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the cute lil workshop / [SCRIPT] nameban 1.1
« on: March 17, 2018, 11:36:48 AM HST »
Updated version:

-You can not add the same nameban twice, this is to avoid possible problems.

-You can change the name of the file where your namebans will be saved (inside the script on the line (FILE_NAME = "nameban.txt").

-Previously the nameban was sensitive to uppercase and lowercase, what do I mean by this? the nameban differentiates between uppercase and lowercase, suppose you put a nameban called "PabloEscobar" the script will respect the uppercase and lowercase of the nameban and only ban the nick "PabloEscobar" but not "pabloescobar","pabloEscobar","PABLOescobaR", etc, now you can use the command /changestatus to allow the script not to differentiate between uppercase and lowercase (not be sensitive to it) therefore the script will ban the nick containing the uppercase and lowercase in any part of the name "PabloEscobar" ("PABLOESCOBAR","PABLOescoBar","PABLOeScObAr","pabloescobar", etc) this can be help and I recommend that you use it with caution.

-The script will automatically be in a sensitive state (it will respect uppercase and lowercase), to change it just put /changestatus.

PD: Thanks to CapRex for reducing some extra lines and for changing the name of the file where the namebans will be saved.

Old version and steps how to use the script
Spoiler for unknown:
Possibly this small script is of help to players who want to ban a specific nick on their servers, either because the player is constantly evading or because he always uses hack but always retains the same nickname, you can use the command within the game or through the console

The command is /nameban (nick), example: /nameban PabloEscobar

You must create a file called "nameban.txt" inside your dist folder.

The name will be saved in the file nameban.txt and the server when detect the nick will automatically ban the player for 1 week (you can change the duration of the ban in the script).

It is not necessary to restart the server so that the script does its job,it will do it once you put the nick.

It's not quite perfect but it will help them in small troubles.

the cute lil workshop / [MAP] 8 mountains
« on: December 08, 2017, 10:54:11 AM HST »
This is my first map made for babel mode.

the cute lil workshop / [MAP - UPDATED] de_train
« on: November 24, 2017, 11:33:21 AM HST »
Previously this map was tested in an FSOM where it was possible to see that the map was big, and was more adaptable in a ctf than a arena, therefore at the request of several players I decided to do it again and reduce the size of the map to it be adaptable for a arena server.


- Fixed the glitch where the players could climb in the car.
- New colors and contrast, to make it more realistic.
- New form of arena gates.
- Reduction of the size of the map.


Picture of the first version of the map:

Picture of the updated version:

- old version
Spoiler for unknown:
I just finished the map de_train of counter-strike and currently I have only put it for arena game mode.
Update: implementation of stairs in train carriages.



the cute lil workshop / [MAP] fy_pool_day
« on: October 29, 2017, 12:39:16 PM HST »
I come to share another map, in this case it is a counter-strike map called fy_pool_day, the map is wide ample and everything is symmetrical:



demostration of arena_gates:

the cute lil workshop / [MAP] Nuketown
« on: October 18, 2017, 03:44:46 PM HST »
Hello everyone, again I come to share a map made from scratch, the map is called nuketown, I know that there is already an earlier version of this map but I decided to create a new version making it more similar to the original.

The map is made for arena and tdm game modes.


Has the same dynamics of the first map made, can only be played by the interior but not by the exteriors, has high walls so players are not glitchers


here if you can go outside, this map is not limited as in arena mode,  if they use the map in tdm mode they need to put the script "protect"  so that the map is firm and does not break
demonstration (this demonstration was done with nuketown_tdm map)

some catches:

the cute lil workshop / Bomberman - Game Mode
« on: October 09, 2017, 01:13:21 PM HST »
hello everyone, I come to share this with the comunity of aloha.

This mode of play is Bomberman, you can only use bombs to kill your enemy, in this case the bombs would be replaced by a red cube.
This script is from yuyasato and is one of my favorites, for which I have modified it a bit to make it more fun.

2 teams (2 members per team)

- White
- Black

-Each game consists of 20 kills, the team that reaches 20 will win the round.
-Each bomb will damage -50HP
-Your bombs and those of your team will not damage you
-When killing a player you will be given +50HP
-To put a bomb you need to crouch
-You can only destroy the green blocks and not the pillars of sky color.
-There are no weapons.
-Your spade does not damage
-The grenades do no damage

Admin Command:

/rst    To start the game.

It is only necessary to put this command when you open the server, you will not have to put it in the next rounds because it will be placed automatically.


Currently only has 1 map:

There are only 4 spawns, and they are random


(this video was made before I modified the game mode but it is the same dynamics :) )

(current video)

the cute lil workshop / [arena - only spade]
« on: September 17, 2017, 06:17:08 PM HST »
Long ago I decided to share this but there were some errors but I have just solved almost all, this game mode is arena and only spade, you can only use the spade but no weapons or grenades, I realized that when someone wins a round and is playing in openspades, the player can reload but anyway their bullets do no harm (this does not happen in the ace of spades client) so I put a small warning message.
are small maps so the time should also be short, currently has 4 maps and each round lasts 2 minutes.
The spade damage is -25 HP per hit.


video showing two maps

the cute lil workshop / [TUTORIAL] creation arena maps with openspades
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:52:34 PM HST »
a tutorial easy to follow, this tutorial is done from openspades, if you do from the ace of spades should do the arena gates with the program voxed and then save it ( you can see this here  http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=8294.0 ), I do not use the voxed program so I do it from the openspades because it more easyer for me.

PSDATA: if you make the arena gates from the client ace of spades and later save it with /savemap, is 100% sure that the arena gates do not work properly since the blocks will have slightly different colors and the gate will not break completely.

Instead if you do the arena gates and save since the openspades it is sure that they work correctly.

tutorial video:

Scripts, map and format:

the cute lil workshop / [Half-Life] Compilation mode
« on: August 29, 2017, 07:25:45 AM HST »
Hello everyone,

I come to share a dist(server) whose functionality is resemble the game "half-life" with the map "crossfire".

I took the game mode ffa, it's an all against all.

Things implemented:

- Elevators that activate automatically.
- Buttons that restore life and ammunition (currently 3 on the map).
- Airstrike that affects both enemies and your own team.
- Player top score.


They are placed in the same place as in the original map "crossfire".


They are placed in the same place where the medkits are in the original game.


You need 5 kills to use, you can configure it to your liking.

-Player top

The server is placed in a limit of 50 kills, the kills limit is divided by 5 so that in a certain amount of kills the server sends a message naming the top player.

As the server is set at 50 kills the figure would be 50/5 = 10

The player who gets10 kills will be named as the top player and so on.

Message to be displayed (in my case)

Now top score: MegaStar (10 kills)! (50 kills limit  deathmatch)

Suppose you now set it to a limit of 20 kills:

20/5 = 4

The player who gets 4 kills will be named as the top player .... (that's the dynamics)

In the case that a player is in the top 1, to pass to the top1 you must exceed the current score.

When you get to die a message will appeare (only for the one who died) saying name  the player that is in the top1 and the player that is in the top2 and your current score.

Video where you can see a small demonstration:

link of the dist:


the cute lil workshop / [MAP] PokerFace
« on: August 29, 2017, 06:05:18 AM HST »
the map it's based of the emoticon "pokerface", and is made for the game mode "arena".


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