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Music Exchange (Formerly - Music Appreciation) Let's start this off with some Zep:

Then follow up with some Neil:

What else you guys got? Any genre is welcome and the only rule is to be open to a new style.

March 28, 2013, 03:18:15 PM HST
Re: Chappy's Ban Appeal Exactly what Craft said is exactly what my whole feeling has been since this started. You have no real proof chappy. You think you do but all you have is: circumstance and obscurity. You hope this will explain the anomalies away - but nope. If you cover a stain with a rug is the stain gone? I still render the videos submitted of you playing AFTER you were banned to be worth nothing in deciding whether you hacked that day and if the ban was justified - which the whole reason why we're here now, and the reason why it's sparked so many arguments n private. That's the one thing you have not been able to effectively demonstrate because it has already happened. I've said to you and other staff members that if you had POV footage from the same game, then that is evidence. You've provided video and that's it, just a video of you showing you not hacking that day and leaving even more room for obscurity and vagueness and creating holes in the whole thing that only exist because you keep inventing them.

As for things like your name in IRC "URIP" (Unfairly Resting In Peace, really come on now) you've done nothing but try and guilt trip me and others to make us feel sorry for you and don't get me wrong I do feel bad about this whole thing and yeah it must be kind of rough but not cool you could of protested your innocence in a less self pitying fashion imo. Did you not think that every word you said public or private would be scrutinised and your actions and behaviour also? Your appeal is basically a lengthier and more fluffed version of: it was lag and my skills. Now that I guarantee is a analogy a lot of staff used for your case. Didn't Lawliet use the same argument?

Whether you're entitled to a second chance, your behaviour and demeanour say you're lying about something and trying desperately to cover it up with weak evidence and lot's of words. Sorry, I'm voting no.

August 19, 2013, 08:02:32 AM HST
Re: Post a picture of yourself if you dare!
Im calling BS on the Monsta Pic.
A-poc is definitely in disguise.
I don't hide.
Here is the REAL Pun.

That's Joe Strummer, how dare you equate yourself to him who is most holy and god like.

Here's more pics of the almighty Joe.

November 22, 2015, 04:08:40 AM HST
Re: Post a picture of yourself if you dare! Joe Strummer is a god SnIpEr, only tragedy is he's dead.


November 23, 2015, 04:07:47 AM HST
Re: Music Exchange (Formerly - Music Appreciation) MORE HLM OST:

Hotline Miami OST - Perturbator

Hotline Miami OST - Release

July 28, 2016, 03:50:36 PM HST
Re: Forum Changes Hey hey! Month old necro!


Have one system but not the other. Likes and Karma express the same values - that people agree with you. Why you need two separate systems to show this I have no idea. I prefer the idea of "likes" over "karma" in any case if I were to choose.

The new text stuff looks cool though, nice

September 05, 2016, 12:01:32 PM HST
Re: Music Exchange (Formerly - Music Appreciation)

<3 Animals, especially Dogs and Sheep.

September 14, 2016, 11:57:35 AM HST
Re: Ban Appeal ~ TacticalBhopper Sorry to interject, and whatnot but...yeah Spy's video is proof enough for us. You were hacking. The tool he was using is a First Person Perspective ovl, something we've used for a very long time with very accurate results. We know what we're looking for, and so does Spy. This is a time to make it right, we won't punish you for admitting to hacking we reward honesty. So it's up to you.


November 02, 2017, 03:36:03 PM HST