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xx happy Easter!
April 16, 2017, 03:13:38 PM HST by izzy

credit to QuickBrownFox for this very eggy in-game creation
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xx Teeworlds server
April 09, 2017, 06:58:10 AM HST by MuffinTastic
for anyone who was keeping an eye on Teeworlds, good news; we now have an official vanilla CTF server up and running! so now you have no excuse not to play ;)

simply search "aloha.pk" in the server list and you should find it.

here's the original little big list Teeworlds topic

hopefully you like it! if there are any issues or suggestions, just reply to this and we'll [try to] get it taken care of.
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xx Server move
April 05, 2017, 12:11:46 PM HST by BR
Hey everyone!
We're currently moving our servers from Las Vegas to Kansas City.
There'll probably be some things that stop working, but let us know and we'll try to get everything back to normal again.
This also means that existing links to the game servers won't be right: the new ones all start with aos://180274501.

We'd appreciate it if you'd send us some network information about the new location: https://goo.gl/forms/q1hqXxGNRtDuxsvF2
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xx [EVENT] April Fools' FSOM
March 18, 2017, 04:03:39 PM HST by shywolf91
server status page is up. Teams are locked and server is off master list. I will turn on master about 10-5 minutes before the start of the event. Teams will also be unlocked about 10-5 minutes before event starts

status page

FSOM is back! And this time we have a special April Fool's event (and maybe a special trick) for all you aloha player killers.

April 1, 2017
11 PM UTC <-- Click Here
fsom_aloha<-- Server

Try not to be late and reserve your seat HERE!

The server will be created a day or two before and the link will be added to the 1st page (and discord/irc) before the start of the event.

Spoiler for Mumble Info:
Mumble can be downloaded here:

Download the client software on the right side of the screen.  Installation is pretty simple, as there's a wizard when you first start the application to help you set up your mic and audio.

I highly recommend using a button to activate it, rather than having your mic turn on automatically when it picks up noise.  This is especially true for laptop users or those using a webcam w/ mic.  You'll have this option towards the end of the wizard (my push-to-talk is set to mouse button 5, your scroll button (click, not scroll) is also free in aos for you 3 button mouse owners).

If you choose to do push-to-talk, keep your threshold rather low (so that it's easier to pick up sounds), this means your blue part of the meter should be small.  If instead you are using auto-detect, be sure to keep your threshold toward the high end, or else the rest of us will pick up your game and background noise, which can get quite irritating, especially with 16 people.

Once you've setup your microphone, click the picture of the world icon.  Then click "Add New" and enter the following:

Label: Aloha
Address: Mumble.aloha.pk
Port: 64738 (unchanged)
Username:  Your username.   Please stick to your most common username, as after you register, you'll never get to change it.

For more detailed mumble setup information, check out this post here: http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=3721.msg34375#msg34375

Once you're connected, double click on Aloha to put you in that channel.  On the event day there will be channels for Blue and Green team.
Spoiler for Leaderboard:
Of course during this event you can also record your game statistics by logging in to our new leaderboard with your forum name and password.
Read this for more information about our leaderboard.
Caution: only log in with this name and pass on aloha.pk servers. You can set a specific aos-password in your forum profile.

Please try to be on Discord mumble (or discord) and in the IRC or discord 15 minutes prior to the event.  You can find the IRC webchat link on the top right corner of aloha home page, or simply click the blue "IRC" above.  Thanks!

easiest if everyone just meets up on Discord (please get it if you don't have it)

Thanks to mile for the image
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xx official aloha.pk Discord server
March 15, 2017, 04:20:54 PM HST by izzy
our cute lil Discord server is now being publicized. click the image below to join...

invite link: https://discord.gg/pSqV47Z
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xx toggle AoS stats tracking while logged in
March 09, 2017, 06:29:20 AM HST by izzy
topo added functionality to the 'AoS stats' option in your aloha.pk account settings, which toggles tracking of your Ace of Spades stats while you are logged in to aloha.pk in-game. checked is on/tracking enabled (default), unchecked is off/tracking disabled.

click here to learn more about our AoS stats.
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xx OpenSpades 0.1.1c bug fixes
March 04, 2017, 07:08:42 AM HST by izzy
the reported "No filesystem is writable" error is now fixed!

  • #584 Too much saturation with certain fog colors
  • #368 Attempt to fix "no file system is writable"
  • "Portable" mode (only for Windows)

get it at https://github.com/yvt/openspades/releases
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xx OpenSpades 0.1.1b
February 26, 2017, 06:42:48 PM HST by izzy

Bug Fixes
  • More accurate weapon firing rate control (27d9320)
  • Recoil amounts are updated to match the original client, thanks to experiments conducted by kmsiapps (#551)
  • #254 block restocking doesn't work properly in /god mod
  • Security and compatibility fixes
New Features
  • SSAO and visual adjustments (takes in effect only with HDR) (#515, 6279c9e)
  • Alt-Enter to toggle fullscreen mode (05156b5)
  • Enhanced environmental audio (7a14c39)
  • More perceivable tracer bullets (6d6e55b)
  • Tracers are now displayed on the minimap (8349b4c)
  • Network protocol extensions (#561), which would make awesome things including server message localization possible in a near future (with updated servers)!
  • Updates can now be checked automatically! (#526)
Locale Support
  • French translation by damienflament (#525, #567)
  • Dutch translation by Tapmemer (#523)
  • Spanish translation by brunodiazu(#543)
  • New translation platform is here! Anyone can create an account and submit translations for their language! (If your language is not on the list, please contact me and I'll add it to the list)
Known Issues
  • A graphical glitch can be visible if Volumetric Fog is enabled (#447)
  • Vertical fog is still existent when the software renderer is selected.

Following binary packages are provided:
  • OpenSpades-0.1.1-Windows.zip: for Windows users
  • OpenSpades-0.1.1-OSX.zip: for macOS users

Download/more info: https://github.com/yvt/openspades/releases
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xx OpenSpades 0.1.0 RELEASED
January 02, 2017, 09:49:42 AM HST by Glass
Yaaaaay! link: https://github.com/yvt/openspades/releases

Quote from: YVT
For Windows 8.1 or earlier users: While launching OpenSpades, you might get an error message that says api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0 is missing from your computer. If this happens, applying this Windows Update will solve the problem.

For macOS users: See this wiki page if you're having trouble starting OpenSpades.

See Trello for a more comprehensive list of new/updated features.

    Compatibility fixes: fog, recoil by yvt (4047b61, 866267d, #337)

New Features

    First person view for spectate by noway421 (#328)
    Minimap improvements by pandaro (#340)
    Configurable player name drawing by Chameleonhider (#384)
    Display spectators in scoreboard by VelocityRa (#466)
    Right click to mark favorite servers by theunknownxy (#465)
    More game experience options by yvt (5e3b41b)
    Mumble support by L0L022 (#413)

Operating System Support

    OpenBSD support by devnexen (#477)

Locale Support

    Polish translation by Kuzyn (#309)
    Brazilian Portuguese translation by feikname (#408)
    European Portuguese translation by DarkDracoon (#485)
    (Preliminary) custom TTF/OTF font support by yvt (#484)
    Language switcher by yvt (2be6524)

Known Issues

    A graphical glitch can be visible if Volumetric Fog is enabled (#447)
    Vertical fog is still existent when the software renderer is selected.


Following binary packages are provided:

    OpenSpades-0.1.0-Windows.zip: for Windows users
    OpenSpades-0.1.0-OSX.zip: for macOS users

OpenSpades-0.1.0.pdb.7z is NOT needed unless you're a developer and intend to debug OpenSpades.

Additionally, non-English users are encouraged to download NotoFonts.pak. It contains beautifully designed Noto Fonts distributed by Google, which cover all languages supported by OpenSpades. It can be installed by copying it to the Resource directory.
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xx four maps added to the tower of babel server rotation
November 14, 2016, 04:49:40 AM HST by izzy
one is flower by onigiri:

another is moon by onigiri:

the other two are the winning entries of the babel map making competition.
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