Zeitgeist: Hello
Alexkamman: I need to be unlocked in order to play
:P: hi
TheRealStrikerJannersYT: hi there
MegaStar: k
MoDeR: Hey noobs
Stradivarius: and TV
SpadePablo: coffee is an CEO thing lol i'm too young i prefer cranberry juice :v
FalleN: and coffee
SpadePablo: i like french fries lol
FalleN: i like potatoes
SpadePablo: i'm a hacker
FalleN: idk
SpadePablo: ok where
MiyukiTokubetsu: send help
GraveBear: '
SpadePablo: i love magic the gathering
GamingFTW: "Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it."
SpadePablo: hello
YoSUu: hello
twodayudie: kek
notagay123: )
           ( ____________________ ___
            /\                   \:::\
            \/                   /jgs/
notagay123: satan
Gori: Hello!