
« Reply #10 on: August 30, 2017, 06:48:07 AM HST »
That lostmotor guy has made quite a few maps huh.Niceu!

hello spykaps, this  is true that lost hotel makes a lot of maps,
this is a good job of him because he is good at this and he makes good maps and good maps are an important part of every server in case you havent notice, such as the server babel which has many good maps and this makes it good server but it also has some bad ones but this will always be because the maps that some people think are good are sometimes not good but just they are think like that by some people
i do not know what huh.Niceu! means but i think you mean to say Nice! which i agree with this because lost hotel is nice and hopefully he will keep making maps and keep making great maps love him


Re: +1000 maps zip file
« Reply #11 on: August 30, 2017, 06:51:28 AM HST »
Well I've set up a map repo for the last few days which features your maps for download...
Link: https://aos.party/

You can also search by author, e.g. 'author:Lostmotel'

Torch: yours are on there too  ;)

hello bite bit,
thanks to you for sharing this, this is a great website you have made to share the maps, i go on this and i search lostmotel and there are only 12 maps, this is strange because i know he have made many more than 12 maps but maybe they are not very good so you have not included them but i do not know because i cant see them, anyway this is good website maybe i will bookmark it in my browser so that i can access it quickly by only hitting the button at the top instead of go to search bar and type the adress